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  1. bang bang, politician is no more, i win ANARCHY!!!
  2. Acutally if you notice the trajectory curves slightly, in relation to gravity and a top heavy object. and the "Sudden" dissolving of the object, is in fact it running out of propellent to propell out of it. the object is still there but there is no illumination making it appear to dissolve. as for the round dissolving spiral. that is the fuel burning up.
  3. ydoaPs- got my vote for 2028, but wait what are you going to do about 2012?
  4. From my rocketeering experience, it does look like a rocket with a defect in either its nozzle or in its fuselage resulting in the expelling of fuel on consequent spiral formation. From what I see it appears that at the later stages of its trajectory that its instability resulted in its planeing out. Basically the centripetal force pulled the back end up to the same plane as the nose resulting in the large spiral disk. The blue/green color is/could be the result of the fuel. Most rockets have a sort of liquid fuel or a solid fuel depending on its purpose. For this matter I would assume liquid fuel because of the whole spiral thing. If it is a liquid fuel then it is also safe to assume that it could have a chemical in it that burns blue and is used as a catalyst for oxidation.
  5. that is probable if not impossible when possible is in question. I bet i know what causes those square crater formationsss! (drum roll) (still drum roll) ALIENS! with square instead of saucer shaped craft! assuredly anyone with 4 eyes can see this! look at all the blast remnants of dirt and other ores that have fuzzed together. look they even drilled into the earths crust, possibly planting their EVIL ALIEN EGGS in some sort of nest!
  6. its not technically trolling, but you don't seem to provide anything useful in your posts so far. like i said before you seem to just attack specific wording and such, you call for evidence and cite none yourself. when i do provide evidence you dismiss it and attack something else.

  7. ANARCHY YHCRANA!!!!!! YHCRANA!!!! bang bang i win
  8. yes, exactly it was more of a question that i did not have an answer to rather than I'm challenging your conceptions of evolution. yea, I know they do but i have not seen them so i could not say that in my initial post. no change would still evident in a statistical analysis. was there some way that my OP was misconstrued as challenging rather than questioning?
  9. i did not say it began to adapt, nor did i mention that it should start adapting by that time i was referring to the amount of data points you could acquire from human jaw bones between the present and 3,000 years back and what you could do with them. you say there is no evidence? i give you human skull from a murdered dude last week, a human skull from medieval graveyards, a human skull from Egyptian Pharaohs, A human skull from Phonecian grave yards, a human skull from Greek graveyards, and so on. from all of these you could measure and collect jaw bone data and model it. you may actually be able to see differences within the 3,000 year time frame and you could model human jaw bones from previous times where there are no remains. from the jaw bone, both real and modeled you could collect varying types of data, such as what types of food they ate.
  10. why do i assume large carcasses? because small animals would not provide enough sustanance for a community of humans. hence why humans hunted elephants, deer, buffalo and many other large animals. what does that have anything to do with data collected over a timespan of 3000 years about the human jaw? again we are not talking about tools, or for that matter food either. we are talking about the human jaw. (period) maybe i should considering thats what you have done on my last few threads. you dont provide any evidence, you attack specific wording and you lead topics into rabbit holes. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged see? thats what i was talking about. thank god someone can actually read a thread to discern the question and post pertinant information on said topic.
  11. Wow, i think you are completely missing the point to this article. and yes you are wrong, you can use statistical analysis with 60000 datapoints over 3000 years to model the human jaw evolution. no we are not talking about neanderthals, no we are not talking aobut tools. get over it post something useful for a change, instead of just trolling
  12. Your Fifty? really? and you were in the RAF since you were 18? did you also fight in WW2 under Churchill? did you single handedly kill hitler with your own 2 fingers? my oh my you are interesting!
  13. Really? is it really wrong?? i wonder just how we could use 60,000+ data points over a collective period of 3,00 years to do a statistical analysis of the human jaw bone and its wrong? really? statistical analysis is wrong? all that i was taught in math is dead wrong? wow. i wish i knew what you think. again this is so far off topic that im not going to even acknowledge it. were talking about the human jawbone of Homo Sapien. and using the data points over 3000 years just how has it evolved. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged 1.) were talking about Homo Sapien, not Neanderthal. 2.) we are not discussing the creation and implimentation of tools. 3.) this post is about analyzing the human jaw bones evolution over the past 3,000 years, because of tool use it has its form and function specialized.
  14. Do we have evidence of said tools? How can we be sure that they are dated correctly and are associated with Homo Sapiens? and no i don't go around gnawing raw meat off of a bone. rather i was assuming that the human jaw is incapable of such action via evidence that ripping flesh from sinew does in fact dislodge human teeth from the jaw bone. Evidence supporting my claim "my dad had a tooth ripped out by eating a sandwich made from dense bread" that dense bread took less force to rip than it would to rend flesh from sinew and bone, thus it is safe to assume that rending flesh from bone and sinew would cause teeth to be ripped out of the human jawbone. + even in your argument your supporting my claim that indeed the human jawbone was meant to eat cultivated and cut(processed) foods you say super sharp tools, i take it your referring to obsidian implements? if so, then to counter that argument aside from dated items, i would suggest looking at the geological record of eruptions and volcanic activity. what about the humans that evolved away from volcanic activity and had no means to acquire super sharp obsidian? i wouldn't think shale being more common would make anything close to a sharp implement because of it fragility. Besides this, if anything, is off topic, i was simply implying that we could put a date on a certain time period where our jaw evolved into our current jaw.
  15. exactly, if we were to go around eating carrion then we would have an increased immunity to bacterial infections. however the human body does not posses the immunities to eat carrion. therefore we would not have eaten carrion, unless it was cooked first. bringing us back to the original statement "it would seem to me that our jaw (currently, and from jaw bones i have seen from roman and pre-roman eras) is designed to chew/eat foods that have been cultivated and cut with tools"
  16. Not necessarily, monkeys and apes have enlarged canine's which give the animal the ability to rend and tear flesh from bone and sinews. if we were to attempt the same type of action we would rip our teeth out.
  17. At what point during mans evolution did his jaw change? it would seem to me that our jaw (currently, and from jaw bones i have seen from roman and pre-roman eras) is designed to chew/eat foods that have been cultivated and cut with tools. Also having 2,500 years worth of data points to chart the evolution of the human jaw bone i would think that it should be pretty easy to define what ~year the jaw bone had teeth that were useful in non cultivated and/or cut foods.
  18. I would think that one of the main reasons as to why gay marriage is such a large issue would have to stem from a biological stand point and mans ability to suppress natural instinct. For millions of years mans natural instinct dictated to him that he should have sex with a/multiple woman and produce offspring. eventually in man's history he began to question his existence and formed religion. religion eventually condoned multiple females mated with one male, and sanctioned a 1:1 ratio. and thus marriage came about. after countless years mans ability to suppress his natural instincts has lead to gay marriages. However this gay marriage goes against the formed religion and goes against natural instincts.
  19. there is a fundamental problem with that idea you have using the spy video feed and a remote control. it neither tells us if the video feed has the possibility to be in a separate "window" than the one where our vision is at. nor does it add to intrinsic abilities as it replaces the eyesight of one eye with the cameras.
  20. i think im going to check thos books out. May hap perhaps i should.
  21. You know, if it was theoretically possible to travel back in time. Then my paradox is if you can in the future why haven't you come to the past to do anything or tell anyone? you may wonder just why would someone come to the past and how would know. but if someone from the future did come to the past why would they speak our language or look like us, in fact i dont think they would, so they would be very identifiable persons wondering around. basing my opinion on this paradox and logic i conclude that it is not possible to travel back in time. also on another note, i dont personally believe time is even a force that has anything to do with physics. ie, its not a force but a philosophical ideology created by humans to organize events.
  22. but how about distributing that technology to increase the abilites of non handicapped people, there by increasing their productivity? so i was reading the "Are dreams reality" in the medical science forum. and i think a slight comment on that subject could be inserted to this topic. -quoted from Zolar V- I" have had more than a few lucid dreams and i have noticed that there are just some parts of the dream i cant acess. such as i may have had a dream about a room and what i did in the room, but when lucidity kicks in i tried to open the door, but i couldn't and was just reset back to the previous event to me opening the door. " when i would try to open the door, things would get staticy or fuzzy. "its kind of interesting that we have conciousness during sleep, i would think that we may with a lot of research be able to use the time spent in sleep gathering information. from like reading a book or something. i mean reality is simple. it constitutes data points we currently see/hear/feel/touch to determine its current state(reality) so i would imagine that during sleep when you know your sleeping you could inject your own data points for whatever you want." you could inject your own data points, ie our Video Feed, to do something productive or entertaining.
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