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  1. Voluntary Blurry Vision?

    I’m not judging you. But you need to understand that this is a science site.
  2. Voluntary Blurry Vision?

    It is a normal part of human communication. That is not evidence (it is an anecdote). And it doesn’t say anything about “better strength”
  3. Voluntary Blurry Vision?

    In linguistics, there is a subject called "implicature". This is the study of the underlying meaning of a statement that is not explicit in the words. For example, if someone says "do you have $5" they are not necessarily asking about your financial situation. Depending on the context, they may be asking if you will lend them some money, or if you will pay for coffee. So, when I asked if there was evidence, I was not just asking about its existence, I was suggesting that you provide that evidence.
  4. Thoughts please? Linguistic bots

    With my words I'm not a (bot)...
  5. Can light become matter ?

    Similar to Hawking radiation? I though you were talking about Hawking radiation? I assume it could work, or they wouldn't be doing it. Yes.
  6. Quantum Fluctuations/Foam

    They are a consequence of the uncertainty principle. As the link explains. (I was going to try and explain it, but then realised I would just be repeating what was one that page.) No.
  7. Voluntary Blurry Vision?

    Any evidence for that?
  8. Can light become matter ?

    Yes: But it requires very special conditions, such as the presence of an atomic nucleus (to conserve momentum). The experiment your link talks about is attempting to do it with no other particles involved. In principle. But, as with all forms of pair production, they will quickly annihilate again to proceed the original photons.
  9. non locality ?

    You asked about non-local interactions. Non-locality is a real thing, but it does not allow communication of information or interactions to take place non locally (i.e. faster than light). p.s. the first and last of your links look fairly bogus to me
  10. The nature of Space Time Energy and Matter.

    It is possible. It is what happens. The rest of that sentence makes no sense. I have no idea what you are trying to say. What has "C2" got do with anything.
  11. The nature of Space Time Energy and Matter.

    Not. Expansion is a scaling effect. Simple arithmetic shows that the means that the speed of separation is proportional to distance. Consider a number of galaxies separated by the same distance (far enough apart that the expansion of space is significant and the same between all of them). At time 0, they are 1 unit apart: A.B.C.D.E.F After some time they are 2 units apart: A..B..C..D..E..F After the same time again, they are 3 units apart: A...B...C...D...E...F And so on: A....B....C....D....E....F Now, if we look at the distance between B and C, for example, it increases by 1 at every time step. But the distance between B and D increases by 2 at every step. So the distance between B and D is increasing twice as fast as the distance between B and C; i.e. the speed of separation is twice as great. Choose any pairs of galaxies and you will see that apparent the speed of separation is proportional to the distance between them. Take two objects far enough apart and the speed of separation will be greater than the sped of light.
  12. Thoughts please? Egertonian cosmos

    I did try. But I just myself wallowing in a quagmire of vague ideas. There didn’t seem anything specific enough to analyse.
  13. The nature of Space Time Energy and Matter.

    It is proportional to the distance you measure it over. No. Expansion only happens on very large scales. Galaxies and galaxy clusters are not affected by expansion.
  14. Thoughts please? The luddites and the new-fangled-folk

    And dogma? And tradition? Quite the reverse, I would have thought. And I can't see how the others are against advancement, either. Either I am confused or the OP is ...
  15. Thoughts please? Egertonian cosmos

    How do you feel about: “that makes no sense and doesn’t seem to correspond to anything in the real world” We have good theories of gravity already, why would we need some baseless speculation.
  16. Mysterious - Combustion in water

    I think you guys should report this to the police. They might not have done anything illegal (yet) but what they are doing is pretty despicable.
  17. There is no such taboo. The problem may be that every serious study has pruduced results you don’t like (mundane explanation or insufficient evidence to reach any conclusion). Structures on the moon?
  18. Island(s) of stabilty

    What you think is not very relevant as you seem to believe in a flat Earth. But perhaps you could explain how antimatter could be used to achieve this. We already do this. But, somehow, it isn't surprising that you don't know this. Vast amounts of money are being put into fusion research. Ignoring the billions that have gone into weapons, ITER alone has a budget of about $20 billion (and this will probably cost much more in the end). China is spending a similar amount on their system. And there are many other projects.
  19. GW170608, Hanford's Chirp

    1. It's noise. 2. You can't deduce anything from looking at a photo. Use the data. But it hasn't been. There was no event in your fantasy world. That exists only in your head. Back in reality, real scientists used real statistical analysis on real data to confirm that a real event really happened.
  20. Earth engulfed by sun, painful?

    Douglas Adams would be proud of you.
  21. Vasectomy question

    If you are happy to make up your own fantastic ideas, why ask for facts that you don't like?
  22. Vasectomy question

    Remember to tie a knot in the ends of the pipes.
  23. Vasectomy question

    Enough sperm production could create enough compressive force to blow through whatever was made to be in the way. OK? Of course, it is completely untrue. It could never happen. But if that is the answer you are looking for, problem solved.
  24. Vasectomy question

    That's a shame. But ejaculation is irrelevant.
  25. I think radiation is used as well. Where it won't damage the thing being processed.