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  1. helpppppppp! whats the strongest and most dangerous chemical, both organic and inorganic? some says its hydrogen sulphide.is it true? if so y that chemical is that strong to affect the body? :confused:

    O2.............NONE of us can live for more than a few minutes without it yet its killing us ALL.

  2. Hi 2004' date=' you must be one of the few people here at SFN :) who doesnt know that water has been detected, in the form of ice, at the mars polar icecaps.


    Much of the ice at the poles is CO2 ice, but in addition a substantial amount of it is known to be H2O


    Also you may be one of the few who havent learned yet that Ophi is rather good on his facts. You can generally rely on what he says.


    If you would like to know how a satellite orbiting Mars can tell the difference between CO2 ice and water ice (even tho they'r both white) then ask, and someone will probably tell you.[/quote']Hey Marti,

    Of course you are right sorry Oph.*slaps head*:D As for determining water ice well I would guess the fact that C02 sublimates at nearly -100oC while water needs +100o(to vaporize) and chemical emissions would give mars's polar ice composition away.



    but just as a point of engineering I think you are mistaken here


    for a fixed delta-vee' date=' the propellant requirement is roughly proportional to the payload.

    if you double the payload to be delivered, then you double the fuel requirement


    so, contrary to your statement, the fuel requirement does NOT go up disproportionately "on an ever steepening curb"[/quote']No I'm not mistaken because I was talking of manned space flight(and in a colonization project you are going to have to do a lot of meat transportation back and forth, yes?.), You cant use delta-v space craft tech' to do this the only option is hydrogen/oxygen rocket fuel which DOES go up disproportionately because everytime you add fuel you have to add some more to haul the fuel you just added. I suspect it could be a problem to haul anything with substantial weight with probe technology aswell, but hey if you only take a tent trowel and junior chemistry set...................:D

  3. I think Bush should concentrate on fixing the earth first he send people to f*@! up another planet.
    I disagree, maybe he should stop f***ing it up in the firstplace though!. The so called national defence budget is more than 10 times that of NASA's. If you want to hug more trees its easy to see which area you could squeeze. SPace exploration has been underfunded for decades, cant the PC people give the guys advancing mankind a break for once?.
  4. The moon may have water.

    Mars does have water.


    You must be the only person who knows there's present water on mars then because so far there has only been found proof of past water.

    And I suppose you can just magic all the mining/ construction equipment, building materials initial food supply, personnel >150x the distance of the moon?.:rolleyes: We are not talking probes 50x lighter than manned missions we are talking mega-weight here and the fuel requirements go up disproportionately on an ever steepening curb everytime you multiply the payload.


    the moon's of jupiter have plenty of water ice

    and they have great scenery because jupiter is big in the sky and

    very beautiful


    and because of the gravity assist the delta-vee cost of

    getting there is not all that great


    like the galileo spacecraft did' date=' you can do a close flyby of J

    and then slingshot with the other moons and arrive

    at Callisto with almost no fuel burned


    (after the main burn at earth for transfer orbit)


    mars is dry and does not have these advantages



    people on Callisto could use nuclear power to melt tunnels

    into the ice and create under-ice habitats

    and extract chemicals and stuff


    the jovian moons are a nice system--eventually a good place to live


    Bush was a turkey to say go to the moon and mars





    I think you've got to walk before you can run so you've really got to start with the moon. It has good evidence for water in the polar regions and other manufactuable resourses, the lunar soil contains a mojority percentage of oxygen. Think of the kind of payload you would need to take to initiate a colony its got to be atleast hundred fold the apollo missions and we couldnt/cant even afford to repeat that for the moment. theres not a chance in hell we're goinging to get that kind of haulage to mars's moons or beyond in any forseeable future, is there?.;)

  6. Hey im Jason :D , I have mostly an interest in discoveries in the final fronteer, have been around alot of ufo forums infact over the past year because of my longing for the first discovery of ETL (but those guys are far too way out for me :eek: to take anymore).:D I'm pretty well interesed in all areas of science though.




  7. Can you really put a date on when we actually became Homo sapiens, Isnt it less of a linear thing, we didnt just sublimate from what ever came before. Plus there is interbreading to take into account.

    I like this non-creationalist calendar idea seeing as I am an athiest but I would put the start date at the point life in general started myself, but then you still have pin-pointing problems there. :grin:

  8. From around 1930 to 1970 there was an enormous amount of technical and economic progress in the west that then slowly diffused through the world. Bear in mind this all occurred with only about 300 million relatively wealthy people between US and Europe. I mean in a few decade (after the war) entire nations were rebuilt homes were built by the millions all over the place the progress was truly enormous. The last 30 years seems as if we have all gotten so much poorer. Housing is harder and harder to get, jobs are harder to get and this is in a more advanced world with maybe 700 million wealthy people. We went to the moon in that historical, cultural time when everything seemed possible and I guess we were all really much richer at least pyschologically. This historical period is getting gloomier, there is low growth economically, alot of progress we thought would be never occurred because the technical problems were underestimated. Then we have alot of crappy politicians burning billions for crappy wars, we have environmental damage etc..
    Well said!. ;)

    We won't be on mars in this century NO WAY.
    I would like to believe this wasn't true, but if the rate of progress in the 35 years post apollo 11 is anything to go by I can well believe it IS. :(
  9. This is a joke thread right?. Man to mars by 2010?. Theres more chance of martians coming to us by "2010". ;)Daddaddaddaddaddaddaddaddaddaddadaddaddaddaddaddaaaaaaaa the chances of anything comming from mars are a million-1 they said. duddudduudddududuuddududuuuuuThe chances of anything comming from mars are a million-1 but still they cooooooooome. :laugh:

  10. I voted evolution.

    The chance meeting of the right chemical building-blocks to form reprducing proteins - Which went on to evolve into ever more complex organisms is my belief. Why is there a need for an intelligent creator?. ;)

  11. An Arab sheik tells his two sons to race their camels to a distant city to see who will inherit his fortune. The one whose camel is slower will win. The brothers, after wandering aimlessly for days, ask a wise man for advice. After hearing the advice they jump on the camels and race as fast as they can to the city. What does the wise man say?

    Sooooo easy!. The answer is : "Swap camels"

  12. Hi people!. :)


    Mars has got to be our best hope in my opinion, Europa second.


    Mars has pretty well been proven this year to have had a surface water history so maybe there is remaining water below surface.(as you probably know water is the last essential of life as we know it) Europa hasn't yet to be confirmed to have liquid water below its infamous water ice!. Secondly I believe Mars is just close enough to the sun to provide a temperature warm enough to support life as we know it. Although possible heat sorces such as thermal vents, volcanism etc could maybe sustain life beyond Mars, I think the small areas this would confine life to would put the probability down(certainly for a diverse long-term bio-presence). ;)

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