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  1. The problem was I was trying to convey to a friend that we won't see it 'swallowed', but confronted with being told the program title was 'Swallowed'. And the comentary did seem to convey the swallowing aspect. And bearing in mind this time dilation business, I did contemplate mentioning to the friend about what would we see looking back at Earth if we took a ride on said gas cloud. But I baulked at that one!
  2. I understand that according to Richard Feynman the photon doesn't actually travel from A to B, but rather a myriad of interations whereby the energy (or is it momentum?) of the photon is spread out occupying all possible paths. One example being the two slit experiment whereby the photon apparently goes through both slits.
  3. Not forgetting that when we look out X billion light years we are looking back in time that amount. So all we see is the past universe all around us which, according to big bang theory, was much smaller! It seems that asking how big it is is somewhat difficult if we can't see parts of the universe billions of light years way as it is now!
  4. "When they "rewind" this math, it leads them to the big bang. According to this theory, the universe before the Big Bang was an infinitely dense point." That's assuming the contraction during such an imaginary rewind would go on to such tiny point. After all it was only relatively recently that they discovered that the universal expansion is increasing (dark energy and all that)! And an universe expanding faster now than in the past doesn't quite fit with the contracting down to a tiny point, me thinks.
  5. Didn't understand the BBC program when it seemed to say that they are about to watch or observe a gas cloud being swallowed up by a black hole. Presuming 'swallowed up' means observing the cloud disappear through the even horizon, then I thought that such was not possible. Not possible because of what I understand to be time dilation. Time dilation whereby we on Earth would see the gas cloud get evermore fainter and slower as it approaches the even horizon. Such that as far as we can observe, it effectively takes forever to pass through the event horizon. What it actually does (whatever that means!) is effectively masked from our gaze.
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