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  1. Really, "heavy" is an opinion. And really water DOES have a weight. Do you want to increase the weight of the water without changing space it takes? you may need to work with density. You could definitely go VERY FAR into this and get an A++ and maybe a national award if you increased the weight by making it not H2O, but H402. (and the probability is so far away from it not exploding after you make it)
  2. I just noticed your avatar which presently says "Gandalf" and I was just happy because I'm doing the book "The Hobbit" for a book report...

  3. If it was a sudden reversal of gravity, everyone around the world would trip at the same time. And it couldn't be the gravity feild of humans changing, because their mass is far too small to have that much gravity. Really, I don't think you're a loony.. Maybe you're walking over an area of the earth with more density of materials? That would increase the gravity.
  4. Triple helix? interesting but impossible. It only works in double strands, and if you made three strands imagine what you would get. .. aah!
  5. and there are multiple answers, so to narrow it down to MY answer, use only 1 multiplication mark! muhaha! parentheses are allowed... usually no one thinks of that! oh, just forget the puzzle
  6. I think that needs something else... do your math on a calculator and what do you get? hint hint- I get 329 with that.
  7. NOOO! the "holes" are far too small. For example, glass has teeny weeny holes too. That lets you see through it. But can you pass through it? no. Because? the holes are spaced and TEENY WEENY! just so you know.
  8. Use addition and multiplication to make theese numbers add up to 100: 123456789 You cannot change the order of the numbers. You also cannot use a number two times. You must use them in the order shown. To make it harder, only use 1 multiplication mark! In my class I showed it to everyone, and the teacher saw it and said she would give a peice of candy to whoever solved it over the weekend. I'm the only one who got candy because no one got it!! The answer will be posted in a week, giving you some time to think... If you get it right...... I dunno. Maybe there will be some sort of virtual prize. Each week a new puzzle will be up, cuz I make a ton in my spare time
  9. Thats what I thought! I asked my dad if protons were light, and he said it was a byproduct, so I asked him what light was called, and he said he didn't know, so here I am calling photons protons.
  10. Imaginer1


    Well I do understand why. It's because no energy can create more than the beginning energy, or, the original energy.
  11. I used to do it myself. Really, it's because they think it will draw attention and have other people help. Either that or they just think it is funny. I cant remember myself.
  12. It could be possible for genes to be inheriting how much a person may smoke. But what if quitting was in genes too? likely. If there is a gene that makes the person not affected by nicotine addiction, we may know what is really causing alot of this. Mainly, we should just stop selling all this stuff.
  13. It depends on the amount of Magnesium, and if you found it in it's real state, you're lucky as heck.
  14. If the polarity was controlled, then what? I now notice about the subatomic particles and such but what about the LASER? is it in any way possible? This is a post about modern warfare apparently, but is this in some ways possible? Apparently yes as you have been stating. Now I know, thank you, and really, I'm about ten so if you coould include more detailed answers about theese things I would appreciate it.
  15. One of the best science fictions of all time was Frankenstien. But we all know that after the body is dead everything would have to be very well preserved for it to work. But how long could cells remain alive after an organism has died? The red blood cells would go first due to lack of breathing. But in any way, what else could we do to prevent or reverse death?
  16. DO YOU NOT READ WHAT I WRITE? Teleportation Really, you got to think about it more simple. People in Quantum Physics are already developing scanners that can tell oxygen from hydrogen or whatever. So if you took all the elements of yourself, turned them into electric signals like a phone does, and send it to another pod- But still, now there are just two yous. Oh, now I notice I put that under I think is possible. Well, it's not.
  17. This is very interesting. I really think this provoked my mind, and most of theese will proboably be too sci-fi to be possible. If the next evolutionary thing were to use the oxygen in CO2.. we may have a horrid future. Now: The human has opposable thumbs and high intelligence. It is the dominant species of planet Earth. Three thousand years in the future: The brain will attempt to do something good, and it will, with global warming, likely do this: Humans will be able to filter the oxygen out of CO2 so they will only expel carbon. Though this is an advance, plant life would diminish. Six thousand years in the future: Mushrooms are the only plant life. Mushrooms will evolve to expand and eat humans around it, due to less life. Humans are using all energy in CO2 to get as much as possible. Seven billion years into the future: Humans have no use for water or CO2. They have a natural generator like an electric eel that keeps the brain running. We are tall and slim so more wind can hit us when we are hot, because the sun is closing in on the earth. Ten billion years into the future: Cosmology is gone because the sun is moving the earth due to its closeness. Halfway to eleven billion, the sun dies. We are evolved to survive heat and we have nothing to do but freeze as the sun has moved us to a distant corner of the universe where no heat is available. It is possible that small groups will survive for awhile with primitive fires.
  18. Well, all of the things from a microscopic colony of yeast are alive. The first thing that really came would be bacteria. Now, it's just a absolutely huge number. And the amount of species that have died in between that we do not know of would add to THAT.
  19. Well, I do know that a setting of a stormy night could increase the chances of that. Even though lightning does not charge anything but what it touches (I believe) if it was humid, I think the static electricity could travel through that. WHOA! strike that, static electricity would have to go through dry air, I was thinking of it as regular electricity. I mean, suddenly sitting up after death IS plausible, I know that! But the idea with Frankenstein is that you can actually make an INTELLIGENT life form after it has died. Not something that only twitches when you press a wire to it.
  20. Imaginer1


    I know that, didn't I say that in my post? oh well.
  21. I THINK IS NOT POSSIBLE- Frankenstien- the animation of dead tissue TOO scary for me to think about. and if I DID get a theory, alot of people would really be angry or upset at me. So I don't really want to get in trouble. (but I am thinking about it. SHH!) actually, this is quite plausible, when someone dies the body is still technically living as the biochemical reactions are still taking place, muscles will still respond to nerve impulse and so on its just that the body is no longer functioning on an electrical level. and it would take something a bit more complex than a jolt from a lightning bolt to set it right. You said that. Well, I know it's more complex than a bolt of lighting. Ever since my uncle died I have like a HUGE book. First I would need to know how long cells could sustain themselves after the organism has died. The red blood cells WOULD go first. But if your work space was highly perfected, with maybe pressurized oxygen to diffuse into the cells. Really, you are correct. Muscles can still react to impulses- but can the human still make the impulses? Not really. And I already know lightning wouldn't do it. I cant remember the exact amount, but I know that the electricity in our bodies MUST be much less than the lightning. Of course, if there was a resistor that let other parts of the electricity maybe, go to nececcary machinery.
  22. GYROSCOPE! SPINNEY THING! other than my intrest in a spinney thing, I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT. AAH! WOW!
  23. DONT BLAME ME IM ELEVEN! (runs away)
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