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  1. Whatever is most accurate. They are all mental mappings. Impossible for us to create a perfect 1:1 mapping.


    Some of what we would need to model has no true analog in our everyday world. Real but locally impossible to accurately represent.


    A number of what is currently being experimented on doesn't fit on the bench. More practical in the life sciences, where biohacking spaces are indeed becoming a reality.



    Grammatical issues do detract from the points you try to make. There is an associated learning disorder. Without providing a reason though, people are forced to assume you just don't care.

  2. The translation was written as a long stream of emotions: *Happy* *Joy* *Sad* *Glad*. The whale song itself though was pure sound that began playing as you approached.


    That was part of the strangeness, nothing was organized in a human fashion.


    I think that was the part I woke up at though. I remember being more disturbed by the fact that the translation was written in English than anything else. Makes you think about how recently they must have returned and why they decided to write in an 'alien' language.


    I've had many strange dreams but that one in particular stuck with me. :)




    I only tend to realize I'm dreaming when I want to get out of a dream. Very disturbing asleep to awake effect with no intermission. Most of my dreams offer some kind of interest though, so doesn't happen too often. In retrospect I am realizing I have a lot of oddball structure dreams. Not sure what to make of that...


  3. One of my more memorable dreams was an museum built by apparent Aliens(not present).


    I was with a group of researchers and mercenaries, trekking along this narrow winding island path. The museum itself was an open hive-like structure with "displays" inside of honeycombs covered with green crystal. Some of the displays included original roman fort blueprints, a large prehistoric leg bone and *translated* whale song.


    Still reflect fondly on that one. Right mix of mystery and marvels.

  4. I do enjoy earning points, but I want them to be for the right reasons. You know that someone somewhere is going to dislike you guaranteed, but provided the majority think you to be a decent human being you are still okay.


    I do think the working theory of points encouraging good behavior to be flawed as some try and seek negative reputations as well. Thankfully on these forums that is even easier to counter than people seeking false positive reputations.

  5. Hymm, quantum gravity??? at the microscopic level?? I thought black holes were super big in outer space??


    They are always dense. They do not have to be large. The center of galaxy variety do have a large radius and are absolutely massive.


    You can type a given body's name here:




    and it'll find the Schwarzschild Radius for you. Keeping in mind the actual equation is not limited to any particular value of mass.


    ie. c2/(2G) = M/r


    The "interior" and the means by which the properties of in-falling matter are "stored", are where we need a better theory of what is happening at the lower level.


    It'd be nice to have something that ties virtual particles, temperature of the Universe, expansion of said Universe and the life and death of black holes; into a nice little package.

  6. Personally I'm leaning towards getting something nonlethal or not technically a weapon. One man stood his ground quite effectively armed only with an icepick... in Florida... While one must wonder why he had an ice pick, he did save a significant amount of money and didn't have to deal with licensing.

  7. Can you ensure your red blood cells are free of infection?

    Can you prevent infectious agents from traveling in your bloodstream? How about toxins? Parasites?

    Can you maintain a reasonably steady environment in your body?

    While your pulling off these miracles you would need to work on making hormones more selective. Compared to the above this should be a relatively minor issue.


    Seriously we'd be better off going the other way. We're not too far off with the research that has been going on into blood substitutes.

  8. CSF and really the blood brain barrier, permit the maintenance of an environment different than that found in the rest of the body.


    Hormone producing areas of the brain are outside the BBB. Blood is used there. The bulk of your gray matter though is deserving of a bit more protection and seclusion.


    I don't know what else you want from evolution. It has figured out a pretty decent way of keeping you alive and thinking.

  9. The possible existence of black holes was reasoned out well before Einstein.


    For the right Mass and radius combination, you end up with escape velocities faster than light. What they conceived of at the time as a "dark star".


    At that point the entire concept was theoretical, but it forced them to ask the important questions concerning the nature of light and gravity. That was really the source of contention. Figuring out a system that made the information make sense again.


    Eventually this led to Einstein's theories. Among other things this led to the prediction and subsequent discovery of gravitational lenses.




    Einstein's Cross(just one example)


    One galaxy there in the middle and one quasar. Four images of said quasar, kind of interesting and a vast savings on the cost of a traditional lens that size.


    We are orbiting around the galactic center, though galaxies interact with other galaxies as well.


    Black holes mostly just fall out of the equations, though there is plenty of additional evidence for their existence. The outside phenomenon is real enough. Interior, whether they are a hole or not, you'll have to wait on a theory of quantum gravity.

  10. We deal in evidence here. Meaning peer reviewed journal or a working model. Neither I nor you, should care about speculative patents or papers uploaded elsewhere.


    If Albert Einstein resurrected tomorrow with word that LENR is real, I would still ask him to show his evidence. That is what Science is about. Even the most brilliant mind can be led astray. Go with the evidence and you don't have to worry(as much) about the human element.



    On Moderation:


    Moderators you debate with are not the same moderators who take action in a thread. The original thread was in accordance with the mainstream understanding. What you are presenting is deserving of a thread in its own right rather than continuing on in an older thread.


    Please don't come in and insult people. Insults period are wrong, made to respected members especially so.


    If your point is not clear restate it. You lose a debate by becoming hostile, not from clarifying your position. Getting caught in a logical fallacy is another way to lose face. I won't say never use them, but don't use them here where the focus is on the evidence and not appeals to human emotion.



    Now lets get back on track...


    Keeping in mind the above, have there been any updates in the last couple of years? Discoveries of new materials, novel physics, etc.


  11. Coulombs per second is the Ampere unit


    1 A = 1 C/s = ~6.24*10e18 electrons/second


    if you want some numbers to play with you can do:


    Force = (k x 5C x 7C) / 3 meters2


    8.987551787*10e9 is correct for k. Decimal point is at the end, generally any more precision isn't required.

  12. Soy contains plant estrogens. Different from human version and there are populations that consume more soy than Western cultures.


    Generally they are more beneficial than harmful. I saw one for males where it increased(size) but led to a decrease in testosterone production. Not sure how you might want to take that... There are number of cases where female reproductive health has been compromised, but those diets were especially high in soy intake.

  13. Is this for a college project or something similar? I know programming and the more crucial bug detection so I'll try to provide what help I can from that perspective.


    The two examples provided are both claiming to be doing worse than what they are. You might want to try reversing the numbers to account for people claiming to be doing better than they are.


    ie. P = 15, R = 10


    You are looking for all your answers to fit into this format:


    If abs(X) <= abs(Y) and Y != 0, then abs(X/Y) = [0 1]


    I know

    abs(P - R) / (abs(P) + abs(R))

    will always give you "something" in that range(except when P=R=0, covered by your first case). I have no idea about how accurate those percentages will be though. May just need more conditionals instead depending on what you are after.


    Sorry, I couldn't be of more help. We do have quite a few math geniuses here who can likely provide more help than I could though.

  14. Contaminants can end up in the blood cells themselves or in the bloodstream. You don't exactly have a ready supply of replacement brain cells.


    Evolution tries to find the least energy intensive option that gets the job done long enough for the next generation to provide a much needed reset. The filtering that goes on in the blood-brain barrier is a result of that.

  15. You're welcome. :)


    One note on size. Given a fixed container volume, the smaller the beads the less is the volume of the interspaces. If you have the resources you might try different sizes and even a mixture of sizes. Idea: Florists often use clear marbles in vases to support floral arrangements.


    Mmmmmmmm....just had another thought. The beads may act as lenses and burn the leaves or stems if the setup is put in direct sunlight. Let us know how it goes.


    Will do. Debating about plant choice now. I'm thinking partial light until I can see how the plant does.



    But have two junipers the exact same age, one in a closed test tube and one in an open small plastic pot.




    Pretty cool picture of the two there.

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