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  1. God is nowhere 10 seconds later: God is now here. (Heavy sigh of relief)
  2. The US, although it is currently being held down by many federal laws, is still able to do a fair amount of research. For example while other countries have the right to take stem cells from embryos, the US is devoting research to alternative stem cells found in human organs. These are showing more and more promise and if they (the US) are able to find a stem cell in the human body that can generate the phenomenal results produces by the embryonic stem cells. Also many US scientists simply move to other countries to bypass the laws that are currently restricting stem cell research. So really the US is not that far behind the rest of the world.
  3. So why post this "bullcrap"? By the way the link isn't working.
  4. Auk

    orange juice

    I'm all for pulp.
  5. Why don't read a book about it or do some research on the web? It's a very complicated issue to explain fully in a post so here are some links. http://www.globalwarming.org/ http://www.climatehotmap.org/ http://www.newscientist.com/channel/earth/climate-change http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Warming Hope these can answer at least a few of your many questions.
  6. Auk

    Zombie Dogs

    They mention that this could be used on the battlefield and stabbings that type of thing but what exactly is the procedure. Is it a delicate experiment requiring several factors that cannot be aquired on a battlefield such as advanced and costly medical equipment? Is it a lenghtly procedure? The article does not reveal much detail. Are there other links? I'm also wondering if that picture is related to the experiment at all???
  7. I,m looking around for a contest or Competitions I can join in practically any field of science. Something to kee pme occupied, preferably free. Any help or information is much apreciated.
  8. Davinci was a genius in many domains. He wasn't only an artist. His sketches on military, flight, anatomy and much more reveal his intelligence. As for Michelangelo I don't know him that well. Edison is definitely my favorite and I enjoy Hawking's books. Edit: Oops, how could I forget the ingenious Wright brothers.
  9. Agreed. Let's replace dogs, who have owners that seem to lack common sense, with cheetas.
  10. Ya. I remember a horrible case of maltreatment. I was in Toronto and I saw a little dog walking slowly across the street. I approached it, it had no collar, no hair, growths all over its body. They looked kind of like small tumor's. Pus dripping from both eyes, it was completely blind. It could barely walk. It looked a little fat, do dog's get distended stomach's. I felt really sick carrying it cause it was obviously in pain. It never made a sound not even a whimper. We called the SPCA but they never came so we followed the dog as it tottered back home.We called a second time. But I don't know the outcome of that story. The owner obviously did not deserve the priviledge of having a dog. There are cases such as these aall over the place. I totally agree with the spontaneous checkups. But what is the punishemetn for mistreating or even abusing a dog?
  11. I totally agree with the test only why not have the potential owner or dog killer interact with a dog under supervision while simulating his reaction towards the previously mentioned questions. A knowlegable killer could simply know the answers but would not be able to interact with the dog well. If the trainer or whoever gives the test sees this lack of love for the dog although the test scores are perfect he fails. Although I must admit this is a touchy subjexct because it is giving the trainer aa basis of opinion on whether he/she should pass the person or not. In other words we would need well trained instructors who would be attuned to the dog's reaction towards the guy taking the test.
  12. Whoa!! Slow down there. Although I have to admit his actions where ludicrous that fateful night. Did he not come out and admit it on this forum? A brave action to say the least. I must admit some of his thoughts are a bit weird. Have you ever though of taking one of the obedience courses? (for the dog I mean) Buying a muzzle? Aside from that AzurePheoniz those quoted lines show that you are overreacting the situation. Please no name calling and show a little respect.
  13. Lol! wow what a wierd article. I never read the Paper anymore because we only get a local paper and they're not that good. (Star Pheonix). Aside from that: nytimes.com (even though i'm canadian I enjoy everything about this site) popsci.com Magazines: Nat Geo PopSci Astronomy Scientific American
  14. http://www.nakka-rocketry.net This is a great website for rocketry for those of you who do not already know it.
  15. Read your post today and I was touched to know that she is OK. My Dad has been to the hospital several times and I know how it feels. I was surprised at how many people expressed their concern and gave you hope. What a GREAT FORUM!!!
  16. No kidding. Thx for the movie clip. I'm surprised that pilot didn't pass out!!!
  17. Auk


    Fungus is a very large group of organisms whereas mould (mold) is a type of fungi that usually demonstrate that an object in in decay (old house, cheese). The two are totally different.
  18. Auk

    Bad knees

    lol that was gonna be my second guess.
  19. I was listening to some MP3 files a few minutes ago that were working fine but now my speakers cannot play the human voices although the instruments register crystal clear. What's going on? If I've not been specific enough please tell me.
  20. Auk

    Bad knees

    What you gonna be a doctor?
  21. What an idiotic article, I don't understand how people can accept such faulty theories to be put on their site.
  22. Auk


    This is a great book: Title: Quantum Theory Author: David Bohm Description: Talks about many different aspects of Quantum Theory. The author is communist which is interesting since it affects his opinions. Rating:****
  23. The article came out a few months ago they might have deleted it from the site.
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