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  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know how to differentiate F=Ma, so since integration is the inverse process to differentiation, how would one perform integration on the equation F=Ma? Thanks in advance Does no one know?
  2. Well yes it is. In certain row matrix representations, some express the time dimension as -1.
  3. I think, its impossible to tell what is fatal, or atleast, usually fatal. If someone can fall at 172 feet, i would have thought it be enough for a maximal acceleration down to earth due to the gravitational field... Maybe i am wrong?
  4. The probability of the finding the electron around the nucleus, if you where to deflate the wave function, is found by the density of [math]\int_{\Omega} |\psi|^2=1[/math]. This means that the probability of finding an electron at any one place, is by the absolute square of the wave function.
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