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  1. I know we are along way off from being able to implant a cybernetic implant that increases our intrinsic abilites. but i do think that we do have the technology to start merging machine interface and feedback with biological interfaces. personally i would like to see/make it my self a robitic suit.. yea yea yea i know, another crackpot on robotic suits. but seriously, i have many many designs in my brain for such a suit and the only problem is power. i hypothesize using current technology we could infact make a miniature nuclear powercore. using a heat pump to cool the system. i have a rendered few schetches on the idea. on paper that is. I have another idea. this one is remenecient of Dr. Octavious. i think that if we were to add a mechanical arm to a human, our brain could in fact adapt and evolve to use the arm(s), via sending nerve impulses to the area where the man machine interface is, ie a silicon chip that translates nerve impulses to electrical pulses through wires to a cpu.
  2. "Q: Hi, I am 60 years old, and I have had hundreds of lucid dreams over the last 30 years. Often I transition into a lucid dream from an "ordinary" dream. Does your theory incorporate lucid dreams and attempt to account for their occurrence? Francis Louis Szot, Boca Raton, Florida A: We don't know how to incorporate lucid dreaming into our models. Lucid dreaming, which involves being aware of the fact that you're dreaming while you dream, appears to be a state between REM sleep and waking. Regions of the prefrontal cortex, which control logical reasoning and executive decision-making and which are normally turned off during REM sleep, appear to be turned back on. This allows some lucid dreamers to gain partial control over the events in their dreams. But whether this would actually impair the normally automatic processing of memories, or instead allow the dreamer to control the memories to be processed is totally unknown. Check back in five years!" http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/dreams/ask.html i have had more than a few lucid dreams and i have noticed that there are just some parts of the dream i cant acess. such as i may have had a dream about a room and what i did in the room, but when lucidity kicks in i tried to open the door, but i couldn't and was just reset back to the previous event to me opening the door. its kind of interesting that we have conciousness during sleep, i would think that we may with a lot of research be able to use the time spent in sleep gathering information. from like reading a book or something. i mean reality is simple just what data points we currently see/hear/feel/touch so i would imagine that during sleep when you know your sleeping you could inject your own data points for whatever you want.
  3. EWWW could you imagine just going to your garden and bending over and launching a explosive diareah all over the ground???!!! kinda like the penguins if you ever watched that nova special.
  4. Ok. how about a cybernetic arm that is used to increase the users strength. for use in military aplications where you need extreme mobility and strenght. Such as unloading extreemly heavy cargo from a transport truck i.e. tank rounds or tread repair equipment. how about a cybernetic leg that allowes increased speed(or strenght), that allowes the user to run really fast. it could be used in such examples of spying to sabatoge something.. of course you might cite the example of the exoskeleton, but that thing is pretty bulky. and requiring a power cord or you might say something about the isloated strength gene found in mice. but in that case the 1:1 ration (our ratio) proved to be best solution. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged i wouldn't agree more i have a library of about 200 books at home, all of which i have read........ twice... btw i dont have a life..
  5. READ??! Good sir, I am at a terrible loss as to question why anyone including you, would use such archaic means to aquire knowledge or entertainment when such visually stimulating media exists.
  6. what? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged yes i know, but i want to see it taken a step further where we have feedback from the automated things we control. and I am not just talking visual feedback either. Imagine it as having a robotic eye that can see the entire electromagnetic spectrum (preferably 1.0khz-18Ghz, then whatever frequencies x-ray, infrared and ultra-violet are) well i suppose that would just be visual feed back but you should understand my meaning.
  7. Following your example it would be quite logical to build attention via your stimuli. And only if you were injecting unprocessed signal I think that the video signal coming from the eyes goes to the visual cortex for processing then gets routed to other areas for review and memorizing. I would think that if you were transmitting the video feed to the brain. The transmitted signal could already be processed singnal and would not have to pass through the visual cortex for processing. And therefore could be a persistant visual feed that you are seeing aside from where you are seeing normally. aka the window thingy. I Personally think that our brain is much more capable of everything then what we believe it is. Cybernetics and Man-Machine interfaces seem so realistic. considering the brain has evolved to control our body with precision and does show exponential value in other areas such as memory. Does anyone what to try the above expironment i described above? i would volunteer as the test subject but unfortunatly, i cant. I have another expironment that would describe nerve signal translation into machine movement. similar to an amputee's leg except the subject doesnt have to be an amputee.
  8. i think the only real values you need to look at are "J 0023 = 1215 J 1853 = 5322 J 6242 = 3545 J 6709 = 5355 J 6519 = 1525 J 5362 = 5535 J 5264 = 4524" from these numbers you should get enough combinations to dicern the combination for the masterlist box All other values are insignificant
  9. i would have to disagree. yes it would take training to adequately use all the space allowed. BUT i don't think that removing your conscious focus from the visual FOV would make it become unfocused. rather i think it would continue to be focused and the window you are viewing would also be focused because it is in focus when it is being transmitted to you brain. Personally I believe our brain is much more capable of adapting to technology and things like this than what we realize. currently our brain has adapted to only using one Workspace because that is all it is able to do. it does not have a separate workspace to switch between. if you were to look how the brain sends and decodes information you may have the same opinion as me.
  10. another question would arise from your truly simplified and understandable example, one that i was initially trying to get at. Would you still be able to view the Window in Desktop 2 while viewing Desktop 1. i would equate this to driving (lol classic example from GITS SAC) while viewing, or talking, in desktop 2 in the window. And yes i am familiar with Linux, not your standard Linux either...
  11. hmm im not sure if i can render a drawing i may have to try that. but let me try to explain a bit better if i may. Everything you currently see through your eyes i am going to call Workspace A my question is whether or not if you were to watch a video feed from cyberspace, would what you are watching be visualized in Workspace A or would it be Visualized in Workspace B. workspace B being somewhere aside form Workspace A. you know when major sends a report on an avatar to ichkawa? you see that little ring thingy with her avatar speeking, well you see that through the characters Field of Vision in the show. what im asking is would that report be not in the characters Field of Vision but rather someplace else not affecting the Field of Vision.
  12. If any of you watch Ghost in the Shell, you will easily understand what i am talking about, if you don't i would advise either watching a few episodes, Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, or trying to dig deep. Ok, in the program there is a cyberspace connection between the persons mind and an avatar in cyberspace. my question is, if you were to be connected to a cyberspace and you were to be viewing lets say a video feed, would you see the video feed in a separate "workspace" aside from your vision? imagine your vision was similar to a desktop workspace, you can only have so many windows opened up. so i would assume that the video feed would be played similar to a memory where you view the video from a separate "workspace". There is a way to test this hypothesis too. You know how they have those machines and programs that are designed to read your brainwaves and translate them to movement of a cursor on a computer screen, or visualization of letters to type? well you could reverse the process. take a base reading on some simple pictures translate that base reading into a specific current to travel into the brain, and have the test subject view something different while the picture signal is being transmitted back into the brain. in regards to the memory you may wonder why it is fuzzy and how would our video feed not be fuzzy like the memory. i would say that the memory is fuzzy because we are generating it, where as the video feed is constant just like our vision. if this post does not fit here or would be better posted somewhere else please let me know as i want this idea to fully propagate this site.
  13. dell did supply a valid key. it is Microsoft's WGA program that screwed up. so the costumer support would be Microsoft not dell. anyways i got it fixed so, THANKS
  14. Im not sure how to grab your attention or properly describe this, but here it goes. THIS is one of the quirks of Ghost in a Shell: Stand Alone Complex. The show is a futuristic mystery and uhhh sherlok holmes'ish. seriously its really good but just check this episode out The show is really philosophical and every now and then it goes into great depth about some (seemingly) random topic. This particular one is about Self Awareness and God. i know this has little to do with politics, but it also has alot to do with politics too. its Episode 15 im going to try to find a link for it, but i do doubt that i will find one as it is somewhat of an older show.
  15. Of course it is, and its also really fun to manipulate data. almost irrisitable if you ask me. then agian i am in a certian airforce job....
  16. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to get passed a WGA on a WMP 11 i was going to try just a normal crack but no one is seeding anything for windows xp home... microsoft has come under the impression that my windows isn't genuine, hence the WGA problem, and now is forcing me to buy windows. My windows IS genuine.. my key is from Dell and i doubt that they fraud consumers. i have been using it for a long while wiht no problem.
  17. agreed. i read this post and got a good chuckle out of it.
  18. just imagine, what if the cheap cost the same amount of the high quality product. wouldn't more people buy the high quality product rather than the cheap one? its seems to me that given the choice people generally prefer a high quality, low impact product. as opposed to low quality high impact(environmentally) products.
  19. i was thinking a similar thought earlier today. i was thinking about the guy who brought the Bessemer process to America from England. one would think that he was greedy in the mindset that he brought the process over and build a entire corporation based upon it. but on the other hand you could think that he just had ambition and love for his family. in his family life he did it so he could make a good home for himself and his family along with his parents. so like you said greed is just one term for many things. in short --"i don't know". in a perfect world-- "i wouldn't have to" in reality-- "its just not going to happen" exactly my point. "Research has always needed a patron with a big purse. And development has always needed a company to pay to bring it to market." science if anything has been held back because it needs money to move forward. however you may say that is untrue due to companies wanting to make something for profits thus fueling new research. i suppose your right. looking at it, to me it looks like opinion but to others it could be viewed as fact. it could have been worded much better than what it was. Again your right, they are indeed sloppy and hasty. but i suppose that's what you get from some out of high school-er who hated English and never payed attention. cant wait till college though... another 5 years on my contract.. ^ not that that is any excuse for not doing the work completely, but still.
  20. well yea, i thought of that once i submitted my reply. but in my defense i was thinking of the WORLD as communist, not just one country surrounded by capitalists. but even then i would still say yes. in all honesty i would have to disagree. I don't think that Greed really produces that great of a result. if i lived in my society where i could do whatever i wanted without worrying about things like food, clothing or a home, i would have become a researcher and inventor. i LOVE science. i live and dream it. i cant take a stroll anywhere without wondering about why is that organism/inorganic material there, what is its purpose, how does it work, why does it work, how does it affect its surroundings, what would happen if it wasn't there. from my understanding in science, any great invention or law was not created by greed but rather lust for knowledge. if anything money dampens scientific advance. like i said before, if we were socialist we would have been to other planets by now. when i said that i did not mean just landing there as we did on the moon, but colonized it by now. i don't see any reason why we have not except money. I think your misunderstanding my link. they don't individually say that capitalist countries have starvation, rather they build on each other. One link describes which countries have hunger. Then CIA link describe which of those countries that do have Hunger are capitalist. CIA link is a cross reference of another link that just tells which countries are capitalist. Finally you have the Statistic link for how many deaths there were today from hunger induced Starvation. yes i do suppose that the statistic is not as accurate as i would like due to the fact it does not distinguish which countries people died from. but with the link that describes the countries that have hunger with %% you can predict where a death will occur and if it occurred in a capitalist country. honesty if i was a programmer i might actually go ahead and make a link doing such a thing. but I'm not. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged no i didn't. but i am not going to argue with you. so unless you post something useful i am going to just ignore your posts.
  21. Moontanman, I'm pretty sure we already figured out that i was talking about American capitalism and its effects, not the USA hence why i did not say USA. and i do have substantial evidence to support my claims.
  22. regarding the 3 dimensions, you could even make the game board selectable in slices to decide where to put your symbol, and to review the gameboard between player turns for strategy. the slices would be selectable via all three dimensions. for instance selecting a corner square, the game would ask wich slice you want, x-y-z axis would be the choices. i suppose the easiest way to describe it would be a traslusent rubix cube.
  23. actually when i said give. i meant GIVE. not trade. i really dont see any reason why i would sell it. yes we do, but we still have starvation in capitalism even with such programs. i do believe that i did say it would be better than capitalism IF the human element was eliminated. IE greed. without hunger you would not have starvation. it is in these countries that have hunger and malnutrition that the deaths from starvation occur. so saying hunger /= starvation is somewhat wrong in the sence that hunger leads to starvation and without hunger you do not have starvation http://www.worldometers.info/ "### - "People who died of hunger today"" your not taking into concideration the possibility of a working communist or socialist society. so your statement is inacurate.
  24. i would have to agree, one death is too many. Actually i was thinking that very question. "would a communist state provide its surplus to other countries?" i thought about this, and i would say yes. at least in my society it would. some of the fundamental principles of communism is based not on your country, religion, or race, but rather everyone is equal. so i would think this would be interpreted as such a state would give to anyone else. Capitalism does have the food, yes. but the reason why it is not getting distributed is because the person needing it doesn't have the money to buy it. because it is capitalism you need money to trade for goods such as food. otherwise it wouldn't be capitalism. i cant there never has been a true socialist or communist country. so there is no evidence showing that there would be no famine in such a country. however the socialist or communist ideals do clearly contend that there would be no famine in such a country because of how the food is distributed. but i posted before a few links on capitalistic countries and starvation. so i will post them again. http://library.thinkquest.org/C002291/high/present/where.htm http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_some_examples_of_capitalist_countries here is a country that has starvation and is capitalist https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/mx.html here is another country that is capitalist and has starvation https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/in.html
  25. if all of the chickens were to at once put all of their pressure up on the top of the truck via flying, it would make minimal difference. only if the door was open. if the door is open then the opposite pressure the chickens are exerting would leave via that rout and not put the same pressure on the bottom of the vehicle thus contradicting any sort of lift it has.
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