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  1. It is not a blog, it is a discussion forum. He was trying to discus the flaws in your proposal.

  2. I see two threads started by you, in your profile click statistics ^ ^ ^ and click on "Find all threads started by frederick"

  3. Hi, just wondering why the username TBeam?

  4. You go to the forum where you want to post and click "New Topic"

  5. You've been a bit quite recently, everything ok?

  6. Hi,


    How can I help?

  7. hi hi, a friend of falcon is always very welcome here :)

  8. Cool :) any pics?


    Well I've been working lots... although not really been away with friends a fair bit too camping mainly, places quite local lol :)


    We've missed you!

  9. Hey, :) I've been good thanks... Busy too... What've you been up to then? Been on any nice holidays?

  10. heeh thanks :)


    Spent the last few hours poking through the forum lol, so very tired right now though so not posted anything anywhere since Cap'n did it...

  11. I would but you've got private messages turned off :P

  12. Ah well you see that's because I'm secretive, I posted a pic on IRC the other day and got this response:


    I didn't know Klaynos pictures existed

  13. Very few of my friends are cute girls though :P lol

  14. That's ok, thought you needed a friend :)

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