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  1. I heard an interesting take on things.

    Life isn’t driven by the survival of the most well adapted…

    But rather the “will to power”.

    In other words the desire to explode outward and release energy.


    Someone will know what famous philosopher came up with that one..

    His name begins with “N”

  2. Section AA hypothetical story.....


    Lets say while I'm singing in church' date=' (I really do) I see a muslim man suddenly stand up and start physically beating his wife. (forget that he is in my church) He continues beating her because she spoke when she wasn't supposed to, or maybe lifted her burka and showed her face, or the multitude of other rules I gave you in those links. He continues to beat her relentlessly, until a man in the rear of the church runs down and punches him into the floor until he bleeds and had to be brought out on a stretcher.





    True story.


    I was driving along in my car and I see a man beating a woman on the footpath.


    So I stop my car, run over and hold the man on the ground.


    The woman then starts to kick and hit me and tell me to leave her husband alone.


    So I tell the man he cant beat his wife like that.


    and the wife yells that he can do what he wants to and that I should let him up.


    so out of pure desperation I tell them. look If you want to beat on each other it's fine with me...just don't do it on the street, go home and do it.


    what does that tell you about human nature.

  3. Well, Sunspot my friend….


    When I hear or see something,

    I am fully aware of all the conscious and subconscious meanings,

    and what’s more…. can rate them with percentage objectivity… (if I bother to).


    In other words…I know when I’m reading too much into whats between the lines.



  4. I think that social groups and the habitual nature of people produce intersecting patterns.



    One person in your social group finds a new place to eat…

    likes it,

    casually mentions it to other members of your wider social group..

    and before you know it you coincidentally bump into old friends at that eating place.

    There are normal explainable patterns there… but some are every subtle.


    Also there is the fact of heightened awareness.


    If you have a friend with a particular type of coat…you will notice anyone wearing that type of coat…

    If that coat has no significance to you,..

    you could walk past twenty in a week and not notice one of them.

  5. Sunspot….


    I’m trying to help you here.


    You are using what is known as inductive reasoning.


    Particularly, the form known as “analogous inductive reasoning”.


    Example…if the mind is like a computer ( in that both have memory)…then the mind is like a computer in every other way….

    As we know that is false…the brain has no copper wires in it for example.


    See, that type of reasoning is not that well accepted.


    If you were to use “Deductive reasoning” on the other hand…you would get less resistance.


    Example, the mind has memory, and a computer has memory, therefore both are able to store data from the past to be retrieved and reconsidered in the present.


    See…smaller jumps…less contestable.

  6. Sunspot..


    I agree.


    Can you keep it simple.


    OK, so something goes on behind the surface awareness of your mind…


    Should we start by looking at what can be held in the aware portion.


    As far as I can tell by my own brain…I can only hold one idea at a time. and that idea floats along on a line of time.


    Anyone saying they can hold two simultaneous ideas in their awareness.

  7. So…are you telling me ..


    That you have developed your own total theory on how the human brain processes information .


    Did you do this for a reason?


    Have you checked with other more conventional models before you did all this hard work.


    Immediately this geometric parallel turns me off.


    It seems too limiting and complicated to capture the human dynamic.

  8. Ok…I just re read your original post .


    You seem to be drawing a parallel between the human mind and a Personal computer.




    You have observed that in some situations, your body does some complicated actions that you are not aware of.




    You have then concluded that at least some of the control of your body is being operated by parts of your mind that your self awareness is not in touch with.




    You have picked the 10 % popular illustration to help the point.


    I agree with you totally.

    I know that at this moment my self awareness is not controlling my fingers as they hit the keyboard.

    My awareness is instead performing the more complicated function of hunting through your mass of words for some pure concepts.


    And that:

    the idea behind “practice” is to shift complicated activates from the ”self aware” part of my mind into the “other” place.

    That frees up my mind to strategize.


    Question is :

    Where is that “other” place

    And how much else goes on there.

  9. I’ve met quite a few Islamic people over the years.

    Each one varies greatly in attitude,

    the same as any group of people.

    Some are wealthy and cultured...

    some are hard working, serious, kind, polite and look the other way when you hold up a girlie calendar as a joke..

    Some are the typical hot headed young men, indignant at the slightest dig. ...but that can be found in any random group of people from any culture.

    Generally I have found them to have a great sense of humor.

    I'm especially impressed by architectural works like the ancient palace at Alhambra.


    please see:



  10. I'm talking about your characterization of .


    See now I have heard of the fire bombings of the animal liberation front (seriously)



    but not much from Christian fundamentalists.

    what is the fundamentalist part about?

    is it a cut away from one of the mainstream religions...why did it cut away?

  11. Encore!


    I nominate you for cultural ambassador of and special advisor to the Muslim world.


    With that approach maybe the blue corner will start making some progress.



    sorry...I was on a roll.


    Red corner as you well know has it's equally valid points of view.

  12. Perhaps they could try to win the debate by demonstrating the superiority of their beliefs through living decent moral lives' date=' building solid communities, providing an example for others to follow.



    The blue corner thinks they are living pure lives…

    Praying to their creator in thanks five times a day…


    They are disgusted by the liberal rides that are pimped”..

    Black men that want to get rich or die trying…

    Young ladies that want to show their humps their humps their lovely lady bumps..

    They don’t want no drama…or robberies or kids on drugs…

    Or super sized citizens requiring two seats on an aircraft.

    What sort of perversity is this.


    They deal with rapists by chopping the offending item off…

    that’s one way to stop repeat offending…

  13. See this it the right use of free speech…to hammer out ideas.


    Now ..backtracking a bit.


    In the Red corner we have a liberal democratic , individual worshiping view of reality.


    And in the Blue corner we have a god worshiping highly structured view of reality.


    Lets get ready to ruuuuuuumbbble.


    The Blue corner sees the slow creep of liberalism and godlessness creeping across the world via mass media and greed for power and personal wealth.

    This is seen as a direct threat to everything they hold dear.


    what do they do?

  14. How about this idea.


    You might have a deeply religious belief and loyalty to liberal democracy and free speech.

    That is like your religion.

    it's central to your identity.


    The turban folks might have a deep belief and loyalty to their mentor.

    it's central to their identity.


    So in the end it’s just your religion versus theirs.

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