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  1. http://jersey.uoregon.edu/elements/Elements.html I recently stumbled upon this link while looking for a good tool to use to help identify elements by spectra, but I noticed some things I didn't quite understand. Why is it that Thorium and Uranium have such a wide ranged emission spectrum while plutonium has a much smaller one. I read that the more electrons and higher shell configurations give more possibilities to emit light, especially if the electrons are in higher shells. Could somebody clarify?

  2. How exactly is physics coming to an end? In the past few years a rumoured invisibility cloak was made by a Canadian company, the Higgs Boson was discovered, a quantum computer capable of factoring 15 was built, and that's nothing. As we our brains evolve to handle more and we research more chances are it will be many many many years or until the end of humanity before we can't research more, and even then we can always improve upon things.

  3. Recently as I was reading a book concerning Theoretical Dark Matter I came upon a question which bothered me, but I could not find and answer to it. The question is as follows: If Dark Matter and Dark Energy were confirmed would "Dark particles" be added to the standard model? And would Dark Energy be classified as a fifth force? And for the final question: What would become of any Weakly Interacting Massive Particle on the standard model, would a new model be created, or would it just be added? I'm guessing that any particle would be as all other forces are explained by the Standard model, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated/

  4. A.) You mean SQL, sequel is a common mispronuncation. B.) People still do these things, it isn't just cloud computing now C.) Not everything on the internet is a web-app (It sounded sort of like you were saying this) D.) Perhaps I could be of more help if you were more specific? When you say cloud computing it sounds like you mean server hosting.

  5. I am sure some of you have heard of the "Pokemon lavender town theory" in which a certain town in a video game (Original Pokemon) played music that gave people headaches and made them have trouble sleeping (Including me, even before the theory surfaced). In sound file analysis reportedly images spelling things such as "Leave now" were found, is this possible? Also frequencies were around 44kHz on average, I knew anything on the infrasonic level could cause these such things, anybody know if this is truly possible? Here is an image (From somebody on PMC): http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/209/a/1/something_by_cosmicluigi101-d6fjs0n.png

  6. If you are trying to imply that controlled fusion is not possible you might want to have a chat with Taylor Wilson (A kid who built a fusion reactor), heat is used to overcome EM repulsion. To get energy out of a fusion reactor one would need an area (Possibly a lithium blanket) to absorb the heat energy from the neutron radiation being produced.

  7. I understand the rest of the Calculator and I know HTML + CSS, but I have no idea how to add a sqrt button, can anybody help the code is below the line where I tried is in red:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <style type="text/css">
    input {text-align:center;}
    table {text-align:center;position:absolute;left:550px;top:150px;}
    body {background-color:black;}
    <FORM NAME="Calc">
    <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Input" Size="16">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="one" VALUE=" 1 " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '1'">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="two" VALUE=" 2 " OnCLick="Calc.Input.value += '2'">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="three" VALUE=" 3 " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '3'">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="plus" VALUE=" + " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += ' + '">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="four" VALUE=" 4 " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '4'">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="five" VALUE=" 5 " OnCLick="Calc.Input.value += '5'">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="six" VALUE=" 6 " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '6'">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="minus" VALUE=" - " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += ' - '">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="seven" VALUE=" 7 " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '7'">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="eight" VALUE=" 8 " OnCLick="Calc.Input.value += '8'">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="nine" VALUE=" 9 " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '9'">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="times" VALUE=" x " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += ' * '">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="clear" VALUE=" c " OnClick="Calc.Input.value = ''">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="zero" VALUE=" 0 " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '0'">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="Enter" VALUE=" = " OnClick="Calc.Input.value = eval(Calc.Input.value)">
    <INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="div" VALUE=" / " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += ' / '">
    <input type="button" name="sqrt" value="sqrt" OnClick="Calc.input.value += 'sqrt'">

    Also, I am well aware of the math.sqrt(x) function

  8. Classical Physics encompasses a very vast amount of things, basic physics. If you want to learn all of classical physics it will take allot of research and study, but to start with you could ask specific questions. I would definetly recommend learning at least basic physics, I can assure you that you will enjoy it quite a bit.

    Some tutorials I found by some kid: youtube.com/user/voidprogramming

  9. It would be black holes, the reason earth has gravity is because (In theory of relativity) its large mass warps time and space, a black hole has such a strong force because when this huge star collapses that much matter into such a small area, ALOT of pull would be generated.

  10. Physicists at CERN believe they have found the Higgs boson, and even if they hadn't it would exist based on our model as all fields have excitements, I can see why this was moved, wrong section. Classical physics is pretty much simple things such as: Vectors and Scalars, Torque, motion and force.

  11. Hello people of the internet, my friends, acquaintances, family members - Many of us love our country - and don't get me

    wrong: Nice resources, Nice land, kind people, but however many are brainwashed by low grade propoganda.

    What CISPA will do:

    - Allow searches of databases and computers without warrants.

    - Allow EVERYTHING you send to be put into a database; your secrets, card numbers, software

    This bill is has been or is close to being passed at 10:54 PM April 18 Some sources claim this has passed the senate,

    at this point even a presidential veto could be overridden.

    WHo hates it?: "Microsoft and Facebook no longer support the legislation",

    I know you have heard the conspiracy things over and over, but this cannot happen the internet will no longer be a haven

    for developers, programmers, social networkers, all of us will be affected. Spread the word to keep the veto.

    Even if the is not passed and has not been it WILL reoccur, no matter what DENY this bill spread awareness.
  12. Your theory about photons has been debated many times, however at this point all of the equations we know have been proven correct so until they are proven incorrect you are incorrect. (Sorry being wrong sucks, I know!)

    The big bang was an expansion of space as stated above, and yes the anti-matter matter annihilation was likely VERY loud, however nothing was alive then so we have no way to know.

    Good luck, you are more educated than most 11 year olds in the U.S.!

  13. Recently I was playing a video game called "minecraft" with a modpack called "voltz" I noticed in this modpack there was a thing called strange matter, thinking nothing of it I went on playing, but one night I started to think "Well hey there is the Strange quark, so could strange matter possibly be real?" , Well I did some research and learned it is possible that it is real and could possibly be found in neutron stars. Now what strange matter is for those of you who don't know is rather than typical matter (Up and down quarks) it could be made of Strange, Up and Down quarks. Personally with me being a minor I do believe we could see artificial production of this within my lifetime. I also started to think "If Strange matter theoretically could be real, then couldn't charmed matter" My belief is that charmed matter would be similar to strange matter just replacing the Strange quarks with charmed quarks. Any thoughts on these theoretical types of matter? (Please do not post about Dark Matter,I really don't care if it is theoretical speak about if else where, that's for another post :)

  14. Spin is a Vector quantity of single particles i.e; A photon can spin up or down so fast (Although speed isn't always of concern) or a photon with a spin on a 45 degree angle could be considered in a superposition in Quantum computing, between a 1 and a 0 and would be written |0> + |1>.



    [Edit] I realized I needed to add this - Spin is based on frequency and electromagnetic fields, evidence of this is that we can use magnetic fields and certain frequencies to alter the spin of a particle. When spin is referred to the spin and direction the particle is spinning in the particles respective magnetic field are what is meant.

  15. Light IS EMR therefore it does NOT produce EMR therefore we cannot observe light in the manner of charges as you put, nor could we do this with matter waves as all matter waves are either molecules or one type of particle - so we cannot have waves being of both charges. As far as we know in science your speculations have been disproved.


    [Edit] Changed spelling error observer to observe

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