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  1. why i can't delete my account? i don't ask my messages to get removed i was thinking i could delete my account and then create a new one, using the same email address so i guess i would first have to change the email address of my current one, then drop it then i could create a new account using my real email address if you propose to manually do it, please don't but add a button so everyone could i think keeping only posts but deleting username/avatar/signature etc, would be good.
  2. Dear scienceforums Can you please delete my account and my posts according to the GDPR?
  3. The ads are personalized. Take a screenshot of what ads you are talking about.. Are you complaining about their quantity or quality? When I open SFN from my Linux desktop, logged in or not, I don't see any ATM ads. When I open SFN from my cell phone, I see some ads. On neither of them am I logged into either a Google account or an Apple account.
  4. & I will give you a piece of toast as your reward! =]
  5. I have a legal right to request that all content contributed by me on this site, be removed, I revoke permission for its use. This is currently a request, but I can get legal aid and make this court issue if my rights are not respected.
  6. I have no skill here, but it's an idea. It seems like it would be possible to create a robo-mod, separate of the forum software, that would take whitelist or blacklist requests from a pinned thread. It probably will need to un-delete accidentally deleted threads. For security, run from any system or VirtualSystem or any network or 5Gbs/month hotspot. It only needs the scripts and the account password. It would navigate with the keyboard: Tab + Enter to navigate; arrows and Ctrl+C/V to copy/paste thread titles; Ctrl+Alt+T to open Ubuntu Terminal and then to paste posts or titles into Bash scripts, scripts which then decide whether to repeat the same macro or execute a new macro that will execute a new script, for example a script that deletes the second or third thread in All Activity after the top ones have been whitelisted. Possible hurdles: it will need the power to un-delete threads that are not whitelisted in time, or else it cannot run constantly and run on a whitelisting principle --it shouldn't accidentally delete a whitelisted thread if it doesn't have to reload the page, unless it isn't whitelisted in time--; it may need to ignore troll posts by simultaneously copying the username or user status and the user's posted content, which are in separate boxes; the robo-moderator would preferably have forum privileges limited to deleting or undeleting threads; OR ELSE, it needs a very clever algorithm for combining the lists via commands like Bash diff command; Ubuntu Terminal, which would take script prompts, only takes paste commands via mouse and not keyboard. *KEYBOARD NAVIGATION: mouse navigation would have to respond to differences in box size, but the keyboard can hit Tab 27 times or 27 + 5*Z number of times.
  7. Hello, I just began this account. The moment I created my account with my new password I got a warning from google chrome stating my "password is compromised" and that I need to change it for all sites I use that have the same password. Can anyone explain why this has happened? Is this anything to be seriously concerned about? This is an https site so my information should be private. Thanks, sorry if I am posting in the wrong section I am new to the site.
  8. You seem to have forgotten to include an image, but often a spammer scammer creates an account, blasts users with scores of PMs without ever even posting, then gets banned or vanished (either by the software or mid team) before you see it. However, those red notification bubbles often have latency in updating / clearing and displays inaccurate counts
  9. My old account was called "Achilles" and it was banned last year. I was wondering, since it isn't in use, if I could use it as my username for this account.
  10. I cannot see an option in my account settings....
  11. Restart linking data to my account, like when you just create one To decrease the risks that some people get influenced by other posts I made, when they would write on the new threads I would open To increase the focus on the thread and the the efficiency of the shared information ________ I mostly wanted my account to get deleted after my report thread on a lsd experience got closed, I expected the community to be able to express themself if they had some ideas about what kind of phenomenons happened to me, such as states of mind that are studied, like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ego_death#Scientific_research... Btw I'm surprised we can talk about religions but not about drugs Would that mean that if lsd was not illegal, you wouldn't have closed my thread Would that mean you let governments decide what you can study The disappointment was over but it just came back after realizing this The only messages i received on this thread was 1 like the one from Sensei above I mean provocation, like they are smarter And the other one was from a moderator meaning the references are not useful as part of a discussion In this thread I didn't write "Could you help me to understand what happened to me?" because I felt embarrassed/disturbed Would that have prevented my thread from getting closed? (this is a real question)
  12. Last I heard, Admins were going to change the account name, but leave the posts up so the threads make sense. Seems to be the best compromise. The name is obviously important and personal, and we don't want the others who participated to look silly, and we can stand by our commitment not to delete posts made in good faith.
  13. What are the GDPR requirements for handling personal data in forum posts: Under GDPR, forum posts may be considered personal data if they contain information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person . This can include names, email addresses, IP addresses, and other identifying information. To handle personal data in forum posts in compliance with GDPR, forum owners must obtain consent from users, provide users with the right to access, rectify, and erase their data, and ensure that they have a lawful basis for processing personal data . Additionally, forum owners must be transparent about the data they collect and how they use it, and they must not use the data for any other purposes than they have told users . If forum posts contain sensitive data, such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, additional requirements may apply So as you can see, GDPR does apply in my case. My USERNAME is my real name and it is linking the posts TO ME. I will once again request that you delete all my posts and my username / account as I do indeed have rights under the European GDPR. This will also be the last time I am asking, before I include a lawyer in this.
  14. How do you delete your forum account? I can't find the option anywhere. Thanks.
  15. Has the ability to delete posts been added? I recently got this notification: However, upon going to that thread, my post was the last one. 21 hours ago. So how could somebody quote me just 16 hours ago? I thought editing posts was disabled after like 60 minutes? I've covered the name just in case, however I will say it was a mod. So maybe it's something only Mods can do? I never got a chance to see what it was, so I'm just curious.
  16. Deleting your account would result in the removal of your posts. That’s one reason we don’t do it. Starting a new account when you already have one isn’t permitted.
  17. Delete my account and all my posts, please.
  18. therammo, you started a thread called "will we live again?" that was still open but hadn't had a new post in over six years. I've just closed it, but I can't delete it. It's not "running" any more.
  19. Just got off a 2 week ban for losing it. Need to trash this account and create a new one. Thanks
  20. The quote function - a brief tutorial; although I expect/hope that this might grow into a thread as other members explain techniques and tricks that I don't know about. 1. Plain Quote Box The simplest form of quotation is used to make it clear that some text is copied from elsewhere and isn't yours - a link or source is expected as well. From Wikipedia page on Plagiarism - here a. Copy text from source b. Paste - you can just right-click / ctrl-v or you can use the paste plain text button if you want to remove formatting and hyperlinks c. Highlight the text - click the quote button d. Go back to source and copy webpage address e. Paste this into your post normally f. If you want to customise your link (as above) investigate the link button 2. Quoting a Post We also have a system that allows us to quote another post from the forum - the software will automatically add in the name, time, and date of the post quoted as well as putting a link to the source. Within one thread this is a one click job - a. click the quote button at the bottom right of the post you wish to quote. Hit "return/enter" or use your mouse to move the cursor outside of the quote box, and then start typing your response. You can see the link button that appears on a post quote - clicking this little curved arrow will take you directly to the quoted post. Note you can do this at any point of your post - the quote will be inserted at the point you leave the cursor. 2a. Quoting from another thread If you wish to quote a post from a different thread - it is basically the same process a. Hit quote button at the the bottom of the post you wish to quote. b. Copy entire contents of text entry box. c. Paste this in thread where you wish quote to appear. d. It would be best if you also provide a notice that this quoted post is from another thread. e. I would copy the post in BBcode mode - see 5 below - as it is easier to see what must be copied. 3. Editing a Quote You can also delete partial content of the quoted post to make it clear which part of a post your are responding to - ALWAYS make sure that this is done obviously to avoid misrepresenting another member a. Quote as above in 2. b. Click and select section(s) to be deleted (do not select first character of post this will break things) - and delete. Replace with ellipsis, with [deleted] or \snipped. c. You can quote and delete multiple times to reply to different sections of a post. Or quoting different posters. 4. MultiQuote If you wish to quote multiple posts in full there is an easy short cut using the multiquote button 1. Hit the multiquote button on each post you wish to quote - it will turn green 2. When you have selected all the posts you wish to quote hit the newly appeared floating button You can edit these posts as above but again ALWAYS make sure that this is done obviously to avoid misrepresenting another member 5. BBCode (thanks to HyperV - I had forgotten this bit) Splitting quotes may also done by clicking the light-switch button on the top left of the reply box. a. Hit the lightswitch styled button b. This will show any hidden BBCode tags in the post c. This view and the use of tags will allow you to break up quotes using the begin quote tags around the sections of text you wish to separate (without the space). d. Please note that you must have the same number of tags. You may edit a quote to show who authored it using, as an example, This is very handy if you are quoting multiple sections of quotes from different members.
  21. You would delete a contest? Like a programming challenge or capture the flag? Also, posting ideas is not advertising. Such comments are not helpful in ensuring people take you seriously. Not as in selling a product but sharing ideas: for input, feedback, and quest for knowledge.
  22. https://www.scienceforums.net/guidelines/ I’d delete such nonsense if I were board admin, but it’s handled case by case. Err toward no. If you’re not sure, then don’t. Also, posting ideas is not advertising. Such comments are not helpful in ensuring people take you seriously.
  23. I 100% agree with you..except the area of disruption.. My field of study is very unique, its not practical in any one sense, so "in a way" it disturbs practical thinking.. It was a quote on "how" a member cannot delete their post even after being banned or just leaving, this forum still keeps their post active.... Yes I've read this, and it "does" mention the forum "will not delete" posts, however it also does not say that upon "re-quests" by the publisher the forum will still not delete a post and keep it public with or without the scrutiny, criticism, comments and etc.. It does however go on to say that within guidelines of laws post "maybe" deleting and or removed, but copyrighted material and even patented material is still run by laws, so I missed something there...😎 Section 5: Disclaimer and Copyright ScienceForums.net staff will not be held liable for any damages, be they indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or exemplary that you may incur by using this site or information contained within. Opinions expressed by users do not always represent the opinions of ScienceForums.net staff. ScienceForums.net cannot verify the validity of all statements made and is not responsible for the accuracy or correctness of information contained in any threads, posts, private messages, or comments. Unless otherwise specified, all content is copyrighted by its respective author, including all private messages, posts, and comments. By posting content on ScienceForums.net, you agree to grant ScienceForums.net usage rights to that content within the confines of the site, and other members the right to quote and respond to that content. Reposting or disseminating content from ScienceForums.net to other websites or through other media is not permissible without permission of the author. ScienceForums.net staff may be required to edit, move, or delete certain content to comply with forum rules or applicable law, but will not delete posts or accounts on request except to comply with rules or law. Flying monkeys are the responsibilities of their respective owners. ScienceForums.net is based in the United Kingdom, and all posts must conform to the laws established there. Posts that violate United Kingdom law will be referred to the proper authority, regardless of the legal status of the post in the user's country if different from the United Kingdom.
  24. I was wondering if its possible for a mod to delete my account? I don't wish to be a member of this community anymore. If that is possible, I'd like to have it deleted please. Not banned. Thanks.
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