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  1. 5 hours ago, John Cuthber said:

    Acetic acid, at concentrations high enough to affect the glue will really trash your skin.


    Just happened be a quirky side use I heard of while looking into it. Being able to make Cocaine play-doh is another weird one.

    I'd recommend gloves either way lol.

  2. 1 hour ago, J.C.MacSwell said:

    US in particular is gaining cases at an alarming rate. At the rate they are being counted (hopefully these are mostly ones discovered by increased testing rather than representing further spread) they will have the highest count of any country in less than a week, China included.

    By limiting border crossings Canada is relatively isolated in comparison to the US doing the same. The US would have to do the same by dividing themselves up into, say, 9 isolating regions all reaching from East to West, to get a similar effect from that alone.

    Be a tough sell.

    Mobility is so much a part of our identity that restricting it between the States would see people up in arms, even ignoring the costs and people migrating of necessity to seek work.

    I have a feeling the virus will have to be allowed to run its course with health services stuck handling the fallout.


  3. 22 hours ago, Carl Fredrik Ahl said:


    I know how magneto ignition works, like how it can create the electricity and the high voltage, but what I don't know is how it can control so that it happens fast in pulses. Can someone plz explain to me how this works?


    Typically see the camshaft translate the rotary motion of the engine into vertical motion, which in turn operates the contact breaker.

    Engine ends up providing the timing for everything to occur that way.

  4.  Don't sell yourself short. Anyone that is  thinking critically and applying the scientific method method is a scientist really.

    One issue though is that the atmospheric pressure on Mars is very low. The air is even thinner than the top of Mount Everest. It would be extremely difficult to change that for Earth.

    Most of the oxygen is merely bonded to other atoms that are more useful without it anyways, so extraction should prove very worthwhile.


  5. It is defined in some cases in higher mathematics, though in everyday mathematics it leads to you being able to pull numbers out of the denominator forever.

    1/0 = 1/((1/3)*0) = 3/0 = 3/(8*0) = ...



  6. 16 hours ago, Pretty_Girl said:

    I have a vacuum chamber. what kind of resins? can you give some names of the chemicals so that I can test

    I believe they are mixtures of components. I'm most familiar with casting resins if you want to search for that, but there may be ones more suited to your application. Hardware and craft stores are likely to have what you are looking for.




  7. 2 hours ago, QuantumT said:

    Wouldn't that be a fake divinity? I would definitively deem it fake. But yes, the biblical "god" could exist, as a puppet creator. Wouldn't that be hilarious? 🤣

    Backwards time travel is a whole different problem. We would need to somehow gain control of the simulation computer itself, and reverse time. Would that even be possible? Would they allow it? I think the answer is a double no.

    Could be as easy as loading yourself into a save file.

    I don't know. I've seen bots crash their own simulation before due to a free energy bug, so wouldn't rule out the possibility of doing something less drastic (if we are in a simulation).


  8. 8 hours ago, Bernd.Brincken said:

    taeto, AFAIK the idea is that AI (-life?) evolves amid a soup of resources, materials and energy and patterns around it; which may have been supplied by humans.
    Creation has an aspect of intention - which may not need to be the case.

    Given this scenario, I can not understand why a 'lower' AI lifeform would not manifest before a 'higher' one.
    So one of these 'lower' - not-yet-strong - AIs would be the first evolved AI species that we humans see.
    Where is it?

    Look at alife simulations.

    Not necessary for AI to evolve though. Evolution is slow and resource intensive. We'll likely instead jump over that stage.

  9. They could to an extent actually. The link below covers it well. Had issues of an incomplete understanding of the chemistry, quality and a sudden demand; which all contributed to the need for imports.



    As we know from our history books, the War for Independence began with the shots fired at Lexington and Concord. Those shots required gunpowder, a substance that was in short supply throughout the colonies. In 1775 there was only one American gunpowder mill, the Frankford Mill in Pennsylvania, and it was turning out a miniscule amount compared to what would be needed to wage a successful war.[1] In addition, this mill was not turning out the high-quality powder needed for artillery use. If the Patriots were going to have any chance of victory, the colonies needed to step up production or import it. Had it not been for the French assistance in supplying the Americans with gunpowder from 1776 throughout the war, American forces would not have been able to fight and win the battles that they did.

    Gunpowder is a mixture of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate that must be combined in specific ratios. While this sounds simple enough, it must be remembered that in 1775 the state of chemistry was rudimentary. Potassium nitrate itself is a compound of nitrogen and potassium, neither element of which had been identified at that point in time.[2] What they did know was that what they called “nitre” was needed, which, in some recipes, involved soaking soil in urine from both animals and humans, and then allowing it to dry. The dried urine-soil was then boiled to produce saltpeter. Not all recipes agreed with this method which added to the problems in making gunpowder. Unfortunately this required half a year or more to produce nitre-bearing soil and created a bottleneck in the production of gunpowder in America.




  10. 1 hour ago, andrew_ysk said:

    Hii Strange, i am using the 99% alcohol as sanitizer.. not to drink or use it on food.. just for normal door knob, car door  and hand sanitizing..  even if there is bitterax or other chemical added to hinder ppl from drinking it... i am just using it for sanitizing.. not drinking.. why should there be toxic ?



    Can absorb via the skin.

  11. 13 hours ago, Sensei said:

    That depends on what data and how, are delivered to AI. If AI has to understand human words must be able to see and hear. e.g. "elephant" for algoritm is just a word. Sequence of characters. Algorithm will read Wikipedia page about elephant. Read the all books about animal but won't be able to truly understand. Will have the all text information about animal. Like chatbot. Repeating the same sentences over and over again. The all info except images and sounds etc. Human without data from other senses is unable to imagine. During teaching of human, words are correlated with images and sounds and touch and smell etc. Together they are full information about the subject. Try to explain colors and sounds to somebody who can't see and hear since birth. That's kinda like AI without eyes and ears. What means distance for somebody who can't touch and see and hear? Something is far or near? Without eyes and ears impossible to explain. "Website or server is far away therefor long delay to load it..." to explain "distance" to algorithm?

    Not a perfect correlation, but AI might gain a sense of distance in terms of its own processing delays and ping times(roughly via d/c=t).

    It could match that against a database to gain a sense of the larger world.

  12. Work lunches and occasionally eating out, are my problem areas now. Overly large portion sizes definitely contribute 😕

    At the house I've switched to a mostly liquid diet(Soylent) for dinners. Not for everyone, but helps to eliminate portion sizes and spoilage issues. A month's worth of dinner shows up on my doorstep and they're good for a year.


  13. 9 hours ago, dimreepr said:


    Indeed, until the grand scheme of things needs worrying about.

    A promise has little nutritional value.

    An economy is like a gyroscope, it will self right, but it has to spin...

    hmm... not the best at storing value but at least you could eat them in a pinch.


    I imagine it proceeding as a modernized version of what happened with Germany.


    A dynamic currency whose value can be varied based on location would be my own preference, but who knows what might be thought up.

    You wouldn't do this on a whim but we've certainly seen interesting maneuvers even in our own lifetimes. Greece's haircut and India's bill demonetization spring readily to mind.

  14. 1 hour ago, dimreepr said:


    Why would we?

    We need a full dashboard to understand where we are: and why we need to bake brake.


    hard to follow is what they want: things are fine.😁🤞

    Worse case the dollar is replaced and we declare the debt null and void.

    Little is all that worrying in the grand scheme of things.


  15. 4 hours ago, nec209 said:

    The feds injecting billions into the market or banks and have been doing this the the past two to three months.

    That all the news outlet was saying and also used the word repo.

    So I don’t know where the money is going and who is getting rich of this thing.

    I did not know the stock market or banks are not doing well and could crash with out this money coming from the feds.

    well I did not know the problem was that bad.

    They are talking about this:



    This article talks about current events:


    Its hard to follow honestly but basically things are fine.

  16. 1 hour ago, Huckleberry of Yore said:

    I understand that.  The brain turns circuits off so we don't physically react to dream scenes.  The usual scenario though is that I'm trying to wake up but my dream state convinces me there is a threat in my room (intruder) and I can't turn the circuits back on, so panic sets in.  And I have definitely experienced dreaming that I woke up only to realize that I was still dreaming.  My dad had the same experiences, I don't think it's uncommon.

    Not totally off. No guarantees, but if you can focus on wiggling your fingertips, toes and deliberately moving your eyes; you may regain your sense of control.

    Last time I found the sleep paralysis to be oddly peaceful once I knew what was happening.

    It isn't definitely isn't uncommon. Wiki has a good page on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_paralysis

  17. 1 hour ago, Huckleberry of Yore said:

    When I'm awake, I know it.  When I become aware that I am dreaming, I will be waking quite soon, so I have not much time for flying or whatever fun I might like.  The exception is the occasional "night terrors" where I'm aware I'm dreaming but can't move and have difficulty wakening.  These events are thankfully rare as they are typically quite horrific.

    That is you protecting yourself from sleep walking and the like. Should be able to move the tips of your fingers still and calm yourself down that way.

  18. 5 hours ago, CharonY said:

    One issue is that the vote was seemingly broadly fear driven. Fear of others, fear of losing ones national identity, fear of changing demographics (at least these factors were found to be the strongest predictors of pro-brexit vote in studies following the referendum). Any fact and data is screened through this lens and is filtered out when it runs to the contrary. 

    One can also look at it from a cost-benefit perspective, where Brexiteers see a stronger control over immigration (and often associate it with a means to combat terrorism) as an overriding benefit, where other economic issues take a backseat. Or simply put, there is a belief that if the UK leaves the EU and restricts immigration the economy would somehow be boosted and easily overcome any negative outcomes. 

    But if you mean the leadership, they effectively harnessed these fears.

    A good post and very true though, as a US citizen, I was thinking more literally.

    I guess I've just seen too many, "If we don't like it we'll just do X." statements.

    Largely I am left thinking, "Really? You don't think others might have considered that possibility ahead of time? Not even once?"

    It's just crazy. I am curious to see what this year and the following will bring.


  19. 4 hours ago, John Cuthber said:

    The reason I asked, in case anyone was wondering, is that representatives of the USA have said that accepting chlorinated chicken will be a condition of any trade deal (They may, of course have been wrong).
    People who are happy to leave the EU keep saying "It's OK- it will be labelled so, if you don't want it, you don't have to have it."

    My best guess is that the USA will also insist on exporting its labelling laws to the UK (precisely because the chicken won't be traded if it's labelled)- so there will be no labels. (and once again, the Brexiteers will be shown to be talking through a hole in their hats).

    That is what disturbs me the most.  Brexiteers appear to think that we're all stupid.

    Not sure about sourcing and manufacture, but a perhaps suprising number of traditional UK brands are now owned by US multinationals too. Sales appear unaffected by this...

    The logos for Lays and Walkers are the most ironic example of this.

  20. 59 minutes ago, awaterpon said:

    The force which represent weight is one direction downwards opposed with small force upwards.Theses forces are not equal .The body will be at rest and no acceleration since it actually opposed by earth surface . in the case for instance the object accelerating into water , this is applied according to the calculation of what I suggested. Taking in consideration acceleration as well as water resistance



    The Earth opposes with an equal and opposite force. You can show this by flipping a scale upside down, so you are on the bottom and the Earth is on top.

    F = m1a1 = m2a2

    Keeping in mind the Earth is far more massive so the acceleration it feels is corresponding far lower.


    Your weight is divided between your two legs normally with the area of the foot helping to reduce the pressure(Force/Area) further. If the same force is spread over less area the pressure will naturally increase.

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