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  1. i understand that, but isnt it possible to have motion without time? i would think that it would be somewhat like video. where we have 40 frames a second to make it appear that it is in motion, yet it is simply comprised of stills. of course it would be motion in the same sense of the word that is applicable in our universe.
  2. Wow ZolarV that is Brilliant and insightful. i am glad that you can share your breadth of knowledge by thinking outside of the box.
  3. Bravo, that was a wonderful concise explanation. You basically took several chapters in a physics textbook and extracted all of the relevant information for this post.
  4. oh ok, I just hit 30 today too, but im several days off of 10

    thank you

  5. is it possible to describe magnetic fields as a form of energy and that certain materials like bismuth are able to repel the energy. let me explain i have seen an experiment were a magnet was floating between 2 bismuth slugs that were separated by a conductor so that there was enough space to place a magnet between then. the magnet then floated, i would describe this as the energy produced by the magnet is repelled by the bismuth, both the north polarity and south polarity energy fields. other materials that are magnetic can absorb 1 of the polar energies.
  6. i think it would be mor interesting to view teleportation as a speed of light not faster, and increase the size/ mass of things ported
  7. energy really is the smallest particle, because if you were to look at E=mc^2 you can have an energy at a negligable mass at a negligable velocity. if you were to convert a tiny bit of energy into that mass, you then have your smallest particle
  8. hmm, i have no idea. but i definitely am excited to see the explanation
  9. I am quite new to being a memeber of this forum, and as of yet i do not fully understand some of the symbols and stuff,

    but i was wondering, why may i not post int he Politics forum?

  10. hmm, heres and idea lets just try it experiment: get a scale for weight, a cardboard box, and some balloons cut the cardboard box so it is a rectangular box shape with an open top and an closed bottom weigh the box now keeping the box on the scale fill several balloons with air and toss them into the box that is on the scale take a reading of of the scale, then calculate how much weight your balloons produced then calculate the projected weight of lets say 10,000 balloons filled with air research the approximate weight that will crack the ribs of a average man and check your 10,000 balloons weight value with this value this ofcourse discludes the effects of squeezing balloons, balloons breaking, air pressure inside the balloons.. and so forth this would be an (ideal) experiment
  11. is it possible that darkmatter is simply the projection of matter from a seperate dimension, and gravity projects itself into that other dimension. if this were true it would help the string theory(s) and it would explain the reactions between only darkmatter and gravity opps didnt see there was more than one page, sadly i did not read them b4 i posted
  12. Clarification,this post is posting to the first, original post. of course the chromosomes bands are going to look similar, almost every feature of man, or ape, is mirrored in ape, or man. we have 2 legs 2 feet 2 arms 2 hands; they have 2 legs 2 arm 2 feet 2 hands. if their bands did not look like ours they would not have features similar to ours. much like programing if you want something that looks similar but is different you apply the same code but edit it appropriately. this doesn't mean that the program,creature, is from a common ancestor; it simply means 1 bit of code only has 1 function.
  13. Somewhat, because both the earth and the moon are so large their gravitational fields affect eachother, this interference can easily be seen in tides for instance. The gravity of the mooon is strong enough to pull the tides to oneside or the other, this is seen as low tide and high tide. our earth has a similar effect on the moon, but there is no water or oceans to see such effects.
  14. You, sir are quite rude. you totally misunderstood and you totally discredit and undermined all of my past and future posts by merely suggesting that i do not have the intelligence to post such because i have not posted in multitude. please, this is a science forum, post objectively.
  15. i was about to post something on this topic, and I'm glad someone beat me to it. But i still have a question, I have heard that the explanation of the double slit experiment was the outcome of the photon going through both slits at the same time. That the Photon was in fact violating reality by either duplicating itself or halting time to adequately go through both slits.
  16. that the people opposing pioneer not be so offensive. Actually reread the original post, the current posts and understand that he has both given supporting evidence and points to his view. For instance "Inow" he has giving his supporting evidence to his original "Water although just H2O is the most complicated substance in nature with at least 63 anomalies relative " yet you still discredit it, frankly reading such is annoying. then you also discredit his evidence post, by asking for sources. from what i read this is not about sources... there is no plagiarism going on. now, i read these posts for both its informative data and to speculate, when possible in a field i feel comfortable with. If this is the type of response i get to any posts that i may write, i wont feel as though this sight is worth my time. basically, clean up your acts and start thinking lucidly. it killed half my post
  17. There are basically 2 things hindering research and finding in the field of biology. the first is the absolute scope of identifying literally billions upon billions of genes coupled with their functions. The second thing is the hindrances from ethics, government, and religious groups put upon research in these fields. for example if you want to research something on an animal you must do it humanely, something on humans and it must be ethical. If we did not have the boundaries of stem cell research we could potentially research a whole new field with millions of possible advances and outcomes, but religion gets in the way.
  18. wow, people still believe in a geocentric system?
  19. you simply start from the bottom, starting with stoichiometry. write out your beginning equation.. Fe(+3)Cl + H20 + HCL= (your product here) | (your product here) + (ammonium solution) = (your next product).. and so forth. god i loved stoich in chemistry >.>
  20. hmm. i would have to agree with YT2095.the lower balloons on the column would pop, and eventually kill the person underneath through the weight of the torn latex, rather than the combined weight of the balloons.
  21. thank you so much for the equation, iv been looking for it for quite some time. sadly its been quite a while and i will have to restudy up to fully understand the equation
  22. huh, LOL power capacity in space... something to think about. Nuclear power generation in space, both for turbine thrusters and in space cooling by placing the nuclear plant ont he skin of the ship
  23. is this a new concept? as i remeber atleast 10 years ago thinking to myself that the above could be possible
  24. i reciently heard that nasa was testing different types of magnetic shielding on spacecraft. i was wondering how would magnetics be used as a shielding mechanism, and how plausible even is the idea. if someone could direct me to a site where i could learn more, that would be very kind.
  25. id have to agree, the reporter definatly blew up the story. that and it appears that the reporter downplayed Higgs
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