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  1. Check this link out. It's for teachers (lol ) It's got step by step instructions. Hope i'm not too late http://www.hometrainingtools.com/articles/microscopic-agar-petri-dishes-science-teaching-tip.html It's a big link Eh
  2. Auk

    Our Origins

    I find that there are problems with the theory of evolution that are to big to be overlooked. I'm very religious so God created us pure and simple.
  3. how long before we reach the dead end, O wise one?
  4. Auk


    Neat survey. Hope I didn't sckrew up the results just because im 15 with a low income.
  5. Interesting article. I find that you put people in a category and judge what they will say. Watch out this isn't true for every pshycologist or astrobiologist out there. I liked your ideas though.
  6. I think that it could become very useful in the future.
  7. Do you know the Richard Nakka site? He might be able to help I haven't checked all his articles so I wouldn't know. It's a great site though. http://www.nakka-rocketry.net/
  8. I simply don't understand where to start. I've googled "Making radio's", "Homemade radios" and more but I can't find a good site. How do you make a radio? I would appreciate a link or instructions, Thx.
  9. When a meteor enters the atmosphere most people think that the whole rock is extremely hot. But that is not the case the outer crust is extremely hot. But if you go about half an inch further into the rock you'll find that it is still cold. I found this interesting since I always thought otherwise.
  10. Although scientists say that there is permafrost on Mars. I still think that the probe on Cassini will find life on Europa.
  11. My IK is 101 although I must admit I did the test in about ten minutes. Still I was hoping it would be higher
  12. My experiment gone wrong would be when I made my own rcket propelant and it blew up. That was scary. I haven't tried it again since.
  13. Space Garbage will also prove to be a problem. The current problem that NASA is facing is the fact that so far they have only manged to make a one foot long nanotube.
  14. Auk

    Fractal art

    I found a fractal program you can download on this site. Its a visual and simple interface i think youll like it. http://www.invisiblegold.com/math/downloads
  15. I read the article in a paper about a year ago. Something about fast reflexes and precise hand control that a dentist or surgeon needs to perfect.
  16. Actually im thinking of getting it off of Ebay. And no I do not get what you mean
  17. Wow, now that's smart Ophiolite. I've also heard that video games can help you become a dentist.
  18. Psi 20 what is Ross? Is that a website?
  19. I go to a french school here in canada and I found out that a recent poll was taken that shows that the average bilingual student is smarter than the average student that only knows one language
  20. You got it do you know what website I look for my riddles?
  21. Man it sounds like your from my school. No kidding. We're reviewing stuff we leart in Grade 8 (I'm in Grade 10). Its a sckrewed up system but just like Molecular Man14 said. Do your best don't get bored and if you really want some challenges get some math books at the library. The mathematician Pickover always has fun challenges. Try him.
  22. Auk

    Question here???

    Great thx that was a a fast reply
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