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    Land of volcanoes
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    Is mantle convection theory as good as we can get? Can it explain the variation in the world's divergent plate boundaries? The depth of the Mariana trench? The Basin and Range area? The San Andres fault? Current and past mountain building mechanics?

    Please visit my "Plate Tectonic Mechanism?" thread in speculations and tell me what you think.


    Is it time for a new model of plate tectonics?

    I have been quite busy writing a hypothesis concerning the thermal heating of the planets that possess magnetic fields and the several moons that exhibit the early development of these electro-magnetic phenomena that in the Earth's case I believe drive the various geologic processes that are currently observed and debated.

    You can view this work;

    http://electroplatetectonics.weebly.com/ is the Earth's geologic processes as seen through the thermal forcing of a variable electro-magnetic field.
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  1. Someone is missing from here. It took me a few minutes to figure it out. Where is ajb? I just checked - he's been gone since Oct, I miss seeing that infinite patience of his chipping away at the . . . . err . . aah . . .problem :)

    1. MigL


      Haven't seen him here since he was 'scolded for his comment about chemistry and higher maths.

      Maybe he's fed up with the way everyone gangs up on people with unpopular, but accurate, opinions.

    2. Raider5678


      Sadly. He was fun.

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