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  1. Hello, I'd like to delete my account but recently found out that deleting accounts isn't an option here... I know that it is possible to ban members so - out of curiosity I was just wondering why it isn't possible to delete accounts too... I understand that deleting old posts of members that want to leave would be problematic but I've always wondered what forums do with the inactive accounts when they start piling up?
  2. It is not the responsibility of the Moderators to read rules to you which you already agree to when creating your account. I recommend you review the Guidelines. You will find the your answer there.
  3. I was unfortunate enough to be managing my personal settings one day , , when I thought it might be efficient to delete the attachments in the 10 MB memory area . This was mainly because 10 MB could be filled quite easily , so it would be good to keep it clear . Later , I realised that all attachments on posts had been deleted . Would it be a good idea to be able to delete from personal settings whilst keeping post attachments ? 10 MB also seems like an amount of memory based on a time long gone ! Is it time to use 100 MB ? We must progress ! We need technological advancement !
  4. There's more than two choices here: a user's ability to delete their posts could time out, for example. So: what, exactly, do you want to be able to delete your own posts for? If it's just the occasional double-post, then don't worry about it. If it's something else, tell us and maybe we'll be able to figure out a compromize.
  5. The allure to rewrite history by deletion or editing is too great. You can edit for a short time after posting, and can delete the content if it's an accidental clone. Report the duplicate post, and the staff can delete it.
  6. because every site that allows you to delete your posts ends up a quagmire. while the intentions are good, people will abuse it. the flows of conversation will be lost as people go back and retroactively delete or otherwise modify their posts. trust us, it is best if only mods and admins have this power and that it is used as infrequently as possible.
  7. As a simple member of this forum, what I would accept is: "We deleted your post"' I propose the following: create a new account called "moderators staff" and use this one when you want to delete someone's post. Then it will be clear that it not the act of any Imatfaul or other, but the result of some concertation between the staff members, a collegial work. And why is Imat hiding behind the protection of other mods. Is he too young and feable to defend himself?
  8. That's against the rules here (§2:9) and the staff will almost certainly ban the new account. Just FYI. You agreed to this yourself when you signed up. http://www.scienceforums.net/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules "Registering more than one account to yourself is not permitted without administrative approval. "Sockpuppet" accounts (those registered with the intent of using them to spread the original member's ideas, or for other malicious purposes) will be banned on sight, as well as those registered to evade a ban." On another note, it's "so long" FFS!!
  9. Regardless, tell “staff” not to edit my things. ESPECIALLY if they don’t at least add who it is that’s editing the posts, and ESPECIALLY not without consent... Like wtf is this, a joke? Do not troll me that way. It is a big deal. God forbid the day someone hacks my stuff and posts things that aren’t from me. Think of the legal consequences, especially if someone makes some kind of threat from my account. But anyway whatever I’m over it.
  10. You don't get me I was asking you to zero them in either direction i.e. to delete them all and you can tell them the listing. Years ago I don't even remember giving rep points at all.
  11. There are no qualifications required. The existing team decides whether or not a nominated individual should have the permission to move, delete, and edit posts/threads added to their account. That's really it.
  12. I’ve known people here who left on their own while having virtually only up votes to their account with a ratio of posts to upvotes 2:1. They leave mainly because of politics being a big part of scienceforums and not because they got a lot of downvotes. On the other hand, the ones who left or got thrown out with a lot of downvotes were not the people I would like to learn anything from. What Im saying is, the downvotes are not an issue in this case.
  13. Over time it might. Let's say a new member who wants to learn has -10 the first month, but after 6 months is a -15. They have actually improved but the reputation system says otherwise. If you want them to care about rep they would be better off opening a new account. If I see a good question but know the science is incorrect I never down vote it but some do, especially if the poster has asked a similar question before. I tend to not want to up vote it if the science is incorrect. If someone is poor mannered they are more likely to get away with it if their science is correct, so a double standard with regard to that seems to be in place. So yes, ideally they gain it back over time, but I really don't think it happens readily for those just learning. So they can carry negative rep for some time.
  14. There is probably a plugin you can get for IP.Board that will allow you to do so. But I would say closing older threads wouldn't solve anything really. Just keep with the regular rules. If a post to an older thread is made that isn't sufficient to the rules of the forum, then delete it. Why solve a problem that doesn't exist?
  15. I don't know if it's XRumer causing the problem with WebShield in the OP or not; I was...erhm...speculating, yeah speculating. (Sounds better than wild ass guessing don't it?) I do know XRumertest is here because I have been seeing it as logged in at the 'Show Registered Only' who's online list. >> http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/87156-sand-making-machine-makes-great-contributions-to-sand-production-line/When it's there it is grayed and you can't get to a profile the same as when a banned member logs in but can't do anything. Whatever it's doing it can't be good for the board. I reported it to an Admin but got no reply so can't say if it matters or any action was taken. My suggestion was to delete it as a member. As to malware, well it's often bootjacked (or is that shoehorned? Hat-banded?) into spam. Any port in a storm. (Any gird in a loin?)
  16. How much data does an account contain? Looking at my profile, including pictures, avatars and all, that's about 2 MB? Assuming that's the average: On a 50 euro, 500 GB harddisk you can store 25.000 accounts. That means that 1 account represents a whopping 1/5 of a cent (0.002 euro). I guess that's how much motivation there is to delete stuff.
  17. If no attachments, please moderator to delete
  18. Why staff wouldn`t delete them? I think more space in the server will be occupied.
  19. Humor I think is usually good as it makes the discussion less combative and more interpersonally comfortable, and I think most SFN members would concede to this. But when it's ambiguous internet sarcasm that makes a false assertion directly pertinent to the discussion, as was the case in Ophiolite's anecdotal example if I recall the contents of that thread correctly, it does not have a place besides the end of a DELETE command.
  20. No, you can't delete your account, as that would mess up thread continuity. You can, however, simply never log on again.
  21. Hi, Is it possible for me to edit a topic that I created if I wish to rephrase my question? Is it possible to delete the topic so that I may just make a new one? The only reason is because I don't want to flood the forum with multiple threads of the same topic only slightly rephrased. Of course I know if its not possible then I can just add a comment, but I's much rather edit. Please help. Thanks, pyroglycerine
  22. You can edit posts (with the Edit link in the lower right) for a few hours after you post them; after that, editing is no longer possible. You can't delete your own threads though.
  23. Mate, I still end up at the person's account and the status is interspersed with their replies to threads. It's a lot tidier if a little box appeared on the home screen where we could write instant answers. Unless I am getting this wrong!
  24. I thought that was Instagram ---- Another thing to update is your notifications settings. There's a link to it in account settings (on the right) one thing that I'm finding annoying is "new topics" is showing all new posts. So if there's six posts in that topic, I see all six, rather than just a link to the topic.
  25. Same here. 502 error has cleared for me, but can't find signature change option anywhere now that I'm successfully into Account Settings. Perhaps it's a permissions issue and Sig edit capability must be first granted to our user group / non-staff member role?
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