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  1. Who deleted my post? Anyways here was my post that should have got posted. Gamma, x-ray and UV are classed as ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation can cause cell damage by causing cancers and genetic damage as well as skin burns. However, lower energy photons can also cause damage to cells and to the body in general, through different mechanisms. The body usually doesn't respond to magnetic fields. It does respond to electric fields High concentration electromagnetic radiation is not good for you.The stronger the current the stroger the electromagnetic field ans that is bad . Here is one from wikipdia . We are talking about biological so I will skip the electrical part. Health effects of electric power transmission
  2. The rocket exhaust gases and these makes the rocket go up.If there was no hole for the exhaust gases the rocket would not take off . The hole allows the exhaust gases and these makes the rocket go up. The Newton law is any object that is moving has kinetic energy .What is kinetic energy it is energy of motion .Any object that is moving has kinetic energy . The measure of its energy is its momentum.To eleberate in more detail momentum is mass and speed.The more massive the object is or the greater its speed , the geater it its momentum.A big car that is moving fast has alot of momentum and when it hits some thing it tries to keep moving Any object that is not moving will not move unless a force makes it move and any object moving will not stop unless a force makes it stop or slow down.
  3. They say this problem was fixed and it will not work.They say this was the problem in the old days and now it is fixed. +++++++++++++ Can a rocket engines be inprove by doing the following things? Can we get a rocket engines more powerful and fuel efficient by re-designing the combustion chamber ,inproving the thrust chamber ,amout of fuel burn or the layout of the thrust chamber where the oxydizer are mixed and burned? And cutting back on moving parts and heat ?I just thought inproving the combustion chamber or new layout of the combustion chamber or a new state of the art combustion chamber . Or cutting back on moving parts or heat.Or the amout of fule burn. It will be intresting to see what NASA is doing. +++++++++++++++++ Thay say NASA has done the above and there is no way for those things above will work. Anyways I'm lost has I know nothing about rocket engines .Will this work or not?
  4. Well Stem cells is not the only one that will stimulate bone growth or repair.This substance that is soft like toothpaste than gets very hard will stimulate bone growth or repair. So if you brake your bone and go to the ER they will put this substance that is soft like toothpaste than gets very hard and it will be like your bone. The substance that is soft like toothpaste than gets very hard is better substance the bone is made out of.
  5. And if it has no where to pushe ? Like if there was no hole on the rocket that what will happen? You mean if the mass has enough speed?
  6. Do they not have a howstuffworks for kids ?
  7. What I'm having a hard time to understand is tumorigenesis and why some proteins are bad. When the cell mutated or deregulated why can't the proteins function properly .Why is the protein different. Why can't they make a protein inhibitor they do it with HIV protease .
  8. Wow I did not know there was so much Chemistry . That takes care how they look for a cue but does not explain the conplex of the problem or why it takes so long for cure . It is not snap there is problem in 2 years there is cure it takes years and years some times 40 years to cure comes out.It is very conplex. I'm going ask for some web sites on the human body chemistry ,make up ,drug design.
  9. From my understanding it is the type of electromagnetic radiation and intensity and the duration of exposure . The type of electromagnetic radiation being the wavelength band. The intensity being how strong the EMF is A radio trasmitting at 80 watts is not strong but a radio trasmitting at 500 watts is vey strong. The Ultraviolet,X-rays ,Gamma rays are bad type of electromagnetic radiation do to cell damage. Other types of electromagnetic radiation cannot cause cell damage. The short wavelength have alot of energy it holds and the long wavelength have less energy .. I think most EMF are good if the trasmitting power is low .But I do not want to get job at a power station or MRI tech.
  10. I'm trying to understand Newton's Third Law of Motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If a rocket does not push on air than what drives it? Is it internal pressure in the Combustion chamber ? When the gas escape pushes on gas accelerating it backward then the gas must therefore push forward on rocket:eek: The mass have be the same? Small mass cannot move big mass it has be the same mass.
  11. By changing currents you mean AC ? So only electronic devices or electrical device we changing currents AC ? Can you or someone elaborate that quote.
  12. I think the past 2 replies should have been posted in the thread understanding cancer. But I'm really trying to understand how drugs are made and how pharmaceutical companies go about looking for a cure.
  13. We do not want to stop cells that replicate only the bad cells that replicate .Sure cells have to replicate and divide to replace the dead cells or damaged cells. But you say the DNA in the cell tell the cell how to replicate or divide ?And the DNA in the cell does the various check-points ? When a cell is misbehaving what is it doing and why can't the DNA fix it? But the cells need protein to live .How can the protein be bad ? This what I do not understand how can the cells DNA get damaged? And how can the DNA fix it self? Some people can have bad food and smoke every day for 70 years and have no problem some people cannot do this for 10 years. Your body is so conplex and everyone is different. Anyways I will reply to your other posts soon.
  14. I'm looking for web site other than Wikipedia and howstuffworks at a elementary level not high school level .The problem with Wikipedia and howstuffworks is it is at a adult level . I need web site at elementary level that walks their grade 2 to 8 on biology ,electricity ,space rockets ,computers , medicine:eek: I'm try to learn and understand. With pictures ,illustrations and simple english.
  15. Why do people call electronic devices or electrical devices radio frequency or part of the spectrum when it is not Radio,Microwave,Infrared,Visible, Ultraviolet,X-rays ,Gamma rays. I know every electronic devices when turn on or electrical devices when turn on have Electromagnetic field or any electric current have a Electromagnetic field . I know if the electromagnetic field is strong it can cause interference.That is why some times radios get interference from power lines ,cell towers ,electric saw if the electromagnetic field is strong.Any electronic devices or electrical devices cause interference if the electromagnetic field is strong. But can EMF do harm to the body or get cancer ?Are EMF bad for people.What is SAR ??
  16. Yes every cancer has different symptoms but basic of what cancer is cells gone bad replicating and taking over. What do you mean bt agents .Can they not come up with a drug that is not poisonous . So they have to find a way so the drug is not alter by the body chemistry . The idea how the pharmaceutical companies go about looking for a cure is conplex .Do they use math or different combinations ?
  17. I dont really understand Stem cells and how it will stimulate bone growth or repair.Some say Stem cells can be used to will stimulate cells or tissure growth or repair too !!
  18. I think the debade part you hear on the news about evolution is people who have problems go to hospital or see a doctor. And believe the body is starting to reject drugs like the flu virus.After time the virus , bacteria or parasite find way around the drug.And believe medicine in 21 century is doing more harm than good for the body.By the immune system too depended on drugs and technology to live.
  19. I mean the pharmaceutical companies spend billions of money every year trying to find a cure for diseases, illnesses ,virus,parasites,HIV and cancer so on. How long will this take or where there be a cure?Have they not tried every drug combinations or how many drug combinations are there ?Like is it thousands , millions or billions? Why no cure for lung cancer ,breast caner ,liver caner ,HIV or other cancers so on? How are drugs made ?Do they use math to come up with drugs? Or try different combinations or use organism to kill diseases or illnesses ? I really have no idea how the pharmaceutical companies work or go about looking for a cure or how conplex the problem is.
  20. I'm going to remove the above but cannot edit the old thread.The above will lead to a debade.
  21. We know that cancer is cells in the body are malfunctioning and going bad.They are different than viruses has viruses has to go into the body.But Cancer spreads and replicate like a viruses.The only diiferent is a viruses has to go in your body.Well Cancer is cells in the body are malfunctioning and going bad . Cancer is a leading cause of death -- according to the World Health Organization, 12.5% of all deaths worldwide. There is much research into how to treat it or why some people get cancer and other people don't .But all diseases like cancer or viruses seem to be on the rise. My views are food or drugs are why we have cancer .And chemotherapy or surgery seems to be the only option to kill cancer . We know that cells tell other cells what to do .Why can't we fight way to tell cells to kill the bad cells? Why are cells going bad and replicate ? We know some foods and drugs lead to cancer but we do not know why.
  22. http://www.ireallyshouldstudy.com/health/2008/11/29/fat-sensing-hormones-might-fight-obesity/ +++++ So it seem some people body burns more fat in-take than others .One person will burn the fat of hamburger and fries faster than the other person? I thought obesity was a genetic problem.
  23. evolution gone bad. Half Man - Half Tree Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgQpMKES7BI&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K002UfnH64&feature=related
  24. Wow we got a evolution group!! I'm a big fan of evolution .There are 2 ways of looking at it. The strong stay alive and weak die.I have bean reading lots on how medicine is causing different types of cancer ,turmour ,viruses and diseases so on. We are victim to viruses ,bacteria and diseases so on.The human immune system is shutting down . Stop the medicine and allow evolution and body over time will have strong immune system to viruses ,bacteria and diseases . Or put trillions of dollars into medical research with very litle return.We have lost the war on cancer ,turmour and alot of diseases .The viruses and bacteria are on top of the food chain not people.
  25. http://www.cosmosmagazine.com/news/2422/injectable-liquid-bone-developed +++++++++++++++++++++ There is one problem Stem cells will not stimulate bone growth or repair.We do not know how tell cells to stimulate bone growth or repair.Well that substance that is soft like toothpaste than gets very hard like bone is amazing. You can use that substance to stimulate bone growth or repair.
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