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  1. staffingby

    LR puzzle

    The classic problem of a monkey and the greased flag pole. The height of a certain flag pole is 30 feet. Grease is applied to the pole. A monkey attempts to climb the pole. It climbs 3 feet every second but slips down 2 ft in the next second. When will the monkey reach the top of the flag pole? 56 seconds 27 seconds 60 seconds 55 seconds
  2. staffingby

    What makes e so special?

    hey, is the unique number with the property that the area of the region bounded by the hyperbola , the x-axis, and the vertical lines and is 1. In other words
  3. staffingby

    Training after C.S.E 2nd year

    Hey, In current situation if you go for development side then go for java because there are huge market of this technology and you go further for android too. php is used mostly for small ecommerce application development and then after you go for open source CMS like wordpress,joomla etc. Oracle is also good if you are good knowledge of database and query.
  4. hey, If you know the html and css then you can easily learn the javascript or java and that's also provide good platform if you go further for android or any mobile application development.
  5. staffingby

    What is the best books written in your opinion?

    Hey, My best book : 1> The Immortal of "MELUHA" by Amish Tripathi 2> 3 mistakes of my life by "Chetan Bhagat"
  6. staffingby

    Uploading images

    Hey, Upload your image on social medai site and then try to paste your URL. Otherwise use the html code to upload the image.