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  1. You know I pay attention to the details of animal behavior and interaction with other animals...and that includes Humans. If some people took the time and observed...they would soon realise that most mammals have very little in difference to people as far as various emotions, needs, desires and even to a point...hopes. Now I am very much aware of this and because of it...when I Hunt...I do my utmost to Kill quickly and cleanly. A suffering animal is EXTREMELY distasteful to me and I would have words with any Hunter or person that was not proficient enough a Hunter to kill in a humane manner. Now does my knowledge of animal behavior which shows me how connected all life is on this Planet make me feel as if what I am doing...Hunting...seem immoral? ABSOLUTELY NOT. People have done themselves a disservise by disconnecting themselves from the natural world as well as believing themselves to be something they are not. Humans are the top predator...top of the food chain. We have several million years of evolution to thank for this and because we are at the top...which allowed Humans to hunt and kill any animal and eat large quantities of protein...this protein consumption is responsible for the evolutionary development of a large and complex brain. If Humans had not become omniverous and had just ate plant matter we would not have the intelligence to create the technology, concepts, machinery and products that we take for granted and which makes our lives much easier and enjoyable than spending 18 hours a day foraging plants for food and the other 6 hours hoping we wouldn't become food for another animal. Contrary to the belief of some...Human Beings are the ULTIMATE Killing Machines. NO other animal can out run a Human over distance. Once Humans became Bi-Pedal...to allow us to Hunt better as well as sight predators on the grassy African savannahs...by evolution we developed the most efficient energy storage and utilization capability on the Planet. A Human Being when running uses less energy to the ratio of outputted force...ie...we burn stored body fat and convert it to energy in a super efficient energy conserving way...as well as utilize this energy to perform locomotion in a ratio of higher efficiency than any other animal on Earth. Add to this the advent of tools...and you get a Top Predator that can run all day and night on zero to little caloric intake which no other animal on Earth can match. Then a Human can kill animals much larger and stronger due to our strategies, tactics and weapons. All of this...our Brains...our endurance...even walking on two feet...comes from the consumption of Animal Flesh. If we had never hunted...we would probably be swinging in the trees. Split Infinity
  2. I did not just makeup the Strong Force of Gravity theory nor do I really agree with the way that term is used. First of all...although Gravity is labeled the weak Force and the term Force of Gravity is used...Gravity is NOT A FORCE. A Force is defined by the Interaction of Quantum Fields. This is so for Magnetism and Electromagnetism...Kinetic Energy Transfer...but in the case of Gravity...it is an Expression of One Dimensionality. There is absolutely ZERO Quantum Field Interaction in Gravitational Effect. And if I were you I wouldn't use the LHC or those working on it or with it as an example of Intelligence of Physicists and Engineers as a Multimillion Euro Baguette Error has quite possibly made them the Poster Boy's of Incompetence. So as for your statement about shooting beer cans...nothing they would do would surprise me. I also think it's extremely funny that you would use the words...anecdotal evidence...as it applies to Astronauts detailing out the existence of E.T. Unreal. Split Infinity
  3. If you took notice...I stated an Element with an Atomic Number AROUND 115. There are at least 4 known isotopes of 115 and more are theorized to exist. I will admit to using an improper association as it pertains to using AROUND 115...as this is the Atomic Number and is not associated with Atomic Mass which details Proton and Neutron totals in an average to all Isotopse....but the sentiment was there in that the actual isotopse is currently unknown. Also...knowledge of the Periodic table is more specific to Chemistry so your observation as far as my statement obout my understanding of Physics is moot. The thing about my posting about E.T. and whatever knowledge that I might have specific to it...is based upon a Reality. If you feel there is no evidence to support the existence of E.T...perhaps you should watch the videos that document the interviews of Astronauts such as Mitchell, Gordan Cooper and many others. These Astronauts are Men that have absolutely EVERYTHING to loose and NOTHING to gain by speaking out and confirming the existence of E.T. as well as their statements detailing involvement of various U.S. Agencies and Groups as it pertains to E.T. I would think YOU would have a hard time discrediting the testimony of these Men...these Astronauts. Then again perhaps you prefer to live in the dark with your head in the sand. Split Infinity
  4. You seem to LOVE to label posts as garbage or make other other derogatory statements but yet you seem to refuse to specify what exactly you object to and why. As far as this last post is concerned...is it the concept of UFT or perhaps the statement about the amount of Antimatter in the Universe? Perhaps you could state an intelligent objection? Split Infinity
  5. Uh...I NEVER defended, posted, referenced or even thought about talking about Superluminal ANYTHING. This just shows me how little attention you have paid to what is posted here as well as your ability to make assumptions about members. Split Infinity Also...as far as any craft that would be Interstellar in it's nature...any form of propulsion would mean it would take extremely long periods of time to traverse the vast distances involved. The logical solve to this is to Fold Space/Time. To be able to Warp or Fold Space/Time to the extent needed to make Interstellar travel viable specifically to travel between solar Systems in a timely fashion...a very large amount of Energy would have to be created and directionally focused to represent Mass as the Particles in an Atomic Nucleus that account for Mass...Protons and Neutrons...are completely comprised of Quantum particle/wave Forms. Thus if one understood the UFT or Unified Field Theory...Matter and Energy would be and are interchangeable. Since there is not enough Antimatter in our Universe to generate the needed energy to represent Mass to Fold Space/Time sufficiently for this method of Travel...an Element with an Atomic Number not currently on the Periodic Table with an Atomic Number of around 115 when used as a source of Matter in a Matter/Antimatter reaction...Element 115 is said to generate what is the little known effect called the Strong Force of Gravity. This Strong Force is specific to the creation of a Multiversal Energy Cascade which is a result of 115 interacting with Antimatter and causing Energy Generaton in many Divergent Universal States connected to our Universal Reality....thus Energy Generation is multiplied many times and as it is focused Warping or the Folding of Space/Time allows a Craft to Jump in a One Dimensional Expression of extreme Gravitic Effect. Basically...the craft FALLS from point A to point B without any constraint of Time or Distance as all points of position are the same point One Dimensionally. This allows travel without propulsion as well as without issues such as Inertia. Split Infinity
  6. The United States Military is in the process of the planning and installation of the Free Electron Laser Defense System which at first will be installed on all U.S. Carriers starting with the new Gerald R. Ford and J.F.K. as well as this Laser will be installed on all Aegis Cruisers. This Laser is not effected by atmosphere and on Carriers will use a Networked Supercomputing Target and Acquisioning system as well as be supplied power by the carriers 2 A1B Nuclear Reactors which will allow the Laser sufficient power to vaporize any target in Air, Space, Land or Sea. Discover Magazine has reported that this Nuclear Reactor power supplied Free Electron Laser can vaporize a hole through 1000 feet of Solid Steel in very short time. Recently it has been whispered that China and Russia have becomed very alarmed at this Laser System's capabilities as it would represent overwhealming capabilitiies. Split Infinity
  7. This example does NOT detail a One Dimensional State. In fact it is not possible to have the dimensionality and particle/wave forms shown here One Dimensionally. One Dimensionality or Singularity means that there is only one point of position and thus Matter, Energy and Time cannot exist. Split Infinity
  8. The Math shows us what can or cannot exist in specific dimensionality. If we look at Quantum Chromodynamics and see the bonding specific to Hadrons as well as other Quantum Mechanics interconnectivity....it is very hard if not impossible to represent a Universal Reality that consists of One Quantum Particle/Wave Form. Split Infinity
  9. Here is the problem. We know that Quanta and Quantum Physics in general is most likely specific to a larger system and even for Quanta to even exist....as well as Particle/Wave Form ability and Quantum Particle/ave Form interconnectivity and transference....a Universal reality in which more than One Particle/Wave Form must exist. This is why I can't see how this model will work. Split Infinity One Dimensionality or Singularity will not allow Matter or Energy to exist. Thus Quanta cannot exist one dimensionaly nor can a string or Stringlet. Split Infinity
  10. Now you are talking about minimum 10 or 11 Dimensional Space/Time Geometry. How does this jive with your model? Split Infinity
  11. LOL! Your Killing me! LOL! Not trying to bust you but how can this Particle/Wave Form even EXIST in your model? Split Infinity
  12. So again...what am I looking at here for Universal Space/Time Geometry? Split Infinity
  13. If Quanta exist...thus Particle and Wave as well as the Space/Time Geometry to necessitate frequency. Split Infinity
  14. i do not believe that Linear Time could even exist in such a Universal Construct. Split Infinity
  15. Tell me this just to reaffirm....what is the Space/Time dimensionality of this model? Split Infinity I am having a hard time accepting a One Quantum Particle/Wave Form Universe as I am fairly certain this is not possible. Split Infinity
  16. Question again...since Quantum Particle/Wave Forms cannot exist in 1, 2,3,4, and probably more Universal Dimentionality...how can your model work? Split Infinity
  17. Question...since you are detailing your model using geometry that is specific to our Space/Time Universal understanding...your detailed Universe and it's geometry must be created or generated by the existence of some Quanta that would be responsible for mass...no? Split Infinity
  18. Wow! You have embarrased yourself to a greater degree than I could have imagined. Here's the thing...if you make a statment and can back it up...I will have respect for it and you. If you can't...as it is obvious this is the case here...you just look ignorant...and worse.... Split Infinity
  19. So...AC...I would just LOVE...for you to tell me using some proof of Physics...what it is exactly that you are stating is crackpot idiocy as far as the statement you have quoted that I was the author of? Since I am fairy good at the Physics of our Universal Space/Time Geometry as well as understanding some of Quantum Mechanics...you had better bring your A game...that is if you do not wish to be embarassed. Split Infinity
  20. Your first statement...which assumes that a airborn craft was not observed...is a statement not based in logic as just because it is impossible for an airborn craft to move at such speeds, acceleration and changing directions using a form of propulsion as well as it being impossible for a craft to do this in our atmosphere without burning up...does not mean an airborn craft could not exist or be viewed moving in such a manner if it was using a Gravitic Drive thus it would be observed by position to be in our atmosphere but infact it would be traveling out of normal Space/Time without the hinderance of inertia or the friction of atmosphere. Fusion can be observed in a Lab...just for not very long. LOL! As far as why we know Fusion exists in Stars...that is what a Spectrometer is for! I would have to say...if you are going to post replies such as these and call them reasons specific to debunk my posts....you had better try harder. Split Infinity
  21. At a distance of 13.4 Billion Light Years is the WMAP...a wall of Microwave Radiation that is just 379,000 light years from the Big Bang. Beyond the WMAP is a sea of super heated plasma which impedes lights progress. Thus we can see to the very edge of our Universe as our Universe appears to be FINITE. It also appears to be flat in it's shape as well as one can go to the NASA website that allows a person to see a 3-D mapping of all the Galaxies in our Universe and when you look at this you can see how Galaxies are distributed throughout our Universe in filaments that give us a picture of the supposed distrabution of Dark Matter. Our Universal Reality is Finite...but a Multiversal System would be INFINITE. Split Infinity
  22. We have only the smallest...but useful...amount of leverage as it applies to influencing a specific race...but a significant race...of E.T. Some here have asked to keep this debate scientific in it's nature. Well...let's examime that request as well as look at what defines the use of the Scientific Method. The Scientific Method is specific to first form a hypothesis that is derived from data collected by Observation, Association, Calculation, Deduction and Determination of Logic. After this a Theory maybe formulated using Experimentation and Data Association which allows one to develop a Theory based on a logical premise. Once a Theory....if data presents itself repeatedly through experimentation or determination to the point that a form of Application...be that application the result of an experiment or act...such as everytime a person boils water using applied heat or an decrease in atmospheric preasure...the result is liquid water changing it's state to water vapor. Using a closed system we see how 100% of the water boiled off returns as liquid water as it is condensed thus we know that the original Theory...adding heat or preasure to liquid water only changes waters STATE...and it DOES NOT change H2O into seperate gases of Hydrogen and Oxygen but rather applied heat or a decrease in Atm. Pressure ONLY changes the state of liquid H2O into Water Vapor....as all that is happening is the Water Molecules are being forced farther apart....once a Theory is proved repeatedly as this example has been.....it becomes a FACT. Now let's apply the Scientific Method to the Hypothesis we developed as a combination of huge numbers of reported visual sightings of Airborn Craft that exhibited flight characteristics that are IMPOSSIBLE using a form of Propulsion as well as impossible in our Atmosphere without burning up or breaking up. Many eye witnesses, videos, Government Documentation, Astronaut and Cosmonaut testimony and even a publication given to all Fire and Police Depts. in the United States by FEMA that describes and details how First Responders are to act and properly respond in the event of encountering by their responce a Alien Craft crash site as well as how this publication details how First Responders must protect themselves as well as the public by taking into account such a downed crafts possible Radiation threat as well as how to contain and limit possible Biological Hazzards inherent to such events. Even if we only had the eye witnesses...it would be easy to formulate a working Theory as far as the existence of E.T. Earlier I posted about how during the early 1950's and again in the early 1960's there were massive E.T. flyovers of Washington DC. There are hundreds of documented by News Papers and other media news groups...interviews of high ranking members of the U.S. Military, Government, Police and Fire officials, Civil Defense and even members of the Joint Chiefs who upon being interviewed stated to the public...Not to worry as the daily overflying craft that could not be downed by U.S. Jet Fighters...WERE NOT SOVIET! Evidentally....the general population of the U.S. was in a state of panic thinking that Soviet Aircraft were and could flyover Washington DC uncontested and there was nothing the U.S. Military could do about it. The Newspapers in the U.S. and especially from the DC area ran headlines such as...Military Brass..."They're Not Russian!" People were much less alarmed being told by the Government and Military that..."Yes...we cannot shoot them down but there is nothing to fear as they are not Soviet Aircraft." All this is well documented in both old Newspaper headlines, TV transcripts and a variety of certain officials memoirs Now given all this data...a person using the Scientific Method would have MORE than enough reason using logic to create a strong Theory that would NOT be using the existence of E.T. as a possibility of conclusion to this Theory...but rather there is more than enough data for the creation of Theories using E.T.'s existence as a reality of fact to ask questions of why, how and where such entities are going, from or doing. In a court of law such verifiable evidence such as eye witnesses, Government and other Officials documentation and of course...what would present as strong as proof of whether ANYTHING existed as to the U.S. Military performing Military actions specific to any reality or entities ongoing actions over U.S. Airspace? Split Infinity
  23. I have to say that the number of claimed Abductions by E.T.'s claimed by people is a rediculously high number. The number of people claiming to have been abducted boarders on almost ZERO% Probability as given the number of people and the dates and approx. time spend aboard E.T. craft as well as if one were to take the single highest number of claimed abductions within a specific year it would be almost IMPOSSIBLE that a VERY LARGE NUMBER of people would have witnessed at least some of these claimed E.T. crafts abducting people. In some cases a single city in one specific week had over 400 claimed abductions. Since this was a large city...Chicago and the immediate surrounding area...the numbers show it would be close to 60 abductions a week...averaging over 9 abductions a NIGHT...as all claimed to have been abducted at night...and over 95% claimed to have been abducted between the hours of 9pm and 3am...thus 1.5 abduction an HOUR...in a major city...of MILLIONS of people. There is NO WAY that if this actually happened that a HUGE number of people would not have witnessed most of these claimed abductions. This is not to say that abductions do not occur...they do...but nowhere in the same or even close numbers claimed and definitely not in a major city. The problem is that because many people need the attention given to abductees...the actual abductees who are very few in number...find that their claims fall on deaf ears. I know this is not giving any proof but I will put it out there anyways. Of the things I know it was made known to me that both NASA as well as the U.S. Agency who's name is unknown to me and this agency is tasked with handeling ANYTHING related to E.T....that both these entities are aware of more than several races of E.T.'s. I was also made aware that by agreement or treaty...which supposedly took more than two decades...and the inability to form this treaty due to complications of understanding as well as the U.S. REFUSAL to give up either E.T. craft wreakage or E.T. bodies...that the Washington DC Mass Flyovers by E.T. craft in the late 1950's and late 1960"s were a result of this failure to come to an agreement. Although I am just guessing about this next statement...I believe that the U.S. Military and Civilian groups that dealt with this issue purposely dragged their feet in pretending to not understand the E.T. attempts at communication as there was no desire to give back or loose any E.T. Technology or Biologics. After a treaty was agreed upon...the U.S. Agencies were able to gain a very small amount of leverage as even though we had no ability to stop them if they really desired to get their property back...it has been said for them to do so would have been..Too Overt. Because of this small amount of leverage gained we were able to limit but not stop abductions as a much lower number was agreed upon as well as we were able to cease any abductions were the subject was never returned. Although this seems like a deal with the Devil...given our complete and total inability to do ANYTHING about it previously...the deal is considered a WIN. One other point was supposedly agreed upon and I was told that in exchange for specific cooperation...and I believe some of it is specific to not coming near Underwater E.T. Bases with our Navy...this specific E.T. race agreed to fend off when able several specific E.T. races know to them that place zero value upon Human Life as abductees supposedly suffered terribly as well as their children for many years and in some cases were used for horrific purposes such as a Lab Rat would be. Split Infinity
  24. I don't believe you are quite getting it. Contrary to what most people have been taught...as well as certain terminology that labels Gravity as the Weak Force...Gravity is not actually a Force at all. Gravity is Space/Time Geometry or an Expression of One Dimensionality. A Force is specific to Quantum Field Interaction. Thus we have Magnetic and Electromagnetic Force...as Electron Orbital Field Interaction either Attracts or Repels specific Matter and Energy. Then there is Kinetic Force...as the Electron Orbital Fields repel each other as two objects come into contact. Then there is an entire host of Chemical Reaction propulsion and again...Electron Orbital Fields are involved as this is a Kinetic Energy Transfer. Everything we know that places Matter in motion is a Force EXCEPT Gravity. Gravitational Effect requires ZERO interaction of Quantum Fields. Thus GRAVITY is an EFFECT. The Effect of Gravity and how great the Warping of Space/Time which caused Matter to attract to other Matter....is dependent upon the Quantity of Mass present. So the greater the Mass...the Greater the Gravitational Effect...thus the Greater the Warping of Space/Time...and the Greater the Expression of One Dimensionality. As far as Black Holes are concerned...since they create a Singularity which is One Dimensionality and this causes a rift within our Universal Space/Time Geometry....conventional explainations for what is occuring are not only difficult but so far impossible. The nearer to ANY Gravity Well...the Greater the Effect of Gravity. The Greater the amount of Mass...the Greater the Gravitational effect as well. Split Infinity
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