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Found 21 results

  1. why i can't delete my account? i don't ask my messages to get removed i was thinking i could delete my account and then create a new one, using the same email address so i guess i would first have to change the email address of my current one, then drop it then i could create a new account using my real email address if you propose to manually do it, please don't but add a button so everyone could i think keeping only posts but deleting username/avatar/signature etc, would be good.
  2. Dear scienceforums Can you please delete my account and my posts according to the GDPR?
  3. & I will give you a piece of toast as your reward! =]
  4. I have a legal right to request that all content contributed by me on this site, be removed, I revoke permission for its use. This is currently a request, but I can get legal aid and make this court issue if my rights are not respected.
  5. Hello, I just began this account. The moment I created my account with my new password I got a warning from google chrome stating my "password is compromised" and that I need to change it for all sites I use that have the same password. Can anyone explain why this has happened? Is this anything to be seriously concerned about? This is an https site so my information should be private. Thanks, sorry if I am posting in the wrong section I am new to the site.
  6. My old account was called "Achilles" and it was banned last year. I was wondering, since it isn't in use, if I could use it as my username for this account.
  7. I cannot see an option in my account settings....
  8. How do you delete your forum account? I can't find the option anywhere. Thanks.
  9. Has the ability to delete posts been added? I recently got this notification: However, upon going to that thread, my post was the last one. 21 hours ago. So how could somebody quote me just 16 hours ago? I thought editing posts was disabled after like 60 minutes? I've covered the name just in case, however I will say it was a mod. So maybe it's something only Mods can do? I never got a chance to see what it was, so I'm just curious.
  10. Delete my account and all my posts, please.
  11. Just got off a 2 week ban for losing it. Need to trash this account and create a new one. Thanks
  12. I was wondering if its possible for a mod to delete my account? I don't wish to be a member of this community anymore. If that is possible, I'd like to have it deleted please. Not banned. Thanks.
  13. Hey there. Some of you may recognise me from a couple of other science forums, I thought I'd stretch out a little and join here as well, but it turns out I already have an account on here from years ago. It's so old, I don't even remember what email address I used back then. I don't really want to be a "sockpuppet", so I was curious as to what I should do? Is it possible to merge this account with my old one, or will it be acceptable for me to start afresh? My previous account on here is under the name Transdecimal.
  15. Hi, I am new here and I tried validating my Gmail account but didnt not receive the email even whete resending the validation multiple times. With Outlook it works perfectly though. Any ideas?
  16. I would like to not have this account anymore...anyone know how to delete? Or are we prisoner on this?
  17. Hey there. I used to be a total lover of this place and such, but things have happened and such, and ive kind of drifted elsewhere in interest. But im trying to kind of wipe off my history on different sites, how do you delete your profile here? I cant quite find a delete button or anything. XD Sorry, im not abondoning you guys or anything, I just dont have time or anything anymore, and I dont want my name to be under science forums from back when I was younger to be my first thing that pops up on google. Not that thats a bad thing or anything, I just want to be known differently and such, no offense to anyone, please. =]
  18. Why can't SFN members delete their posts? I think that this would be a good feature to implement as it would lessen accidental double-posting and general bothersomeness towards SFN forum administrators.
  19. Is there a way to delete your own thread? I realize one that I posted was rather childish and I would like to remove it to keep the high standard of the forum.
  20. because they feel like it for some reason such as: it`s useless, or they decide it is off subject ? I have never been accused of breaking any rule or being offensive. This person just informed me he is going to start deleting my messages if they don`t measure up in his opinion. Is this allowed ? Dr.Syntax
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