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  1. Trump has a long history of threatening people with legal action but not acting. Let's hope he stays true to form..
  2. Since we don't know exactly how we are conscience and sentient, I have doubt that we can compel an AI. What you claim seems plausible, but not I'm not convinced as you are.
  3. I think we can expect advances on two fronts, software and hardware. The software we enjoy today is the product of various software object libraries that do many things; I believe neural net libraries are currently being developed that do various things as thoughtfunk mentioned of Deep Learning. And there are several AI engines being trained for various tasks. As hardware improves one AI engine will be capable of learning more, and multiple network objects will be combined, for example sight, hearing, motor control, smell, medical expertise, biochemistry, etc. It seems likely that a single AI network will be capable of learning all scientific knowledge, but perhaps there is some as yet unknown limit. I think the three laws of robotics may be taught an AI as any other lesson. However, whether we can compel an AI to obey them or any human law is an open question. We are working with computers, but they will be smart and may be able to circumvent anything we try to make compelling.
  4. Since your hypothesis cannot be refuted or confirmed, I believe it is philosophy rather than science.
  5. Tin can Stirling engine. DIY on youtube for many science projects.
  6. Our mind forms illusions, delusions and approximations of reality, considering the quantum reality is completely different than our perceived reality. With such boggy ground to stand on. Free will or not is an opinion that some believe strongly. To me the answer cannot be known.
  7. @Sensei Power to remove oil from algae and transport it. Only aircraft carriers and submarines are nuclear, for some reason.
  8. There are no hurricanes or savage storms on the equator. The US Navy can produce fuel from CO2 and H2O in sea water; they say more economically than sending a tanker to ships at sea. I beieve they intend to use nuclear fuel to power the process. It can be done with solar power, though. The economics of algae for fuel hasn't improved much compared to other power technologies. Floating farms for food may make sense for fish farms now and may make sense some day for other food. However, in the near future less expensive desalination is needed for crops grown on land. .
  9. My doctor took his daughter to Mexico to have a gastric bypass operation, because it was safer and less expensive than the same operation in the US.
  10. The charge of an electron is constant AFAIK. If I am wrong, someone will let us know.
  11. Hidden

    We cannot see a mother’s love,
    Though, we can see things she bestows
    On ones she loves and often shows.
    We cannot see the air above,
    Yet hear the leaves dance in the wind,
    And watch the clouds with storms descend.
    Thus, things we see, or hear or feel
    Can show us hidden things are real.

    By EdEarl Ross

  12. @tuco I agree that it is a potential threat, but so are dogs. I think AGI will consider us insignificant, and do what it pleases. Since the atmosphere will be unnecessary, and perhaps corrosive, it might launch into space and be forever gone. It might treat us as pets and take care of us. Who knows
  13. @FaithCrime -- I don't think AI or AGI is necessarily harmful. Why do you?
  14. The cost of things with full automation (no jobs) will minimize, cost -> 0.
  15. Should we allow seems academic. Military in the US, Russia, China, etc. will develop AI as they did the bomb. Moreover, corporations will develop automated factories because it cuts costs; it is a race to lower costs which none can avoid. The limit of factory automation is one that has an automated tool and die maker that can change tooling on a factory floor to change its production from one product to another, for example Model 3 Tesla to Model Y or from car to any widget, including military gear. Essentially, the limit of 3d printing is to print a factory to make anything. The first step is lights out factories.
  16. AlphaGo requires about the same programming for a game as a person, explain the rules to a person and program these same rules for AlphaGo. Strategy is learned by the AlphaGo AI the same as a person learns, by playing many games. Closer than many realize.
  17. Unfortunately, I believe that will not happen, but there is a chance. For many elections, the amount spent by a candidate for advertising for them determines who will win. With current interpretation of law, the super rich can spend any amount on their candidates, which means republicans have an advantage. Maybe the voters will awaken.
  18. With 4C estimated temperature rise by 2100, it seems likely 2017 will be bad. Perhaps Hawking's 100 year prediction is related. The US will resist effective change. I hope the remainder of the world can move quickly enough to avoid the worst.
  19. As long as thinking is not supernatural, and I have no reason to believe in the supernatural, a machine can be made to think.
  20. Strange is on the right page. AlphaGo Zero didn't any Go strategy programmed, it learned.
  21. I don't consider Sophia an expert at anything; it carries on a pretty good conversation. To me an expert system is something like MathCAD, which is not a learning system like Sophia.
  22. One that keeps us from total annihilation is empathy. Some who are not empathetic become serial killers. I think I'd prefer robots to have empathy, at the minimum.
  23. The learning algorithms used today are relatively simple programs with vast data networks for millions or billions of simulated neurons. Such neural nets are trained much like training a child. Since humans experience innate feelings that are difficult or impossible to change, for example the desire to breathe and eat, I assume AI can be augmented in similar ways. However, I am not aware of research of that nature at this time. However, modifications to the neuron program may not be able to produce a particular behavior because behaviors are the result of training networks neurons. Feelings of some emotions are produced by chemicals that affect many or all neurons. I think artificial brains will need some similar control mechanisms.
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