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  1. Jessica Simpson, Avril, Hillary, Charlotte Church, LOVE AEROSMITH, Sarah Evans, Jane Olivor.
  2. I know what the problems of society are and I know why I think the way I do. I also believe you are looking at it in a scientific manner which is inherintely blue and I'm looking at it from the heart of a child which is red. Like it or not, the children will bear the full brunt of ridicule for years because of the choices the parents made. That is a fact. Your friend Bettina
  3. Exactly......watch out....you may be coming down to my level Bettina
  4. Doubt it very much. We still live in the same house and she's never called. I cried a million tears which is why my emotions are such as they are. No matter now, my dads female friend has been a blessing for the last two years as are the couple across the street and my new senior friends. This is why I'm so sensitive to children and real parents. Biased I know. Thanks for the kind words about banning. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sayonara....I don't know if my answers can be unbiased, but I do know this. I look at the problem from a kids point of view having to go thru all of the school years with two dads or two moms without being ridiculed and teased in every class for every year of school life. Kids will be cruel. They can tolerate a divorced couple, but not gay parents. The child would be crucified. I was teased a little for not having a mom....but NO way as bad as what they would go thru. Thanks for easing my fears of being banned (but I'm not done with this and look forward in finding out if others share my feelings) Bettina
  5. Geez....Sad....I had to wipe my eyes a dozen times. emotions are a curse for me cause I can never hide anything from my father and he knows when I'm blue in a second. He mentioned to me years ago on his 60th birthday, that he didn't feel any different inside than when he was 20. He said it was a good thing....but it may not be when he's a hundred. Hopefully I'll me a nurse by the time he gets there. Thanks very much for the link. I burned it to a CD so I would have it always. I loved it and coming from you made it special to me. Bettina
  6. I did that last time and will do it again next time I visit. I need to know if my goal of becoming an RN is going to work for me so I guess this will be a way of finding out. I checked out Billie Holiday but she's way out of my style. She is more oriented toward light jazz, and I sing very differently using deep emotion and feel. I sing more like Jane Olivor. Don't quite follow you, but I'll be 17 February 15th. I don't drive yet, but will be getting my learners permit this summer maybe. I'm already taking driving lessons. He doesn't drive yet either, and like my dad, his parents don't want him driving till he's 17. So, basically I would be picking him up in my car IF we ever dated. He likes me a lot and his parents like me too. He's one of the nicer boys in my school. Bettina
  7. Maybe in awhile I have to be careful. One time some Senior boys called my house to ask me out. Geez I was only 14 and they were like 18 so I politely said no. I was really embarassed and my dad went ballistic. (not at me) Shortly after that, those boys started calling me a "Lezzie". I wasn't allowed to date, I hung around with girls, so I couldn't prove it. Now my dad worries that I might want to prove I'm not....such a worrier he is. I really love him. (dad of course) Bettina
  8. You had two dads holding hands? As a child growing up I expect to have a real mother and father, or a divorced and remarried pair, or even just a father or just a mother, or even be adopted. All these are morally normal. I don't expect to grow up with two dads and no mother. Those people you claim as "normal" didn't play the cards they were dealt. They chose them. There are so many NORMAL couples praying and hoping to adopt, I find it disgusting that they would place a girl or boy with gay or lesbian couple. Sorry....I don't want to offend anyone but it's just not right, and if it were up to me I would make it a law. Geez, I would give you everything else. Bettina
  9. Fixed those errors and noted them......of all the words in the english language I always have trouble with 3 of them. Nothing is wrong with him....He just turned 15 1/2 and I'm going to 17 next month.....I like him a lot. Bettina
  10. I know your way smarter than I am, and I'm going to lose this debate, but having to bring your daughter to a "Normal family" for something that should have been an internal affair smarts of being in the wrong environment to begin with. All due respect Bettina
  11. I hope nobody minds my chattering, I keep a pretty big diary and this is about my senior home visit. Last Monday, I had no school, and dad took a day off, so we went to the mall for some shopping then ended up at the senior home like I promised and boy was I shocked. I've never been to one so I expected a dark gloomy place full of sad old people that read bible books and had nurses all the time. Geez....was I wrong. This place is really cool. Some people live there but others just come and hang around like a club. Beyond the living areas, there are four main rooms, a hobby like room where people are cutting, gluing and pasting, a quiet room for reading books, an entertainment room where they have a HUGE tv, lots of chairs, a Lowry Fiesta organ, and a game room where they play board games and have all kinds of machines like coke, candy, ice-cream, and about 6 computers too. These people are surfing the internet a lot. When we first entered the building (two friends from the choir came with me and dad) I could hear a lot of talking and laughing, but then when I entered the room, where the people were, I was greeted with absolute silence. That made me nervous big time cause I got the impression they were seeing me differently than they remembered at Christmas. I began clinging closer to my father who was nudging me thru, but before I could figure anything out, they started coming at me at the same time, smiling, shaking hands and hugging but thankfully no kissing. I felt a lot better when I saw the ones I met at church. I'm really quiet and shy with people except when I'm posting here or chatting on the phone. Since they knew I was coming they had a list of about 30 songs. A few of them I don't have the range for so we had to change them. My octave range is only 2.5 clear, but I can near 3 if I sing those parts softly. The funny part is that I can't read music or play any instruments and though I have all the popular singers and songs on my Ipod, I won't sing rock and roll songs or rap. I only sing italian songs for dad, inspirational one's for church, and gentle songs that have a lot of feeling in them because thats my style. Every note I sing has it's own feel and strength and I treat it that way. I'll also close my eyes on certain notes too and looking at the list they gave me the majority of what they like is what I like too. When I sing I tend to stand in one spot without moving and may move my hand once in awhile. No gyrating for me. I didn't sing that day, and they knew that, because I was only there to pick up the music and see the place. I needed to download the songs, listen to them, get the lyrics to look at while I sing, then learn the feel. Before leaving we spent some time at the computers showing the people where all the good sites were. Some of the bookmarks they had were like insurance stuff, automobiles, batteries, online casino's and one well hidden bookmark they found was for a girly place. tsk tsk tsk........... One computer was messed up so we fixed it. They definately needed Spybot and Zonealarm so we did that too. We hooked them up with some others like card games and music sites. We were there for an hour even though dad wanted out in 10 minutes, but he asked for it. Tuesday after school, as planned, I went to the home again with the same choir friends who helped me sing some songs, and we sang the songs they wanted to hear. The organ is beautiful and the acoustics were awesome. The organist is a really nice man and he can play better here than in church because this organ has a lot of background built in and he knows how to play it well. Anyway, I sang about a dozen or so, songs and was there for little over an hour. Of course they wanted to hear "O holy night" again, and I did it but I told them I didn't want to sing this again till next Christmas. I don't like killing a song by singing it out of season like that movie "A Christmas story" that they played to death in July. I did really well there and actually enjoyed doing it for them. A few of them are sad though like they have a lot of heartache. I can tell pretty easy and I know my style of singing doesn't help. I sang "Amazing Grace", "Desperado", "When you wish upon a star" "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan, and a bunch like those. One of the songs they picked, I never heard before but what a beautiful song it was. I must have played that at home 50 times. It fits the way I like to sing and her style of singing is like mine and yes....I teared up on that one, and like I said before, it's hard for me to control it and I even do it a lot more when I sing alone at home. I also get the impression that they can't wait for me to do that. I don't understand why, I don't do it on purpose, and wouldn't if I could. Its really strange. Why would someone want to feel worse. The song is called "I'm always chasing rainbows" by Jane Olivor. Go to musicmatch and listen to it. I love that song. I made it a little longer cause it's a short song. But that "style" is how I sing. I'm going to download her entire album now. I'm going back twice a month to visit and sing and that's the best I can do. They are very happy with that, because they have other entertainment that keeps them pretty active anyway. My choir friends are going to come too. One of them is a boy who sings really well and I kind of like him but he's only 15. The way they treated me there was awesome, and I think I have a lot of Grandparents now.. Bettina Edit....fixed those spelling errors...thanks
  12. Ok....forgetting the school embarassment for every year of your life, trying to hide while sitting in church with two dads holding hands, the ridicule and staring, not having any friends over because their real parents object, how about this from personal experience. I have no mother so when I was 12, I had some "female problems". There was no way I could "show" my dad what I was talking about. I hid a lot of stuff for months and without getting into details, dad caught on and brought me to the women who lives across the street. I also found out then that he signed papers to make them my guardians if anything should happen to him. She and I talked for a long time and I understood and felt better. I also communicate with my dads "female friend" now and then when I need to. She's nice and I like her. When your a girl, and you need to talk, life without a mother is awful. I would have given half my life to have a real mother, and although I want them to be able to lead a good life, Gay couples are NOT normal and I will never change my opinion about what I said. P.S. Yes, I would have still loved them because they would have loved me but your all thinking of your own personal pleasure and not the kids your trying to raise. Bettina
  13. If it were me, I would have told all my teachers that my parents were dead. I would die first rather than be seen with them.
  14. I wish the poster would have asked the question better. The fact that he has no profile makes it harder to honestly answer this without just turning into something funny. At 16, I am straight as an arrow but have no problems with lesbians or gays as long as there are some rules. (Wait before stabbing me, poking out my eyeballs, and sandpapering my face please.) Unless someone proves me wrong, gays for example, were never straight to begin with. No straight boy decides to become gay because he can't score with girls. It just doesn't happen. Some may not know they are gay till later in life, but the genes were gay from birth. They didnt ask to be this way. So the question is what rules should gays and lesbians adhere to. Personally, I think they should have the same contract rights of union as the straight married couples do. They should be allowed to live together in peace without the laws bearing down on them. THE RULES THEY MUST ADHERE TO? 1...NO ADOPTIONS of any kind. Kids should have a real mother and real father. PERIOD. Want to adopt?.....adopt a pet. 2...NO showing off affection in restaurants. Geez...think of the kids again. Wait till you get home. 3...OK to gay clubs. Police should treat it like any other club or bar. 4...Insurance, spousal rights etc should be allowed.......in peace. What I do know is that the gays and lesbians go out of there way to push their way into thinking they can be a true married couple as defined by whatever is holy. Sorry for upsetting anyone....I dont mean to. Bettina
  15. Coquina That was as beautiful as you are.... I showed it to my dad who smiled with approval and now I have it hanging on the wall in my room. I'm glad to know you. Bettina
  16. I'm dead? I wanted to kill someone first.
  17. I would like to be an assasin on the side of good. Like some good guys daughter that even he doesnt know what I am. Stupid I know. Just a suggestion.
  18. Is it done yet? I cant wait to find out my first victim. If you want me to help write something just pm me......
  19. Hmmm....... I don't know Sayo very well, but he hasn't been around here..........Plotting something me thinks........ Someone cute
  20. Ok....thats no good because I dont take torture very well. So....borrowing from the DaVinchi code which my friend and I have been secretly reading, I carry the secret given to me from my father when I was young. The enemy knows this. But, I must be brought to a painting somewhere. Then, when I see it, I will instantly know what the code is. That way, they have to keep me unharmed. Bettina
  21. Geez....it didn't take me long to get caught! How about I am important, because I carry a secret given to me by my father.
  22. 1. Age? - 16 2. Gender? - Female 3. State? - Kentucky 4. Natural hair color? - Brown with reddish highlights (no kidding) 5. Natural eye color? - Hazel 6. Do you dye your hair? - Used to streak with highlights, now I leave it natural. My avatar is me. 7. Do you have colored contacts? Or what color would you prefer your eyes to be?(you don't have to pick a different color) - I wear natural contacts. 8. Heritage? - Italian (Thus my name)
  23. I thought you guys were working this together.....Geez
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