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  1. Again...I am not the one that created the 1000 feet example. As far as optics...I have stated several times that standard mirror optics would be vaporized upon contact and what will be used is Multi-Compound Prisms similar to an Insects compound eyes. The heat problem is a big one but as far as I know this has been over come...I admit I have absolutely no idea how they did this. When one looks at the history of High Tech. U.S. Military programs...there exists a level of information specific for the public and another specific for those involved with such programs. History has shown many times that what is public is very often no where near the reality of what is secret. Split Infinity
  2. What I am saying is that Spin Angular Momentum is NOT specific to frequency. Photon frequency does create Photon Momentum but not at rest as this is not possible...only at c. Split Infinity
  3. OK...not to be a kill joy here but we can only represent such things as 2-D, 3-D and 4-D. Reality is a bit more complex than the representations. At a young age we are taught...INCORRECTLY...that 2-D is lines or a picture on a piece of paper. We are taught that 1-D is a single dot drawn on a paper...3-D is an object...lets use a Baseball...and the only complex notion such as the teaching that true 2-D would be looking at something like a piece of paper with a picture on it and as the paper is turned so that the edge is pointed at our eyes...we would see nothing as it would not exist. The RWALITY is every single one of these representations is absolutely 100% INCORRECT. The reality is that 2-D or Two Dimensional Reality...would not allow for something like a flat piece of paper with a picture when turned on edge no longer exists...the reason being...2-D is not enough dimensionality for Matter or Energy to exist...thus no flat surface of ANYTHING...no picture and not even light bouncing off it so you could see it. 1-D would be a Singularity thus a Universe unto itself where there would be NOTHING except a single point of existance that would not allow anything tangible matter or energy to remain. 3-D...still is not enough dimensionality to allow either Atoms or Protons or Neutrons or Quantum Particles such as Light or Photons to exist. 4-D...could not even allow for time as where there is no Matter or Energy...there cannot be time as 4 dimensional states are not even enough for Photons and Electron to act as both Particle and Wave. So although such a Game Cube may be good for increasing a persons geometric awareness...it CANNOT represent the Dimensionality you state. Split Infinity
  4. The ability of your statement to hold water depends upon whether the Geometric Model and equasion specific to such geometry giving allowances for endless expansion. Not only is there not enough of a knowledge base to make this assumption...but by it's very nature it is in conflict with Energy Concervation. There is NO WAY...that any model that details endless Universal Expansion without detail of Universal Contraction...be it reversal of both effect and specific directional travel or Universal Contraction specific to a Geometricaly Closed System of Return...is going to be a proven reality or a logical or mathematically sound Natural Law of our Universal Reality. It is logical to assume that for every WHITE HOLE...AKA...The Big Bang...there will be a Black Hole associated to it. It is NOT LOGICAL TO ASSUME...that Universal Space/Time Dimensionality will exist or retain the same dimensionality that it has when Galactic Existence and position is in it's current state as opposed to when Dark Energy accelerates it so great in distance from both the point of origin as well as the distance from other Galaxies. Split Infinity
  5. What you see in his eyes is just a reflection of either someone standing with the camera...which is what I am guessing...or perhaps a camera stand as when lights are shined at a person when filming video...anything standing infront of that person where the lighting is behind the camera man or camera stand...so that the area directly facing the person is dark in shadow but all around him or it is light...you are going to get and be able to see EXACTLY what you see in this video. Try it at home by placing a lamp with a 100 watt bulb without a shade behind a person taping you or stack a few boxes and place the camera on top and the light just behind it. I promise you...you will get the same effect. People have to be careful in that they do not become over zealous as far as wanting to believe or be associated to in some way...E.T. All that happens when outragious claims are stated with no proof...is the mainstream just moves farther away and labels ANYONE that might discuss the E.T. issue as KOOKS! Split Infinity
  6. Ahhh! My FAVORITE words that the Religious cannot seem to understand have VASTLY DIFFERENT MEANINGS! Those words being...TRUTH...AND...FACT. A person can say...It is a TRUTH that GOD exists. But they cannot say...It is a FACT that GOD exists. A TRUTH is not a FACT. A Truth is subjective and is specific to what a person believes to be a truth. A FACT is a FACT and will always remain so...ifit does not...then it was never a FACT and should have never been labeled as a FACT. Although I respect the right of a person to believe what they will...I cannot respect a person that makes a point to force their ideals and faith upon others especially after a person tells them...NO THANK YOU. Many times I have been presented with so called evidence that some will label as the TRUTH in an attempt to prove the existance of a GOD or presented with TRUTHS to evangalise their religion. This bugs me to no end. Since I am a person of logic and reason I once had a very funny meeting with two very well dresses people...a Man and Woman who rang my door bell at 8:45 am in the morning. Since I am a touring musician and even when not touring I will be at my Recording Studio working late into the night and early morning...that day...about 6 am in the morning and I had just fell asleep and had had a few too many that night. These two people started saying this and asking that and as I attempted to focus my very blurry eyes and attempt from falling over as I was still drunk...I asked them...HEY! You two believe that...what...440,000 of you will be taken up in the Rapture..right? They said yes and kept talking. I interupted them and said...your religion...it has what...5 or 6 MILLION members? They said VERY proudly...YES! We are all doing a good job spreading the word! I then smiled at them and said...Well...I guess you guy's are going to have to draw straws or something! I mean...6 Million of you...only 440,000 seats on the Heaven Train...I guess you guy's are probably not going to make it? I mean...what are the odds you will get to Heaven? ONE IN ABOUT THIRTEEN? LOL!!!! They got quiet...they got pale at first and then BEET RED! Then I added...but hey...look at the bright side...at least HELL will have plenty of room for you waiting. Funny but for some reason...I no longer get people coming to my house carrying books and panflets. LOL! Split Infinity
  7. So just to clarify things here. Are you objecting to my simplistic statement concerning Spin Angular Momentum as I just stated...SPIN...as I didn't want to go into vast detail at the time...or...are you objecting to my statement that Photons obtain Momentum due to their velocity at 186,282 miles per second? Split Infinity
  8. Perhaps...but one thing is for certain...Universal Expansion would not be accelerating. Split Infinity
  9. Mike....after reading your thoughts again I found a few things I liked as well as have considered myself. As you use the rules specific to...If it can it will...there is no reason for it to or not...etc...which I agree with whole heartedly. I especially connect with CONSCIOUSNESS being a part as far as what is intrinsic to Universal Reality and in my thoughts....intrinsic to Universal Grouping specific to a Multiversal System in that within such a system...there would exist Infinite Universal Groups each group containing Infinite Divergent Universal Realities. Each specific Universal Grouping would have it's own Natural Laws or Physics that are specific to all Infinite Divergent Universal Realities within that Universal Group but ONLY SPECIFIC to that One Universal Grouping and no others of the Infinite in number Universal Groupings. All other UniversalGroups would have there own Natural Laws and some so alien in their construct that the Human Mind could neither understand them or even relate or dream of them. Now our Universal Grouping containing our Universal Reality I believe has CONSCIOUSNESS as both intrinsic to it's construct as well as CONSCIOUSNESS being a Natural End Result that occurs by a term I use in my Theory....QUANTUM EVOLUTON. Quantum Evolution is a very real process by which Quanta will EVOLVE using various Natural Universal Mechanisms such as Fusion which converts Hydrogen into a more complex Element that is Helium as the process of Fusion exists in Stars. As well Heavier Elements were created by the process of Supernova as agan...a Quantum Evolutionary Process is using Universal Mechanisms to continue to arrange Matter into greater and greater complexity. This continual drive toward Complexity continues with a Mechanism that is Chemistry as Chemical Reaction creates Molecular Structures and finally...when such Universal Mechanisms such as the Chemical Reactions and Enviromental Conditions that existed upon Earth as well as I am certain untold Trillions upon Trillions of other Planets, Moons and other Celestial Bodies throughout our Universe...such chemistry and condition caused another forward step in Quantum Complexity as occured GENESIS thus the creation of a vast complex Molecular Structure known as DNA and LIFE. It is possible that DNA is but one base molecule construct necessary for LIFE and there are most likely many other such LIFE giving Molecular Constructs. Even still...Quantum Evolution continues and we get the mechanism that is BIOLOGICAL EVOLUTION...at this point a single celled organism will evolve into lifeforms of multicellular design and eventually evolve a BRAIN and thus CONSCIOUSNESS. Split Infinity
  10. When it comes to the FEL deployment...CVN-78 Gerald R. Ford and CVN-79 J.F.K. will have a limited FEL system at first. CVN-80 Enterpise is planned to have the end result design installed so yes...there will be a time lag. Split Infinity The 100o feet claim is a theoretical one given by Discover Magazine...not me...but it is possible given proper energy requirements are filled. Split Infinity I posted the theoretical power requirements earlier in this post. Split Infinity
  11. OK...you and I have had another misunderstanding AGAIN. And after reading both our posts...it seems as if both of us are responsible. As far as the Big Bang being responsible for Universal Expansion...sure...I can see this...to a POINT of Space and Time. Using a model that would represent the Big Bang and the Matter and Energy distribution and thus the creation thus Inflation of our Universal Space/Time...all Matter and Quanta in a state of Universal Inflation without the benefit of Dark Energy Effect...as you have stated...would have a Finite Ability to expand. The reason for this would of course be Gravity. Since even a single solitary Atom warps Space/Time around it and thus has effect...an extremely small effect...but effect none the less...to influence all Matter and Energy in that Universal Space/Time. If there was no Dark Energy Effect...Universal Expansion would reach a certain point by which it would stop Inflation and begin to Crunch. Calculated distances specific to estimates of Matter/Energy velocity at...during and after the Big Bang cannot be used in this way as since at the time and during the immediate after effect of the Big Bang...extreme Matter/Energy distances were made possible by way of areas of Fold Space/Time intrinsic to Universal Creation and Inflation which now gives us distances that could not be traversed at such velocities in Normal Space/Time. Thus even though your statements and the evidence you post specific to recent research would seem to show the Big Bang calculations of outward force as a quantity specific to forcing Universal Matter and Energy to such velocities and distances...these calculations are false as this Matter and Energy did not travel as such in Normal Space/Time. At a terminal distance...Dark Energy was required to accelerate Universal Expansion. Split Infinity
  12. That is what I have been saying all along. Angular Momentum has nothing to do with Frequency and is seperate from the momentum Photons obtain from their traveling at 186,282 miles per second. What happened that you and I thought we were at odds with this? Split Infinity
  13. Harrak...I understood what you were getting at...it's just I could not come to terms with it as I have an issue when anyone states that matter and energy...thus Celestial Bodies and anything or ONE upon them...exist in a 4-D state. They can't. Split Infinity
  14. Phi...some people very much need to have or believe in Faith especially as it relates to religion. I have faith in my abilities as well as have faith in some others that I know well...but in these cases it is NOT BLIND FAITH as I am basing such faith upon knowns. Some have a deep seated need...or perhaps it is fear...fear of the unknown that without their ability to place Blind Faith in a religion or GOD...their ability to function from a psychological aspect depends upon it. I personally do not have such issues...but MANY do. Split Infinity
  15. I am glad I could help. Split Infinity
  16. Well...whatever is causing acceleration must be specific to an EFFECT not a Force. If you state that the Big Bang is causing the majority of this...I think you would be hard pressed to describe how or why. As for Dark Energy...we are basically labeling this effect with the Term. Split Infinity
  17. I am fairly certain from what I have been told that the current issue as far as installing an FEL system on U.S. Carriers and Cruisers is more about the ability of the 2 A1B Nuclear Reactors to properly supply power forthe carrier as well as the FEL. The A1B's were designed originally for just the carrier and the possible addition of Cloaking Panels that may be added as well as deployable Screens that would show a picture of what is behind the carrier from a variety of angles. This tech is not all that big a deal but having giant rollout screens that a live picture could be displayed presents MANY problems given the size, geometry and wind and salt water that would be effecting them. Such a system is known to have been installed on a Lockheed Stealth Blimp...but these paneled screens are right on the skin of this craft. The A1B's have already been changed and huge amounts of money have been spent in their development as well as many have been given a GO for purchase. It is going to take a much greater amount of power generated to properly power the FEL. The HEAT issue...I have heard that was a problem that was solved at great cost. The Sat. system has to use Prisms in the design of insect like multiple compound eyes as standard optics or mirrors vaporise upon contact. Targeting and aquisition seem to be a done deal. It is said that Split Beaming to achieve multiple kills of multiple targets can be achieved using the Prism Sat. system but I don't exactly know how they intend to do this without using the Sat. I also herd that they might add a Third Reactor on Carriers although I have no idea where they would put this. Split Infinity
  18. OK...hold on a minute. I was specifically replying to the quoted post that reads and is specific to detailing our Universal Reality as 3-D Geometry with and additional dimension specific to time. That statement is detailing something that is not possible given the behavior of Quantum Mechanics. Also as far as Flatland is concerned...since Matter and Energy cannot exist 2 Dimensionally as well as the fact that the poster stated we would surely be able to see 2-Dimensional Life Forms or any 2 Dimensional Constructs...Light or Photons could neither reflect off anything 2-D nor could Quanta exist in 2-D. I was not talking about theoretical physics...I was talking about how the lack of necessary dimensionality precludes these possibilities. Split Infinity
  19. A short while ago I was absolutely FLOORED as I watched the U.S. Navy target a small rocking boat at sea with a low poer FEL. It was able to target the craft as well as keep a beam lock upon a specific point on this rocking boat. I NEVER thought the FEL would be made public so soon. Now there is a strong push to get FEL's deployed on U.S. Carriers as well as Cruisers as they can both protect the carriers from any incoming missile as well as be used for Balistic Missile Defense. This Laser System is to be used in conjuction with the remade SM-3 which now uses a new long burn and powerful solid fuel that allows it with the aid of Super Computing Target and Aquisitioning to strike Missiles and Satellites at Orbital Distances. An SM-3 was used a while back to destroy and directly target and strike the Hydrazine Booster Fuel Tank of a failing U.S. Satellite. It scored a perfect hit as telescoped video showed the Hydrazine Tank exploding in orbit. Split Infinity
  20. Somehow...I lost a reply so I will reply again. What you have posted for links is not proof. No proof can be given as no proof exists. Split Infinity
  21. I was refering to Dark Energy as it pertained to you bringing up Universal Expansion. I am aware CBR is due to the Big Bang. Split Infinity
  22. After reading your...Maybe GOD was thinking of us...and...Save Mankind statements...I guess I felt it was necessary to give you this bit of advice. If you happen to be unfortunate enough to see some sort of unexplainable craft following you...hanging around in the hopes of meeting some E.T. under the assumption they have your best intrests at heart...IS NOT something I would recommend. Run...run your ass off. Split Infinity
  23. And you base this upon what possible proof? Not that I wouldn't be happy if there was an afterlife or GOD...I would be. But if there is...it would most likely be something VERY different than what we think or believe it might be. I personally have an issue with the concept of REWARD or PUNISHMENT in an afterlife as far as the result of anything one might do. Even though people have choice...such choices are driven by genetics and conditions. I have experienced dealing with people that one would label EVIL...and to be honest...I would label them as such. Still people are still very much animals and are tied to our insticts. Split Infinity
  24. There is one thing any person can count on that will determine something is not right. Your Subconscious. I am sure everyone here has at one time been in a relationship where even though there is no sign of a problem...YOU FEEL THERE IS. And you know what? If you feel it...then there is a problem. This feeling a person get's is their Subconscious SCREAMING to them that something is wrong. The subconscious sees, hears, tastes, feels, smells....EVERYTHING that a persons senses take in and never forgets. It is like a Computer storing data and many things that a person does not even KNOW they are sensing is picked up and stored by the subconscious. As example...a person is walking the beach. As this person walks by a girl reading a book...the person does not look directly at the girl or the book but out of the corner of their eye...light comes in that shows a few pages of the book and all that is written in them. If this happened to you consciously you would not even be aware you saw this...but the subconscious not only saw it but it recorded it and knows every word on the pages seen. The same thing occurs when given what you are talking about...EVERY SNGLE bit of data would be stored, cross referenced and formulated. YOU WOULD KNOW...that something is wrong...we call this instict...but it is really a combination of our sensory perception and our mind. Split Infinity
  25. OK...I will restate this. The Ford Class carriers will have Free Electron Lasers installed. The current reactors will be two A1B's which will probably be replaced by two or perhaps even three more powerful reactors. The carriers FEL systems will be used along with a Satellite Targetng system for both Carrier Defense and Offense but mainly used for Anti-missile...Anti-aircraft defense which they will be VERY adept. The statement as far as the 1000 feet steel statement was a theoretical one where if enough power was available the FEL could vaporize a hoe quickly through it. This would not be carrier based. The carrier FEL along with a sat system should be able to easily destroy ground based and ship based radar and other electronic systems specific to tracking and targeting as well as capable as an ani-personal weapon. Split Infinity
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