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  1. Hello everyone I am new here I would like to know how to calculate the h constant at home... It is hard to understand, base log 10 systems.. It is this base log system of 10, that is really hindering me to move forward. It is also Newtonian Mechanics, that is " confusing me " with photon energy and light "speeds".. Then you have the fractions to deal with. However, Distance and Frequencies is my main focus... Until I know this I refuse to move forward with anything else..
  2. Sorry, was your question based on constitution?? I am not familiar with some terminologies many people here are accustomed too. I am a high-school drop out, never been in a laboratory, and never will be in a college institution either.. WOW! now this is what you call negative thinking right? Unless of coarse I live in a country where the citizens accept " people for whom they are." Its called "racial barriers" I am latino by the way,,, So, this is confirmation that " again " That I am not in your categories and level of education.. But is this a bad thing??? Still no'one has answer my OP question: Here it is again if you may.. If pi ratio " was" squared and = 9.8 m/s/s how would this change the whole of science? Or have they? I will re check... Ok, I will
  3. Is it because it is that "Complex" to figure out?? Why should someone just give up??
  4. Seems the more I study and read, the less I know about the world..

    1. ajb


      That feeling will never go away, trust me.


    2. too-open-minded


      I find it kind of beautiful. The whole concept of once you realize how much there is to learn, you understand how little we actually know.

  5. This is going off topic, but I will answer and get denoted later You are 100% correct, but lets look at it this way: Because as children we never notice these things, until adults " define reality for us." Not to mention math, philosophy and other obstructions of " free thinking." We thus grow costumed to conventional forms of thinking, that don't comply with a standard accepted way of cognitive expression as full grown adults with the same child like curiosities as simple explorers of the world we live in. This is based on physical observation within the evolution of time..Ask a new born baby what is the color of the sky "earth", I am sure you wont get an answer, same with a beings from another world " alien per say." Although the speed of light is constant in all places in the universe ' Space ' it sure transmits " information" very differently in the minds of different entities. The mind is a very complex thing...Not to mention they say we are all connected to a Central Membrane in the Universe.. Since light bends in water, and you say that air is as a fluid... The two go hand in hand with what I have learned from adults as a child. Water is blue and so is the sky... Of coarse I know the colors vary, but this is the conventional mind frame, and those incredible blue aqua beaches! Suddenly I feel a breeze........ Not to mention that 90% of what I study in relation to: Integration " Calculus", The Ether, Especially Electrical Engineering, suggest that their is a Sea of Energy That is the Flow of All energy..Quoted by some well known and famous scientist by the way. Rather this is true or not, again, I am looking at the relationships. Its hints like these that confuse me, that's all...It appears to flow in another direction, Science is like being in the jungle looking for buried treasure..... I remember now, it is a shame that we do not have a calculator that just does all this... Sounds " not right to say" I know,, I will go over that page again thanks.... but what am I doing wrong here pi^12, what am i doing wrong here?? I don't understand...I am only using the 3 1 4 and the dot only.. as 3.14 nothing else but the base of 12.... 3.14*3.14*3.14*3.14*3.14*3.14*3.14*3.14*3.14*3.14*3.14*3.14 = 918662.0518429505 Google Calculator says this... here I am using:3.14159265 to the 12th power.. 3.14159265*3.14159265*3.14159265*3.14159265*3.14159265*3.14159265*3.14159265*3.14159265*3.14159265*3.14159265*3.14159265*3.14159265 = 924269.16885 Google Calculator says this... Something else! Why does this: (l) = 20/ f (in GHz) (l)<----------------------------- that right there, say this in my note pad program?? 1 = c/ f it copies and past like this.. Here is the link: http://faculty.ccri.edu/jbernardini/JB-Website/ETEK1500/1500Notes/CWNA-ed4-Chapter-2.pdf Scroll down to page 10, copy and past: ( wave symbol ) = 20/ f (in GHz) The wave symbol looks like this: When you copy and past the symbol in note pad it turns to the number 1. Yes I know what your thinking, Its just a coincidence, but doesn't a wave = 1 already?? Yes I know that the program note pad does not have all formats for the ASCII conversion, but why the number 1???? Again I am looking at the pattern, is this also happening to others?? Cycles from what I know of refer to pi ratio??
  6. I can't control round off errors using online calculations sorry. I often read online, that we should look at the mathematical relationship this is what I am best at. For instance: A radar system determines the distance from an approaching airplane by the round trip time of a radar pulse. If a plane is 10 km away how long does the radar pulse take to return to the radar? I think this is how its done? t = 2*distance/c = 2[10*10e3 km]/ c 3*10e8 = 6.7*10e-5 = 6.7*10e-5 = 0.00067= 67 micron s which one?? 0.00067? or 67 micron s ? Why does my calculator tell me this: 0.00067? what are all those zeros? is this is round off error?? why do we add 10e-5, where did this come from?? This example comes from here:Lenz’s Law page 71 http://physics.ucsd.edu/students/courses/fall2009/managed/physics1b/documents/Chapter_20.2_Lenzs_Law_20.3.pdf I may be overlooking something..
  7. ohhhhh , I just thought of something as the meter is concerned, the speed of light and pi^12 affects on photon energy. In relation to " Not sure" The mass of the proton. Not even sure what the units would be, I think 0.001 is a frequency, but then it is also = to the micron as a distance..0.001 is a micron? Algebra is confusing in regards to " Time and Frequencies" Their is a math relationship. 299.792458*6.626e-33 = 1.986424826708e-31 1.98650352574581e+31* pi^12 = 6.24441297605896e+43 0.001/6.24441297605896e+43 = 1.60143155783257e-47 This is not even close to a scientific explanations, but I will say it anyway.. e-47 suggest that pi^12 = pi^47+1 = 48, where pi ratio remains constant, or balanced in time and 1 is the quantized energy states of the electron. proton and electric charge have opposite signs making this inquiry and relation possible.. I heard however, that g has no effects at atomic scales, I can't help to think it does... IE pi^= 9.8, the "number" It came to mind when you said, not interested in air resistance nor other " volume factors" I would assume this be the photon it has no mass..Why does pi come close to the proton or electron charge as a frequency in empty space? It is something to ponder on atleast for now..It is what I have been wondering about in regards to empty space and the gravitron, a supposed mediator for gravity... These are not facts here, they are creative ideas to still un- resolved solutions... I HAVE TO ADMIT AS A SIDE NOTE: I have read online and in books that pi ratio has many science and math connections and is not only related to g, but even the planck scales, I have read it has relation to metric systems from biblical times, and etc and I respect their research and work, So this is an add on
  8. This is truly something to work on, WOW! thanks..I need to borrow a friends lap top that has office, wont be an issue..
  9. Oh, no I don't, how do you do that? I agree, but the comment was after I stated this... Thats all,.. 0.6% is a 1/2 difference.... where did you get 0.6% from?
  10. I already stated that I am kind of retarded, Did you really read this thread>??????????????????
  11. You should have already known this, if you " were reading this thread" I already stated that I am kind of retarded... how ironic wouldn't you say??? ADHD is off my OP by the way... ADHD is a point of view.Maybe the subject is bored whom knows. Some of the greater people had some form of mental disability the world just Loved to pick at... Einstein being one of them and a believer in god... Albert Einstein Interviewed about Dyslexia http://www.ghotit.com/2010/06/einstein-dyslexia/ I can't help it I am human and need to acknowledges my feelings at this time science is not for me because I don't know how to speak on their terminologies and it frustrates them. In turn emotions get hurt people think they are dumb, then we don't get anywhere in the world. The universe was not made over night think about that..Some areas need special care.. Thanks for the apology, it shows you are greater person than most.. That is a big step scientifically... Thanks everyone and have a great time with new discoveries. BUT! I have to admit, I did not notice you asked me if I knew how to derive pi ratio from planetary motion which I assume is f=ma.. Simply no I don't, I don't need to...
  12. Ayyyyyyy see, thanks Hymmm let me do a little more research, and I will take your advice more strongly, thanks ADHD?? Due to your rude words, I have asked to be banned.. I am a human being with emotions and don't need to tolerate this rude and cold behavior.. Yes, science is not for me because of this... I will now enjoy life, and leave the unknown alone.. As you can see, its all empty out there, so have fun... MODERATORS, I WILL NEVER AGAIN COME TO THIS FORUM..PLEASE BAN ME FROM THIS SITE..
  13. Hymm, maybe they didn't understand what the meter was and as a consequence now we are all " well not on the same mind frame . Its a joke! Since this is now acknowledged, can we all now understand, and I mean everyone here, how important it is to define a metric system, based on nature's rules and not man made preference? And derive good results that are not linked to consequence? We end up in black holes, uncertainty, cycles, counter intuitive concepts that leads us in the null of empty space " history repeats itself.." Lets face it, to advance to better technologies I think this would stand a good thought here.. Don't get me wrong, we would be lost in outer space had it not been for our SI system. In regards to the meter and the speed of light " now " I do have an experiment, that proves that a white peace of paper does " show you colors" right in-front of your eyes. I am willing to copy it and post it here, to be printed and members here can see it for themselves.. But I am not sure if anyone, in the history of science has noticed this, I have searched and searched in libraries " rare book section" online and etc and have had no results, so from what I know I am the only one whom has noticed this.. It would be very embarrassing, had someone in the past did this, and I took some credit for their finds... This is why I am very careful with what I claim to be mine and mine only especially dealing with science.. However, I have read that human perception " color " cannot see, say yellow and blue together " or something like that" as one solid color, because we as humans propagate light beams out of our eyes or something to that nature, I know it sounds crazy, I will try to find the link,,,I don't really remember it and it bothers me not to have the link. Anyone here read, heard about this?? Agreed
  14. From your list there seem to be a perfect match, and yes I need to open a new topic on this... I would like to keep this one open for some time and contribute perhaps some things here that can serve in the new thread in regards to the meter and other units of measure, the micron being one, the milla being the other.. This may make things " easier for all of us." I am concerned with this one though: Containing no illogical elements. My findings suggest that like terms , like the kind found in algebra, is a metric to metric conversion system. No, not a conversion unit table, but rather one that derives from a conversion unit table. It derives from metric to metric, and defines 1 in that derived metric of personal choice. Thus 1 would then be defined out of the scope of zero empty space " What Ever Space Is At This Point", but doing so " harmonically, modulated within the domains" infinitesimal frequency limit" ...Think in terms of harmonic oscillations. I think this is the reason for Eisenstein Field Equations Braking Down..IE "Black Holes." A measurement of mismatched impedance, its simply the phase, it is this meter rather this whole.. And it is! It just gets very involving... This link here would describe this: Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) is a measurement of mismatched impedance in an RF system and is stated as an X: Page 89, it is an incredible article by the way... http://faculty.ccri.edu/jbernardini/JB-Website/ETEK1500/1500Notes/CWNA-ed4-Chapter-2.pdf Now,,Is this what illogical elements, means?? If yes, and I assume this the case, then wouldn't anyone agree "then" why 1 must be defined. Conversely, things get weird at this point, because it appears to be inversely the opposite answer. Which may be why, " the universe appears to be static" When see illogical elements, I see unlike terms, sorry if this is incorrect, I will let you answer now
  15. When you say: 9.86960 actually naturally falls out from this choice for a meter. are you saying the mathematics naturally falls? the electro motive force? the potential energy? photo synthesis? electro static equilibrium? energy of a photon? Aren't these physical things? Or are you talking about energy? Frequency? What brings the source L " assume to be distance" back into balance " exponentially" Is it magnetism? Since variables mean many things, what is that big X mean?? Yes I can see it is pi^2 = X, but why did you use a big X? Also can you show a numerical value if you may please, I am very confused on what you just stated. That square root is basically the exponent of X? x? You hear me now?? From what I am seeing you can simply replace Coulumb's Constant By: Coulomb's constant Ke = 8.987551787*10e9 = 89875517870 C N*m^2*C-2 To: Coulomb's constant Ke = 1 meter?? What then would define this 1/2 cycle?? Is it that square root in your " Example" ??? Strange, I am kind of a " retard" when it comes to understanding things in a practical sense... Anyone whom knows me, knows I have no ego, I am straight forward when I speak Are you saying that " some of you" here had no idea that Pi ratio" was connected to the meter?? Please answer " Yes or No" If you say Yes, then this means that some people here did not know.. If you say No, then this means that some people here did know.. To imply we as I have noticed includes a whole group.. Things like this, confuse me " seriously." Then I can " understand how to continue this INTRO conversation that appears to be legitimate for a New Topic on a new fundamental law I have discovered.
  16. Obviously waves travel, in a sense here as waves, they don't physically though.. I guess to proceed productively we will need to have a complex discussion in terms of Holographic Universe and The Plank "Scale." Those are the only choices open to a technical discussion on empty space's definition..Its like the ABS construct, and 26 letter limit a hurdle. Earth has an equal amount of negative and positive charges making earth an incredible reference point in space, its grounded. Thus pi ratio and earth represent that location in that space in that time or dimension. I will wait to see if others get what I just said... Space, does not necessarily mean the aether... When I say space I mean a Null solution to a mathematical balance of an imbalance of nature that follows time's intervals exponentially "Data" IE history and cycles, eras, time travel, the future the past, etc. In my opinion and experience in Theoretical Physics, our concept of "space" who cares about anything else" is also not fully understood...If how to solve the distance is the main concern, then the main concern does not have a solution because its empty right? Thus it does not exist.. Why bother? Since pi ratio is virtually used in " All known Equations" I am not going off Topic.. If Moderators Warn Me About This, Then Ban Me Now.... Now I am going to start typing the exact words here, so there is no confusion.. PE -->Potential Energy or Kinetic Energy, which ever is which, for example, in the form of electrical engineering " suggest" that electron's have a potential energy when they are pulled away from their " natural" response to magnetism, and or the attraction of opposite charges. The resister, and or the loads, " absorb " this Potential Energy and transform the energy as a useful source for " man made creations." I assume this to be termed " Technology "? This is a man made basis, not even close to nature not fundamentally correct in any sense, because it goes against the laws of Nature. Potential Energy is a man made creation, not a natural solution to a balanced mathematical description of nature. Be carefull how you interpret this, as the physics on earth, is believed the same in all the universe, as such as in man made chambers here on earth of empty space, think about that.. They follow the same path as waves in matter and in "empty space" connected to history, data, and information.. This would then imply earth as the center of the universe then, that is logical to think.. Why??? Because we use pi ratio all the time in our equations.. Like I said, Space, does not necessarily mean the aether... Now. I am not disagreeing with fundamental laws, I am questioning the integrity of our concept of " SPACE." As pure mathematics derives quantities that perform just as well in matter as in empty space, rather this be a vacuum or what have you. Again: Electro Magnetism is a Perfect Example here.. I am greatfull for the SI units of which is a universal metric we would surely be lost.. Now, I am not a big believer in all this by the way, but that is how physics works..I deal with pure dimensional analysis, no geometry either...Many Fundamentals Laws break down as speeds approach c, Coulomb's law is on of them, Elbert Einstein's Field Equations break down due to infinities, ie black holes.. Again, I am not a big believer in all this by the way, so why mention it? Because it is a physical issue and mathematics is connected to it.. This being the case, you can see why now this conversation requires an open mind a natural solution to a balance mathematical description of nature. I will not further explain anything in technical details, until I see others in an open minded discussion..
  17. I don't know how to answer your questions scientifically., You never fail to surprise me ajb,
  18. You are 100% correct, they " don't " travel exponentially, they remain " stationary" static in other words. However, this is " an inversion" issue " in a sense." For example, in telecommunications RF " electro" and magnetic waves, IE " two forms of communication that are coupled together, " both" travel in opposites directions from the source. But the source of propagation is the source where the waves initially are set this being at 0. IE, a device that creates magnetic fields for radio communication, internet, cell phones, etc. Units are chosen within certain acceptable and permissible guidelines within compliance and regulation IE safety purposes of which insures stability and proper " care" of devices that deal with " information technology" not to mention damaging equipment and etc. THAT IS A GOOD THING! However, these " regulations" have nothing to do with how nature regulates fundamental laws of which are not understood fully.The measurement problem is one of them, the gravity problem on the earth's surface is another. I want to also say Radiation Resistance...As per telecommunication and man made antennas of which I look at being no different than a metric system that describes the fundamental properties of the " source" in question, in this case the distance from the origin. Radiation resistance http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radiation_resistance Voltage Standing Wave Ratio For example here, VSWR " information and frequency waves" 'some" cannot be matched to the source. I assume the guidelines of the chosen metric preference or the math that describes the base of that system would initially set the source to 1. However, since they are both " electric" and magnetic frequencies involved here, your statement of they don't travel exponentially is true " physically" due to the nature of squared units. Just an example here: IE [magnetism = 1 + electrical = 1] = x^2 = 0... Just plug in the variables?? How would you derive anything then?? x^2=-1 it is merely the square root of the exponent, and is not helpful due to the nature of imaginary units being 1/2 real "exponentially" that is why we are left with uncertainties, probabilities, that are counter intuitive... VSWR Ratings "ITS WORTH READING" http://www.tech-faq.com/vswr.html VSWR Definition 1.0:1 One to one. Exact match. An ideal that cannot be accomplished with current technology. 1.5:1 One point five to one. Good match. Only 4 percent loss in power. 2.0:1 Two to one. Acceptable match. Approximately 11 percent loss in power. 6.0:1 Six to one. Poor match. Approximately 50 percent loss in power. 10:1 Ten to one. Unacceptable match. Most of the power is lost. infinity:1 Infinity to one. Useless to measure, as the mismatch is so great. Now, Perhaps I should have mentioned " particles waves" as standing waves in a virtual " your words" It changes from "place to place and with altitude or depth." My focus is more concerned with the place and altitude... It appears to describe a flat hyper surface, that is " virtually" in all places and in all locations in space that is "static." But I am trying to avoid, the words, Quantum Realities, Plank Scale, QED. Although I think this is far more incredible. We will eventually need to add those to this topic, somewhere... You are 100% correct, they " don't " travel exponentially, they remain " stationary" static in other words" " standing still", of which does not necessarily guarantee a productive form to derive things from, at least from my point of view, or perhaps remain within boundaries and limits of something that has no dimensions nor direction at least in a Quantized Form, frequencies waves and information in other words.. Again. I want to make it clear you are correct in the physical cases of science. So I guess the issue is getting pi ratio's absolute value, so we can pin point its physical location When I say its physical location, I mean its frequency, since a wave can act both as a particle and wave, you can just imagine how " umm" I am lost for words here" science would be... However, I need to hear it from a true scientist.. How would that change the whole of science????
  19. If pi ratio " was" squared and = 9.8 m/s/s how would this change the whole of science? To continue, and if their was "a physical unit of measure" to prove pi ratio squared "is" = 9.8 m/s/s provided for the science community, how could this be tested to be proven physically? I am aware that frequencies waves travel exponentially to infinity either in a medium and or vacuum. I am 100% certain, that our concept of infinity " does " have an end, within a system's metric of measure. If it is true that 9.8 m/s/s is due to acceleration on the earth's surface, then the issue is defining 1 as in my findings states that 1 = 0^.5 "exponentially" in relation to acceleration on the earth's surface...Meaning that it appears to be that distance does not exist.. What new discoveries can this provide QED, QM, Radio Frequencies?? I am curious to know.... Another question: How does, a " new " fundamental law of nature get published?
  20. Let me break it down for you... So what you want is a quick fix, a way to circumvent your accumulated negativity and start a fresh; understanding why you have accrued such a score would be far more productive than trying to circumvent it. It sound like you are describing a mechanical dildo here. Are you an inventor with a drippy OPPS I mean trippy mind and twist??
  21. As I have already stated, I am greatfull for this rep system.. You don't need to lecture me on what is tough, you don't know me,, on another note, my reply was intended for iKnow, why would you answer for this person and try to twist my words??? There is much evidence on gays and blacks and bias towards them, it simply starts by one person stating something negative, Jim Crow laws was an idea that started off as a Broad Way show by one person, stemmed off as a BAD REP for blacks BACK UP YOUR WORDS! huh???? can you please make sense or talk English>>>>??? Or maybe their is no other way to describe it based on the Theory and The Application of the 26 letters in the alphabet...
  22. So calling someone silly is a nice thing???? Why not call someone a Bitch or a Whore?? GRANTED THEY FALL UNDER THE SAME " ELEMENTS" RIGHT?? I have never ever called anyone here Silly or Dumb,,, HAVE I?? I don't write blogs " at least not anymore", I've assisted in news paper articles, am a music producer, artist developer and have worked with some of the most " famous names" in entertainment. One thing however I hold solid stubborn foundation is " option based" system of any that deal with a reputation system " because it has pros and cons" and should be handled with utmost care.. I have seen a celebrities credentials online go down from 1,000,000 likes to bout 5,000 just because someone said they were gay, atheist, are said fuck " some group" in an interview... No one would ever know that the artist is " celibate" spiritual ' OPPS!" and is a genuine loving being with a big heart, does not evolved in the typical " famous people bullshit " atmosphere crap" and prefers to understand science and philosophy... But then again, if the artist is a top notch sexy Greek God, no wonder they would disappoint soOO many and have a neg rep. That is one example of why I hold solid stubborn foundation on " option based" system of any that deal with a reputation system " because it has pros and cons" As I have already stated, I am great full for this type of system we have here, not to mention others willing to help others and taking time to respond " time is money", of which I always state I am great full for..It is the only way I can learn and grow from my mistakes. I would never in 1,000 years be whom I am now, had it not been for HONEST CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUE, Here is an idea! Their should be weekly discussions, and or periods in where " everyone" with a bad reputation should meet here with moderators and have a conversation in where they feel they have improved, if the moderators feel they have then their negative reputation should be cleared off to a fresh new start otherwise "they will not get looked at in the areas they have improved when " new members visit their profile." GET IT??? Your Evolution of Time System History Here needs updating! This perhaps also would inspire the member to improve in better ways, and maybe if they do become a success he or she, wont be a bitch or an asshole to others when they are in high positions...IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME BY THE WAY. May I ask, why are other Moderators, having a conversation with me>>??? Also, why does my profile say SENIOR??? I am not a senior, I am a former music producer and model.... I would prefer to have the reputation of someone that is young, otherwise people will think I am an older person that does no know what they are talking about that would then define why I don't know so much about science yet, at least in conventional terminologies. Perhaps maybe this will help others understand my level and science education...
  23. Unless anyone " here" does not have personal experience dealing with the news media the music world and or fashion world and do not have chronological personal experiences dealing with " large amounts of people's perceptions" of which is solely based on marketing strategies, I would suggest researching this area to get familiar with the reasoning of Reputation and its legitimacy of success and failure on behalf of the willing or betrayed... Without having to be under the...

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