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hi ,although that member insulted me at another forum many many times and continued there and also imatfaal warned him at this thread: http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/97918-nature-publishing-physics-project-outlines/page-6 ,he refutes it, among his comments at this thread: http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/100317-to-patent-and-some-extraordinary-approachesunfortunately-need-help/

I would inform that this rude member caused me to take warning point. I never used and I am not in the party of usage of these words (given below) across anyone

** idiot

** foolish

** stupid

so it would be good to say that one moderator is not correct according to my ideas. thats why ,there exists some hazardous probabilities in Ethics and we consider such things may cause psychiatric matters later .some events might also be reported at psychiatric clinics.

but the psychiatry these days already cannot solve everything and also some journals are apparently express indirectly their difficult situations like nature's translational psychiatry did.

see please NPG's t-psychiatry journal's beginning sentence in attachment doc. how they begin their guideline.We give the emphasize to the mystery of psychiatric mattters and advise not to insult anyone. This might cause a real psychiatric matters for you if you insult anyone (especially if that one who hears insult is innocent. everyone always free whether he/she would believe me or not whenever he/she converse with me. but currently

I d o n o t w a n t t o d e a l w i t h Dr.Krettin until he apologize to me.

(he is very very rude ,I surely saw he used disgusting words at another platform and one evident given in that related links (above),I am complaining!)


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All I can see in those threads is his frustration at your English communication. Nothing overly rude or insulting.




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The public forum isn't the place for these discussion. Report posts that break the rules. Thread closed.

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