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  1. 5 minutes ago, phyti said:

    SR requires both ends of an object be located simultaneously.

    Located where simultaneously?

    And simultaneous according to who?

    6 minutes ago, phyti said:

    The near end of both ships are at 0 for all measurements.

    At 0 in which frame of reference?

    7 minutes ago, phyti said:


    What is "left"? Is it the same as A or green, or is it something else completely?

    7 minutes ago, phyti said:

    A measures location of far end of his ship at d, on his axis of simultaneity Ax.

    What is an "axis of simultaneity"?

    8 minutes ago, phyti said:

    A measures location of far end of green ship at d, on his axis of simultaneity Ax.

    Only if they are both stationary relative to one another.

    (Not sure what you had to make things so complicated by using A and black, and B and green (and left and right?) to refer to the same things.)

    10 minutes ago, phyti said:

    B measures location of far end of his ship at f, on his axis of simultaneity Bx.

    What is 'f'?

    Why isn't the length of his ship d in his frame of reference?


    B measures location of far end of black ship at e, on his axis of simultaneity Bx.

    What is 'e' ?

    11 minutes ago, phyti said:

    A ship length/B ship length =1/g^2.

    What is 'g'?

    You are saying that g2 = f /e ? (Or maybe g2 = f /e? I am confused by your constantly changing names for things)

    How did you calculate this? 

    13 minutes ago, phyti said:

    Measurements are not reciprocal.

    What does this mean? (It sounds wrong, but unless you explain it, it is hard to know.)

    I'll ignore the rest, because without some explanation, I have no idea what you are trying to say. However, almost every statement appears to be incorrect.

  2. 16 minutes ago, fredreload said:

    1. I would create an equivalent amount of energy based on my mass. For instance my mass is 104kg so E=mc^2 gets me E=(104)*(3*10^8)^2 joules and I would create that equivalent amount of energy in joules using plasma energy from Argon gas with a molarization energy of 1520KJ.

    You need to provide that much energy to create the plasma. It is not a source of energy.

  3. Today I learned about Vavilovian mimicry.

    Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov was a biologist who studied the evolution of domesticated plants, in particular rye. He proposed that rye was "accidentally" domesticated. Originally it was a weed in fields of wheat and so early farmer would pick it out to ensure their wheat could grow. But they were more efficient at picking out the immature rye plants that looked most different from wheat. So they inadvertently selected for rye plants that looked more wheat-like. Eventually rye became so similar to wheat that it was a useful grain in its own right. This is generally accepted today, even though Vavilov is largely forgotten.

    Vavilov was killed by Stalin, who only liked science that fitted his political beliefs (e.g. Lysenkoism).

  4. 3 hours ago, Martoonsky said:

    My friend says that the vitamin B12 produced as a food supplement is harvested from animals. I pointed out that online articles indicate that B12 is produced through fermentation. He claims that the strains used for fermentation get "old" and have to be replaced by new ones harvested from animals. I'm skeptical about that. Who's right? If you could provide sources so I could prove it to my friend (assuming I'm right), I would appreciate it. Thanks. 



    Industrial production of B12 is achieved through fermentation of selected microorganisms.[88]  Streptomyces griseus, a bacterium once thought to be a fungus, was the commercial source of vitamin B12 for many years.[109] The species Pseudomonas denitrificans and Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. shermanii are more commonly used today.[88] 




    Pseudomonas denitrificans is a Gram-negative aerobic bacterium that performs denitrification. It was first isolated from garden soil in Vienna, Austria. It overproduces cobalamin (vitamin B12), which it uses for methionine synthesis[1] and it has been used for manufacture of the vitamin.[2] 



    Propionibacterium freudenreichii is a gram-positive, non-motile bacterium that plays an important role in the creation of Emmental cheese, and to some extent, Jarlsberg cheese, Leerdammer and Maasdam cheese. Its concentration in Swiss-type cheeses is higher than in any other cheese. Propionibacteria are commonly found in milk and dairy products, though they have also been extracted from soil. 


    So no harvesting from animals there.


    Show this to your friend: https://xkcd.com/285/ 

    The ball is in their court to provide some evidence.


  5. You can think of complex numbers as points on a plane where the real numbers form the X axis and the “imaginary” numbers (multiplied by i) form the Y axis. 

    Values multiplied by sqrt(i) would form a line at 45º. 

    To put it another way, multiplying by i is equivalent to rotating by 90º and rotating by sqrt(i) is equivalent to rotating by 45º. Note that rotating by 45º and then by 45º (i.e. rotating by 90º) is equivalent to multiplying by sqrt(i) then by sqrt(i) again; in other words multiplying by i (i.e. rotating by 90º).

    (Because they can encode angles and magnitude in one (complex) number, they are very useful in things like signal processing and circuit design)

  6. 2 minutes ago, jonnobody said:

    If everything started with the big bang and every object in the universe is moving away from every other object in all directions why does the earth stay the same distance from the sun and all the other planets in our solar system ?

    Because they are bound together by gravity. Galaxies are similarly held together by gravity, And even clusters of galaxies.

    It is only on very large scales (the distances between clusters of galaxies) that we can see expansion happening.

  7. 2 hours ago, phyti said:

    Here are a few papers that support a physical length contraction.

    These are not "papers" in any meaningful sense.

    On 8/23/2020 at 9:36 PM, phyti said:

    Length contraction is a change in the em forces that bond molecules.

    Explain how those forces can have multiple different values at the same time.

    1 hour ago, swansont said:

    If I am moving relative to some markers in space, the distance between them will be length contracted. There are no bonds, no EM forces that could be contracting, in that empty space.

    And, at the other extreme, we know (from observation) that protons are flatted by their relative motion in an accelerator but EM forces do not play a significant role. 

    2 hours ago, phyti said:

    This is interpreting SR in terms of mass, energy, light and motion

    In other words: wrongly.

  8. 22 minutes ago, John Cuthber said:

    I'd need to learn the use of "walk" as a noun, separately. But from that, I can deduce a plural- "walks"

    So maybe "walk" and "walks" are one word. But does that mean that "ox" and "oxen" are two? 🙂

    30 minutes ago, John Cuthber said:

    BTW, since the title of the thread lacks a question mark, it is a statement. So what's "which language"?

    Misspelling for "Witch language", maybe

  9. 15 minutes ago, The Atom said:

    I have always had a high resistance to viruses.

    Good luck with that. Baseless beliefs rarely work as medical treatments.

    15 minutes ago, The Atom said:

    Anyways, when I write Corona is not necessarily deadly, it means just that.

    It was more the "Dying as a result is not going to be a result" that was being challenged.

    15 minutes ago, The Atom said:

    People should stop blowing it up out of what it is: a weak puny RNA virus.

    It is extremely contagious and has a high case fatality rate. Quite the reverse of "puny". Ask the USA or Brazil how "puny" it is.

  10. 7 minutes ago, MigL said:

    Seems John and Strange are considering intramolecular vibrations, otherwise known as stretching, bending and twisting.

    Not just that. Most people would describe the random motions of water molecules as vibration (see citation above). Maybe that is a broader definition of the word than some would like, but it is clearly the one the OP was thinking of.

  11. Quote

    According to the theory, the temperature of a substance is proportional to the average kinetic energy with which the molecules of the substance are moving or vibrating. 


    And I always thought the Encyclopaedia Brittanica was such a reliable source of information. But apparently, I should take the word of some RGOTI instead.

    (About 1/3rd of the search results for Brownian motion also include the word vibration)

  12. Better tell all these people, then.


    Publishing in Science, EPFL scientists have used lasers to determine for the first time how specific vibrations in a water molecule affect its ability to dissociate.



    Breaking up water: Controlling molecular vibrations to produce hydrogen



    Water molecules contain three atoms and so can vibrate in a number of different ways. 

    http://www.schoolphysics.co.uk/age16-19/Wave properties/Wave properties/text/Microwave_ovens/index.html


    Innovative Microscopy Visualizes Vibration of Water Molecules Trapped at Nanoscale



    In addition to rotational and translational motion, the atoms within a molecule also undergo an oscillatory motion.


    That last one also describes the most obvious form of vibration, which is also temperature dependent and so, presumably, what the OP was thinking of:


    Molecules in the gaseous and liquid states are in constant motion, translating in straight lines until they collide with another molecule or the walls of the container. 


    Now, try saying that those are not "vibration" at the same time as saying that your definition is "not narrow".

  13. 3 minutes ago, Janus said:

    Another example would be voida- "can",  where adding "ko"  changes things from a  statement to a question.

    I'm sure it is just coincidence, but Japanese uses "ka" for the same purpose:

    I eat = taberu 

    Do I eat? = taberu ka?

    Japanese also (nearly always) drops pronouns even though they are not implied🙀

    I eat = taberu

    You eat = taberu

    She eats = taberu

    They eat = taberu

    We eat = taberu

    So that could mean that Japanese has fewer words.


    I ate = tabeta

    I don't eat = tabenai

    I want to eat = tabetai

    I don't want to eat = tabetakunai

    I didn't want to eat = tabetekunakkata

    I can eat = taberareru

    Let's eat = tabeyou

    etc. etc.

    So maybe it has more words.

  14. 20 hours ago, phyti said:

    Length contraction is a change in the em forces that bond molecules. This phenomenon is observed in objects with a motion relative to the observer.

    That can't possibly be the case. How can there be a change in EM force caused by an observer? How can there be a different change in my body depending on whether my speed is compared to a meteorite or a neutrino.


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