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  1. Well my answer is No. What about the young kids who don't yet meet your criteria but want to learn. and "Atleast" should be separated like this: "At least" ....sorry couldn't help it. Bettina
  2. I used to love that ride, but its lame compared to the ones I go on now. The new ones get my dad sick just looking at them. I still say the wheel would be great.....
  3. Thanks for reminding me of something that I'm going to do more often. Bettina
  4. Sorry for being late. I didn't want to reply to this because its hard for me to do. My dad is 65 years old, was born in the USA, and is of Italian descent. He is a vice-president of an electronics systems company. He’s very active for his age, enjoying golfing, biking and tennis. He’s active in church and boy scouts, and can really cook up some great dishes too. At 45 he met my 33year old mother at a seminar and married her a year later. She was very beautiful and they got along very well since they had all the same interests and he was an only child just like her. I came along unexpectedly when he was 48 and I remember while growing up that it was he that was with me at all the school functions instead of her. When I was 10 she had enough of me and left. She never wanted kids, made that clear before they were married, and blamed my dad for “misguiding” her life. I haven’t heard from her since. I must have died a hundred times the following two years, but thankfully she didn’t abort me. He has been the most loving dad anyone could ever ask for. He’s also my best friend. He often puts down his briefcase and just hangs around and watches TV with me although he constantly annoys me by hugging, squeezing, kissing, and general parent stuff in plain view of other people. He has been seeing a female friend for over two years now and I know they love each other. She is 60, of polish descent, really pretty, and hopefully she will move in with us. We talk almost every day. He wants her too move in, and she does too. I don’t understand why adults take so long to decide what to do. I can decide things in 30 seconds except whether I should have posted here . I know they love each other because I asked them separately, not out in the open like my dad would have. Anyway, that’s him. Bettina
  5. You guys can stop now.....I want him to live. The thought of him in solitary confinement for the rest of his life is more than enough to satisfy me that justice is being served for the monster he is. Bettina
  6. My feelings are becoming more firm. It should be the parents, godparents, cousins, aunts and uncles of the little girl killed, that should have the sole right to administer the lethal whatever to rid the earth of this beast. There could be several switches that each would hold. Only one would be be the death switch. That way, they all took part, but none could say that it was he that did it. I don't like what I'm saying either, because it's not really me, and now I'm sorry I brought something so personal up. I think I have a dark side. Bettina
  7. He's a monster. He gave up his right to call himself a human being. (lame...I know) I would want any or all of the victims parents or guardians to administer his execution. If he did that to my child...yes...I would administer the injection and deliver his soul to Satan. I can't believe I'm saying this Bettina
  8. This is exactly what my dad said. He also believes Ross wants to die, because he can't take his solitary confinement any longer and its driving him insane. If thats true, then I'll change my mind and keep him there. Bettina
  9. Why don't you see an opthalmologist? I do, and they are more than willing to listen to you and provide answers to ease your mind. Bettina
  10. I tried searching but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for so I posted this..... During class Wednesday, a boy started talking to us about Michael Ross, the murderer who wants to die. He killed like 8 girls and even showed the police where all the bodies were. Two of the girls were only 14 and he told the police that one of them begged for her life. He was judged sane during his trial and knew exactly what he was doing. Anyway, the teacher heard us and decided to probe the class on our feelings toward capital punishment and we discussed it again on Friday. The kids in my class wanted to see him die and so did I, and as I listened, I decided I could look at how people treat each other and place them into three main groups. Good, Bad, and Monsters. The good need no explanation, but the other two I thought about a lot. The bad are the ones who bully people, beat their wives, and just cause trouble everywhere they go. Then, there are the monsters. I believe Ross was one of those, as are the ones who rape and murder. I can't yet classify the ones who are truly sick or the ones that were emotionally driven to be temporarily bad, but it's the monsters that I've always been afraid of like Ross and those who behead other people in cold blood. I wouldn't have any problem watching them get executed and I told my teacher just that. He told me and another girl that he was surprised hearing that from an emotional type like her and I and found it very interesting. (interesting?} After the short discussion, he wanted us to vote, and I felt better when all of us (19 in all) wanted him dead. My teacher thought I would feel grief for Ross's family, and I'll admit I would have, but I wanted revenge for those girls. He said he won't judge our decision because it was a personal matter that we had to decide for ourselves, but he was hoping for more of an imbalance to promote more of a debate. I still would like an opinion on the sick ones though. What do you think...should monsters be executed? Bettina
  11. When I was five, I pulled out the top drawer of my dresser....all the way out....and it landed on my big toe. I had to go to the doctors, who had to pull the smashed nail out.....I've always been careful of drawers since... Bettina
  12. Contacts from the time I get up till I go to bed. I'm very nearsighted and virtually blind without them. Bettina
  13. It will be Hillary and Obama vs whoever
  14. You could always have what you got for those experiments parked next to that wheel. Bettina
  15. Ummm...... I read where Bernoulli's principle wasn't the primary reason responsible for lift. If a wing is stationary within a wind tunnel, very little lift is created as air is forced over its surfaces...curved or not. How would you explain the Bernoulli principle for a "fully symetrical" wing which has an identical curvature on both sides. The primary cause of lift is the angle of attack. The relationship of where the wing is pointed and the speed of the air flowing over it. I think this is correct. Bettina
  16. Hahahaha I'm keeping this Bettina
  17. I'm new here. I won't learn any new feelings if I just read old posts. Eventually everything will have been discussed and we won't need to discuss anymore. I want to know about new feelings. Bettina
  18. Wernher von Braun proposed the wheel a long time ago in 1952. http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap980328.html A ship would land by matching the rotational motion to the wheel and dock at its center hub. I know it would take many many years to do, but how "simple" the idea is. The tube parts would be built on earth, or better yet, the moon, and hauled into space. The beauty of the wheel is in its construction. It can be built in sections with each section exactly the same. It would simply be joined in space. In the beginning, it could be just a + ...four spokes with a section on each end and a center. Once spinning, gravity would be free. It could be added to as time permitted. As years go by, another "floor" could be added to it like a double decker. God, I with they would start something like this now. Bettina
  19. No I wouldn't.. my dad is 64 and bicycles faster than me. I don't feel....I know...she just didn't love me. I don't ever remember her hugging me, but I always remembered dad. Secondly, your making an asumption that because I don't want gays to adopt children that I have a problem with everything else they do. If you read my posts you will see that its not true. First, I would love him/her to death by being the best mother ever. Second, I would support his/her same sex marriage, but would tell them up front that I would not support adoption of any kind. I want that child to go to a real family and yes...I said real. I don't know what will happen after that. Hopefully they will have the upbringing to know it is wrong because it is. I would not fight in that war. I would not want my son to. I would not find it liberating. I don't like religion. No. but I'm not mad at you Bettina
  20. I intend to very much I already do and much more. Thank you... Bettina
  21. I don't know much about you since you hide your avatar, personal info, and everything else that may have helped me understand why you would have said something like that to me. What I have learned though, is that being on a public BB I am open to minds that help me understand and minds that don't. Bettina
  22. What is wrong with the spinning wheel. It was the greatest invention of all time on the planet earth and in space, as Coquina stated, it could still be. The movie "a space odyssey" had it right. The spinning wheel once put into motion would cost nothing to keep it going, sunlight would be spread around evenly, astronauts would walk around the outer tube as if under normal gravity, whats wrong with that....forgetting costs of course. Bettina
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