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    It's hot!

    An endothermic reaction? No. Electricity is really cheap. Chemicals are not. Dehumidifying, however, is fairly common. But, if the room is open to the outside, they're useless. They sell containers of slightly hydrated CaCl2, which absorb water given some time. They are meant for closets and basements where you might get mold or mildew. However, there are also electronic dehumidifers which cost more to get initially, but last a long time and are cheap compared to chemicals in the long run. Personally, I bake the CaCl2 chips until they let off no more water, and use them as dessicant in a dessicator. With maybe 3L of air to operate on, they do their job in a hurry.
  2. This little bit leads me to believe that you copied all the rest of that text from somewhere, because this shows next to no knowledge of chemistry. Ah yes. At least some of it is from here: http://www.cavemanchemistry.com/oldcave/projects/acid/ post reported. Preserved for posterity:
  3. Benzene does not react with HCl even with a lewis acid catalyst. Borazine is at best weakly "aromatic" due to lone pair delocalization. Even with the resonance structures, at any given time, half the ring is electron deficient molecules and the other half are electron rich, contributing to it's high reactivity.
  4. i think sodium fluorescein is typically used for applications like this.
  5. UC

    a postule

    Neither. At best, it's a hypothesis. The common definition of theory would apply to this, but as this is in a scientific context, theory or theorem means that you have a large body of supporting evidence and it is a generally accepted principle.
  6. KMnO4/glycerin has a predictable time delay and is more consistent though. I used sparklers as my fuses and they worked quite nicely.
  7. <Capn_Refsmmat> What's next? Tactical speedos? <UnintentionalChaos> aka: man-thong <ydoaPs> UnintentionalChaos, that's called a banana hammock <mooZzZzzz> ydoaPs: only if it's big enough. <mooZzZzzz> aka: you wish. <mooZzZzzz> night!!!!! <runs off>
  8. Many reactions have an "activation energy" which is supplied by heat. This allows unstable, high-energy intermediates to form, which then collapse into a lower energy final product. The colder a reaction mixture gets, the less the molecules move around and the less likely they are to run into the other reactant(s). This is why reactions are usually carried out in the liquid or gas phase. High mobility and easy mixing of the reactants. Solids would require providing intimate contact on a microscopic level, which can be realized for some reactions by grinding the reactants together.
  9. You sir, have my undying support in this matter.
  10. Mine definetly did. *gets a mop* Good thing they're not mercury-filled anymore.
  11. Peer reviewed paper or it didn't happen.
  12. http://www.chemguide.co.uk/organicprops/amides/hydrolysis.html Urea is just carbonic acid diamide.
  13. Have you considered carbon powder from the reduction of CO2? This is especially relevant with a flame of some kind because the Mg will be bathed in CO2 as it reaches the ignition temperature. Try adding some of the material to HCl. If the black does not dissolve, there's your answer.
  14. <Capn_Refsmmat> Our entire database would be enough material for quite interesting conversations [with megaHAL]. <Capn_Refsmmat> It'd know physics, chemistry, and punctuating like YT
  15. Not quite. It's more about molecular geometry than anything. For example, carbon tetrachloride has 4 very electronegative chlorines surrounding a less electronegative carbon atom, but due to the molecular geometry (tetrahedral), it has 0 net dipole moment.
  16. Well clearly they can't name it that, as they did in fact obtain it. I humbly propose sfnium. It would be funny to watch people try to pronounce it, too.
  17. http://goldrefiningforum.com/ READ the vast number of tutorials and threads before posting any questions. We don't take kindly to laziness.
  18. UC


    My, my hermann. You're a slow one, aren't you.
  19. I think around 500 mesh is standard fare. If you want to see molten iron, you're going to need quite a bit of the stuff. Do it outside and at a distance of course, but I shouldn't need to tell you that. Steam explosion risk on wet ground...flying molten metal and alumina if it goes badly...etc. For people reading this, hermann is a chemistry professor and is well aware of the safety issues involved. There's no need to repeat them ad-nauseum for his sake.
  20. Capitalization, punctuation, and the use of complete (and correct) words would be appreciated. How do you plan to measure surface area? How do you plan to measure the "effect?" HCl reacts pretty violently with magnesium, especially as turnings or powder. The hydrogen gas you generate will carry acidic mist with it.
  21. UC

    Water Fuel

    BEATING A DEAD HORSE. It's utter and complete crap and will remain that way for all eternity, no matter how many conspiracy theorists and con artists claim otherwise.
  22. Heavy mineral oil, intended for laxative use is quite pure, but needs to be deoxygenated and dried completely. Adding a piece of sodium (or better, potassium) and letting it sit for a week or two will accomplish this. Of course, you could just deal with a tiny bit more tarnish on all the sodium and throw it all in.
  23. I lol'd. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareidolia
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