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  1. "Don't cling to a mistake just because you spent a long time making it."

    1. arc


      Everyone keeps telling my wife that .......... but she stays with me anyway :)

    2. koti


      Strange...that must be one of the most crucial pieces of wisdom out there. I will add one that I came up with which is correlated:
      Conscious incompetence is a stage of enlightenment compared to unconscious incompetence.


  2. Sorry if people found a couple of recent posts a little ... forceful. But ignorant morons deserve to be called out at some point.

    1. StringJunky


      I wouldn't worry about it. We all pop sometimes. Probably, that's the time to report because your patience is pretty good.

    2. koti


      Where, where, I missed it !

  3. I get the impression that some men think that urinals are there to indicate the part of the floor they should piss on.

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    2. koti



      The closest I got to Eton college in my life was getting drunk in a pub in Windsor in my 20's. I remember very well that I have not pissed on my hands. The moral of my story - If by the time you go to college you are not aware that pissing on your hands is wrong - no college will help you.

      Hows that for a Monday golden thought? ;)


    3. arc


      String, I doubt the gals have the same propensity to deposit large hairy boogers on their walls as do many of our fellow men. :)

    4. koti


      Oh that is succulent arc. Thank you so much for that :P

  4. The Gauss-Bonnet theorem, states that any two surfaces with the same number of holes have the same total curvature. Remarkable.

    1. Raider5678


      What if the holes are different sizes?

    2. Strange


      That is what is so surprising: it connects geometry and topology so only the number of holes is relevant. (I think the description I quoted is a bit simplified, though.)

  5. Another benefit of singular they is the ability to have disjoint reference with he or she in the same anaphoric domain

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    2. Function


      I just discovered I (genuinly) accidentally picked a sex based example. Oops.

    3. Strange


      It was a description of a sentence where "their" was used because it would not be clear which person "he" referred to.

    4. Strange


      "his" not "he"

  6. "a belief that split infinitives are ungrammatical is diagnostic for deep ignorance about English grammar" G. Pullum

  7. He has a face completely unmarked by the ravages of intelligence.

    1. arc


      Well, It was a lot of plastic surgery!:)

    2. dimreepr


      And yet he still understands.