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  1. From the bit I watched, it did seem to be a very-well put together presentation. Hopefully I can watch the full thing later. I just hesitate tho, to acknowledge anyone that claims to fully understand "the human equation". Nuerosciences and psychology have a LONG way to go before telling me why I believe in an admittedly illogical deity. I think they should settle the Nature vs. Nurture thing first, and then go from there
  2. Yeah, I minimized the risk of toxoplasmosis (which after some research is a bad little bugger). I hereby withdraw my statement with respect to this topic.
  3. I think the "middle ground" sentiment was articulated quite well by the poster who said if most humans were not able to see colors and only a few could, that doesn't mean that colors don't exist. We must be careful in what we pass off as BS just because WE don't understand it. Men more well-versed in physics and science than I believe in ethereal beings because they have seen them and no other logical conclusion exists. Notice I said logical, not absolute. I think they do. mainly because I WANT there to be more to this universe than what humanity is capable of understanding and observing.
  4. All the above advice has been great. But I would just like to emphasize the point about the schools. Sure, MIT is like...DAMN!!!! when it comes to prestige in the world of science...but it is INCREDIBLY HARD to get into, unless Barack Obama himself writes you a letter of recommendation...and even then you might not get in. Im majoring in structural engineering at the University of Kentucky...sure its a public school, but Im learning the material and have pretty great professors. Just because a school is public doesnt mean its not a good one. Absolutely try to get into an awesome school, but dont be disappointed if you dont get accpeted...Good luck with your education!!
  5. You may be wondering why it would take an infinite amount of energy. The reason is that as particles, that have mass to begin with, accelerate to near the speed of light, their mass becomes infinitely heavy, which in turn creates the need for the infinite energy to move the aforementioned mass. That's why photons can go the speed of...light. They are massless. Hope this helps
  6. We need to invade these Gamma rays and introduce democracy to the heathens so they wont become weapons of mass destruction.
  7. Like I said... "Heeeerrrreeee kitty kitty kitty kitty. Theres a good kitty, cmere kitty kitty" *rifle cocks* Phhht...thud Problenm solved. It is completely legal since you have already spoken to animal control and the neighbors and both have done nothing. You could go all "heart of darkness" on it and put it on a pole in your yard to warn other neighbors aobut their cats...but then that would be illegal and make you evil...so you probably shouldnt do that...
  8. Im confused too...I thought science was the search for casual agents that had been previously unexplained? If science wasn't positing a cause for everything, then what does it do? And why have so many theories been developed to EXPLAIN aforementioned casual agents?
  9. They can say it's harmful and make it sound like an apocalyptic plague all they want. All the evidence I have is anecdotal at best, so I doubt you would care iNow. My main argument being that I am alive and have never fallen ill due to those diseases you described...and trust me...there have been a LOT of cats crap in our vegetable garden.
  10. Well, first of all, cat crap isnt deadly. Only in the view of city-slickers that dont know any better...its fertilizer, people. Granted, I wouldn't want to eat vegetalbes that had already sprouted with cat crap on them, but if your garden is just freshly plowed then you've got nothing to worry about. Little farming knowledge is good for people Second, you have every right to shoot the cat if it comes onto your property. *at least where I live*. Ive shot 3 dogs and 3 tom cats that chased my cattle and killed my other cats, respectively. Each time, it was a pet and the owners tried to take legal action, but you have EVERY RIGHT to kill any creature that threatens your pets or yourself on your land. If you dont want a lethal solution, then sorry. Hope this helps --Feral cats, the other white meat. Meeeowww, phhht, thud
  11. Well, see...thats the problem I think...you all just can't look at life as another scientific reaction. Such indifference should be relegated to math or other abstract areas. That's what makes humans different from all other species...that's why psychologists can't agree on one basic principle in their field. You have to view life with some emotion in your mind, and thats what MM6 did. If we were to be cold and heartless, then we should destroy any species that isn't beneficial to our survival and use their habitat to expand our own. This is an exxageration of what anyone here is claiming, obviously, but it is still a comparable analogy. Animal testing is horrible, but of coure I would test a million mice if it meant saving a child's life. John, you can't view life without first appropriating some amount of empathy for other species.
  12. MM6 totally owned MrSkeptic on post #20 As long as the animals are treated humanely like some people claim they are (and my bio prof has stories about her grad studies that would beg to differ), and they are only tested when absolutely needed, then I would have no problem with it.
  13. MegaBrain, number in and of themselves are arbitrary. "Numbers are abstractions, not physically real things. Often they are useful in describing physical things, but that doesn't mean that anything mathematically describable is something that physically exists. You can, for example, mathematically describe a hypothetical 500-dimensional object, but none physically exist. And you can count to an arbitrarily large number, to the point where you'll run out of physical things to be counting." Somebody on SFN wrote that but now I can't remember who...I put that in one of my notebooks for future reference but I forgot to write the posters name...anyways...theres your answer. If you are going to go on about the semantics of numbers, your argument is undone the second you appeal to the abstract numbers for a concrete definition.
  14. you can't argue with a mod iNow, they ALWAYS win lol. And you're wrong
  15. Cameron, bonds depend on a lot of factors and there are many different types of bonds and even intramolecular bonds that need to be taken into account. The removal of applied thermal or kinetic energy is only one facet.
  16. Yeah, and the Earth provides one as well. According to Dynamo Theory, all "astrophysical bodies" (stars, planets, ect) which contain seemingly-unfounded-long-lived magnetic fields also contain highly conducting fluids (e.g., the Earth's molten core, which is like the stuff that makes up the sun). When these fluids move, and they are always moving, they create electric currents, which maintain the magnetic fields. hope i helped...and i hope i remembered my dynamo theory well enough.
  17. We all know you're a guy...Im just saying, I think you know we know, and that that makes your *satisfaction* all the more...satisfying... *runs to take a shower*
  18. I don't know why people keep saying its the religious that are against abortion. My religion has no bearing on what I consider non-killable. For me mooeypoo, the simlpe fact is that in nine months, it will be a human being, and it is terribly tyrannical to say that they do not deserve to live to that day because they will be an "inconvenience". Notice Im addressing abortions that are for the reasons that would be selfish, not the ones I agree with. If I had been aborted...I never would have lived...I would ahve had no opinion on my death. Someone else would ahve decided for me. That is why I cannot, in good conscience, declare a simple zygote non-sentient. A zygote has absolute POTENTIAL to become human, which is enough for me to be against its termination due to selfish reasons.
  19. Yeah, hes a scary guy. But you sound like youre doing all right...what did you need help with? I say you're getting plenty of protein, and you seem to be working out the right way, not like those guys that work out, talk for 5 minutes and work out again. Your brother is smaller than you? Thats odd...deceptive strenght is the best kind Id say just keep up what you are doing GutZ, and you'll be fine. Maybe throw in some running once a week, which actually HELPS your endurance when you lift weights. Good Luck! iNow: Yeah, I was always told that by my dad. I may be wrong as well. Let me know if you find something out I dont wanna be working out wrong lol .
  20. GutZ, Im fairly certain iNow has gotten it backwards...for more dense, strong muscles, one needs to lift high weight a few times (8-12 is the range using a benchpress, but not maxing, just working out). Defined, *large*, but not as strong muscles come from doing a lot of reps with a weight you can easily handle, which is why it takes bodybuilders so long to work out, because they go for definition, not strength. My dad got me started weightlifting...mainly because I wanted to be stronger than him...he lifted 180 about 60 times a day not to mention the ungodly amount of farmwork that built his strength(he's basically a bear in human form)...hes a "big guy"...big guys build muscle a lot more easily than lttle guys. This is kinda what Mokele was saying about your genetics...you look to be a medium sized guy, kinda on the small side. You are able to build some muscle, but youare also able to have a greater endurance than your brother who I am presuming to be a large guy, but he will have larger muscles...always. I lift 110 about 50 times on the bench (before my arms turn to jelly lol) and my brother does 60 about 100 times. His muscles are more defined, but theres no way hes stronger than me. He knew that he wouldnt be able to get dense muscles, so he went for definition. He could kick my ass on a track tho hope this helps in some way
  21. Mooeypoo: I agree with your exceptions. I am completely against abortion, unless its for the reasons you stated above. I can see that you dont view the fetus as human, and thus, not worhy of human rights. Lets ignore the fact that it will be human in nine months. The following argument I read in "Freakonomics" is quite a good one. The author asks how many fetuses = a baby? Is a thousand fetuses a baby? a hundred? a million? If we say that we all agree a million POTENTIAL human lives is worth one human life, and there have been approximately 49 million abortions since 1973, then that means 49 children have been killed...which is horrible. The argument Im anticipating is one that a fetus is not a viable organism, so no number of fetuses is equal to a single child. I just wonder...if Nasa discovered a single celled organism frozen on mars, they would hail it as life and it would be such an achievement...but something as complex as a fetus, or hell, a zygote (relative to the single-cell), isnt as valuable since Earth produces life all the time...but thats just what I see the pro-"choice" people proclaiming.
  22. Hey all, I need help in reading this data. I had to identify an unknown in organic lab and I have conclusively shown it to be ethyl p-aminobenzoate, but my professor won't accept my conclusion until I derive a molecular formula from the spectra data. I did everything I could just so I wouldnt have to use the spec data. The pics look large, but theyre kinda hard to read. Any direction or hints as to go about this, well, that would be great. Thanks!
  23. It bothered me that no one read the bill!!!! Oh wait...you meant amongst democrats...
  24. iNow, why isnt there an option for listening to both music and news? I wait to hear the morning news, and then I listen to my iPod. I bought a cool little FM transmitter, so I dont have to listen to Britnety Spears or Lady Gaga 100 times in my 30 min commute...that is ALL my one *decent* radio station plays...Id MUCH rather listen to Linkin Park or Augustana. But yeah...NEVER question your girlfriends preferences...and there is NO right answer to "Notice anything different about me"...trust me...
  25. dam youre sensitive about reason, iNow My heartless approach was the first part. My human approach was the latter part. I didnt feel the need to explicitly state that I was switching sides...maybe I should have, I dont know. And not escort ships or trained killers...just a well-armed/trained security detail.
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