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  1. time?

    Space (i.e.distance) is not a material thing but we can travel through it. Space and time are concepts. Ways of measuring the world around us. Space and time are inextricably linked as the four dimensions of space-time.
  2. incomprehensible

    Why do you think someone must have created it? Why do you think it must have a purpose? The galaxies were formed when clouds of gas collapsed, due to gravity, and formed stars when the density became great enough to cause fusion.
  3. This is an old article but it blew my mind

    I can't work out if you are trolling or just really, really stupid. Why would I deny the existence of reality just because you don't know what the word "predetermined" means? I can only assume that the word that your are translating from Hungarian as "predetermined" means something completely different.
  4. Time to rethink the Earth's motion?

    1. He wouldn't 2. Even if he did, it is irrelevant because he would be wrong. Although, if he did, at least he would make a rational argument rather than just saying he didn't believe it. So, you are not going to counter the evidence? Just continue to deny it? Sad!
  5. Need confirmation on the weight of this sphere.

    density of rock: 2650 kg/m3 ( volume of sphere radius 8 feet: 2144.66 ft3 ( 2650 kg/m3 * 2144.66 feet3 = 354,800 lb (^3 * 2144.66+ft^3+in+pounds)
  6. This is an old article but it blew my mind

    That doesn't really change anything. You could use the word "determined" about the past ("the past is determined and unchangeable") but it seems a bit silly. You can't use "predetermined" about the past. But using either "determined" (fixed) or "predetermined" (fixed in advance) about the future means exactly the same thing. In all cases, you have missed "predetermined". I have no idea what concept you are trying to express by using "predetermined" but you have failed completely. (Maybe try Google Translate. I don't know how well it works from Hungarian into English.)
  7. Time to rethink the Earth's motion?

    Nope. Newtonian physics is used in all of those in order to demonstrate that the Earth is rotating. You can claim otherwise with no evidence, logic or mathematics, but then we can just dismiss your claim.
  8. This is an old article but it blew my mind

    So it isn't predetermined. So when you said it was, you were using the wrong word. Do you agree?
  9. This is an old article but it blew my mind

    Are you doing this deliberately? Do I need to report you for trolling? Do you actually know that a nuclear war is inevitable? Right. So not "predetermined". The word you are looking for is (ready for this) ... "not predetermined" or "undetermined". Here are some example sentences: "We can change the future because we have free will and so the future is not predetermined." "The future is undetermined so we can change it because we have free will." "Someone is pregnant but it is undetermined if she will give birth in the future." "Nuclear warheads are not predetermined to be used in conflict. Let's hope they aren't!" See? Easy, isn't it, when you use the right words.
  10. Time to rethink the Earth's motion?

    I'm sure this is futile but ... This has everything to do with your argument. The reason that helicopters and golf balls behave as if the Earth were stationary is because (to a good approximation) it can be treated as an inertial frame of reference. They therefore behave the same as they would if the Earth were stationary or moving through space. I guess the fact you don't understand this is part of the problem. (Assuming the problem isn't lurking under a bridge somewhere.) Well, you could do some basic research. I don't think this needs a link, does it? We have known for a very long time that the reason we see the sun rise and set is because the Earth rotates (not because the flames are being carried across the celestial sphere on a chariot). This is force that is felt by objects when in motion in a rotating frame of reference. Guess what: objects in motion on the Earth feel a Cirolis force. Because they are in a rotating frame of reference. "The pendulum was introduced in 1851 and was the first experiment to give simple, direct evidence of the earth's rotation. Today, Foucault pendulums are popular displays in science museums and universities.[1]" Yeah. You know. The way they move across the sky every 24 hours. Almost as if the Earth were rotating. Caused by the centrifugal forces due to its spin.–Keating_experiment The two planes that flew in opposite directions round the Earth experienced different time dilation because their relative speeds were different. That is hardly relevant. Unless you have some evidence it is a sphere. (Or flat. Or whatever nonsense you believe.) You should be able to demonstrate that in suitable mathematical detail then. I expect they get a discount at Trump golf courses.
  11. Time to rethink the Earth's motion?

    It's related to a post I reported earlier. (Browse the last page of the "banned members" thread for clues)
  12. Time to rethink the Earth's motion?

    J L Of course. Hadn't noticed that before.
  13. This is an old article but it blew my mind

    I don't think you know what "predetermined" means. No it isn't. For all sorts of reasons. Not if by "predetermined" you mean that we know she will give birth. We don't know any such thing. But if you actually mean the birth is predetermined then you need to explain why do all the factors that could change that have no effect but the time of birth can be changed by external factors? How do you know which things are predetermined and which things are not? Are there categories of things that are predetermined and categories of things we can control? Is this to do with their size? Or complexity? Or how far in the future they are? What rational reason do you have for thinking that some things are predetermined but other things are not? Oh no! You know that for a fact? We are all going to die? Or maybe, again, you don't mean "predetermined"? Maybe you mean "designed" or "planned" or or "possibly" or "hopefully not". I have no idea. But it is getting clearer and clearer that you are using the wrong word.
  14. This is an old article but it blew my mind

    It is quite black and white. Predeterminism is not about the past. The future is either fixed and unchangeable (i.e. predetermined) or it isn't (i.e. not predetermined). It can't be both changeable and unchangeable. That makes no sense.
  15. Organic computer?

    Huh? What about an eel? I mean, it's a tasty fish, alright but I can't see the relevance to this thread.
  16. This is an old article but it blew my mind

    That is not what "predetermined" means. Of course the past is fixed. I'm not sure why you would even need to say that. You might note that the word "predetermined" begins with the bound morpheme "pre" which means "in advance" so we are talking about the future. And the second morpheme is "determined" which means "fixed". You can't say that things in the past are predetermined. That is like saying "I am looking forward to yesterday". Not predetermined at all then. (It can't be a little bit predetermined; that is like being "a little bit pregnant".) In other words, "predetermined" is not the word you are looking for.
  17. This is an old article but it blew my mind

    Then it isn't predetermined. You can't have it both ways: either the future is fixed/predetermined or we can change it so it isn't fixed/predetermined. Make your mind up.
  18. This is an old article but it blew my mind

    1. That wasn't addressed to you. (Although it could have been.) 2. Predetermined means "fixed in advance". Which means, by definition, you can't change it. So, you are saying that if the future is fixed you can still change it. But that is nonsense because it is fixed (which means "not changeable"). If you can change the future, then it is not fixed, which means it is not predetermined. Maybe you don't mean "predetermined"? Maybe you mean "predictable" or "unfortunate" or "happy". I don't know.
  19. Time to rethink the Earth's motion?

    But wrong. Occam's razor does not mean you should ignore the evidence in favour of a simple idea.
  20. This is an old article but it blew my mind

    That makes absolutely no sense. What are you talking about?
  21. This is an old article but it blew my mind

    So you have changed your mind? That is not predetermination which, by definition, is about the future. So all you are saying is that the past is fixed and can't be changed. Wow. Insightful.
  22. Organic computer?

    Has it? We are getting very close to an organic laser: What sort of machinery? Like artificial heart valves? Or even mechanical hearts?
  23. This is an old article but it blew my mind

    Not if it is predetermined. If it is predetermined that you will eat it at 15:03 then that is when you will eat it. That is what "predetermined" means. Good answer! So you get one shot at "free will" then, after that, the future is predetermined and so you can't change your mind? Or, you have changed the meaning of "predetermined" to mean "not determined at all; the future can change at any time"?

    Do you mean they can distinguish acceleration from gravity? Or just that they have some level of isolation from short-term, small-scale accelerations?
  25. This is an old article but it blew my mind

    If it is predetermined that you will eat it then you cannot choose not to eat it. If it is predetermined that you will not eat it then you cannot choose to eat it. I don't know why that is so hard to understand. I think you need to take an introductory logic course. (I have had the same problem with religious people claiming that both an omniscient god and free will can be true at the same time.)