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  1. In a science project.I'm trying to manipulate ants by isolating the pheromones.I need help on how i could do this.I also need information about the structure of pheromones.
  2. F= M1 x M2 x G /D Where M1 and M2 are the respective masses of both objects,G is a constant which equals 7 power of -11 once rounded up(i forgot the exact value[6.98******* or something) and D is the distance between the two masses. Therefore,the weight of a object on earth is around 10N per kg of mass
  3. I can speak English,Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia quite proficently.(cause there are all mandatory in my country,Malaysia).Currently,I"m trying to learn Japanese,Spanish and German.I can read Japanese a bit but i find it hard to pronounce.Ditto for the other languages too.Can anybody help me?I know several words of greeting in German,such as guten morgen,guten abend, hallo etc.. I can read Japanese because a lot of the kanji resemble chinese characters.Spanish..guess I learn a bit about Latin. My mastery over these languages are basic though.can anybody help me?
  4. Our views differ because of our different sources of knowledge(ie:books) and the different observations we make(Conclusion:we are biased).
  5. Yep,I agree with you.Its extremely hard to pin down animal intelligence because of their varying capabilities.My view is biased because of the books I read.Comparing and testing animal intelligence would be like testing a Quantum Mechanics professor in Literature and vice versa.
  6. Oops,sorry guys.I misunderstood the question.Severian,thanks for explaining things for me.
  7. Yep.Correct.Sodium is hard to form a +7 anion because the orbital created will be at all higher energy level(ie:not stable).Similiarly,helium is monoatomic because the teorically He2 moelcule will have two bonding electrons and two anti bonding electrons at different sigma orbitals,cancelling each other out.A He2 +1 molecule is possible though.Upper obital(up electron)Lower obital(up+down electron)It will be stable molecularly but now electically.(its positive)
  8. The speed of light is the same for all inertial observers(those who are at rest or constant motion).However,an accelerating observer will have different observations.Time is also warped for him.
  9. Curry/Hot Chilli act as a stimulant,expanding your blood vessels,therefore enabling alchohol to be excreted more quickly.The toast functions as a toxin absorber(carbon).Alchohol will just delay your hangover.It will return with greater severity soon.
  10. Oh,i forgot, the ball's inertia is its capability to withstand changes to its state of motion.The higher its inertia(ie:mass) the greater its ability to maintain its speed for a longer period of time.It will deaccerate at a slower rate,(2nd law of motion F=MA) assuming that the ball is smooth and the vectors are about the same.(friction will increase nonetheless)
  11. I think not.Newton's first law of motion states that an object in motion will remain in motion whereas and object at remain at rest unless acted by an unbalanced force.Therefore,the ball will still move at 70mph when you throw it out.However,the ball will deaccelerate beacause there are no forces generated to counteract both vectors of gravity and friction.Owing to the fact that gravity exerts an acceleration of 9.8m/s squared,the ball will hit the ground first while moving forward and deaccelerate rapidly when it hits the ground.In contrast,the train remain at a steady motion(ie: it neither accelerate nor deacceralate) because the engine generate enough force to counteract gravity(its weight) and friction(air friction,ground friction....)It will remain in motion because all forces all balanced (as well as possible).The force exerted opon the ball, however is unbalanced.
  12. I suspect you seen too many cartoons and stories depicting rabbits outsmarting canines.(ie:Brer Rabbit)The predator generally must be smarter then its prey.The food chain pyramid:As we go up the foo chain the amoun of organism severel decreases. Another example is that dolphins originally originated from the ancestor of sheeps.Its intelligence developed markedly because of its switch of diets(from plants to animals)The prey survives because of its stronger reproductive capabilities(ie: rabbits multiply quickly but are short-lived comapre to dogs)
  13. Huh?I thought that helium has only two electrons,not 8(duplet).However,it still got full electron shells because the the s shell only requires two to be full.Btw, sodium does not require an electron to complete its outer shell.It needs 7.(highly unlikely).Therefore,it donates the outer electron.The shell beneath is already an octet.Hence it have an electrovalency of +1(excess of 1 electron)This is its normal electrovalency.it tends to lose the excess electron,
  14. Imagine this,a rock flies up the air while cooling down,a projectile accelerating while losing heat.We never see this kind of phenomena happening even though it is follows the 1st law of thermodynamics,that energy mya be converted from one form to another without loss.However,the second law of thermodynamics states that entropy is one-way(ie. we cannot decrease entropy without an increase in it locally of a greater magnitude)As we can see, the amount of usable energy deceases at an accelertaing rate.The random movement of molecules can't be ordered up in a single direction,therefore decresing entropy and increasing the amount of usable energy.thermal energy,however convert entropy(heat) in to usable energy but in the process create more heat that are dissapated.(ie:increase of entropy of greater magnitude then the decrease).We,human beings,strive to create order by erecting structures,acquring knowledge,etc.However,the world is thrown more and more into disarray the more we try to create order.A person who try to create order in his thoughts by studying will cause him to think more,futher creatung disorder in our thoughts.What is the point then,of creating order?(ie: answers lead to more questions)
  15. I'm a 14 year-old student who aspires to learn most of the scientific and matematical branches of human knowledge,Btw,can anyone help me to self-teach myself?I need to understand quantum mechanics, organic chemistry and electron obitals,like the 1s obitals and such.
  16. I agree with Auburngirl05. A predator normally has more developed brains and intelligence because they need to effiecntly hunt down their prey.Dogs also live in packs in the wild,futher demonstrating their inteliegence.Futhermore,long-term domestication of dogs by humans ahve caused their brains to evolve to fit their new lifestyle.
  17. I want to do a school project about ants.I wish to develop a chemical that could either mimic or change the chemical structure of the pheromones secreted by the queen ant,therefore allowing me to control the colony.Recently,i have analysed a local ant warder/killer and found out that it contains sulphides and sulfur.I have try mixing sucrose with the above chamicals to test the ants' reaction.However,i hit upon a paradox.the ants seems to be both attracted and warded by the mixture.I used a mxiture containing 4 parts sugar and 1 part sulfur.can any1 plz explain why?Btw,does anybody got any ideas to control the ants via chemicals?
  18. Forgive me for posting another question,but i don't know how to post a new thread. Ok,can any1 help me to solve this equation:square root of negative 4.BTW,can can any1 teach me how to post my own thread?
  19. Let me 1st explain how alcohol cause headaches.Hangovers(velsagia) are generally caused by the diuertic effects of alcohol. Alcohol, once consumed, enters the bloodstream and causes the pituitary gland in the brain to block the creation of vasopressin. Without this chemical, the kidneys send water directly to the bladder instead of reabsorbing it into the body.According to studies, drinking about 250 milliliters of an alcoholic beverage causes the body to expel 800 to 1,000 milliliters of water; that's four times as much liquid lost as gained. This diuretic effect decreases as the alcohol in the bloodstream decreases, but the aftereffects help create a hangover. The morning after heavy drinking, the body sends a desperate message to replenish its water supply, usually manifested in an extremely dry mouth. Headaches result from dehydration because the body's organs try to make up for their own water loss by stealing water from the brain, causing the brain to decrease in size and pull on the membranes that connect the brain to the skull, resulting in pain. The frequent urination also expels salts and potassium that are necessary for proper nerve and muscle function; when sodium and potassium levels get too low, headaches, fatigue and nausea can result. Liquors that contain congeners cause more severe hangovers. Certain type of liquors contain higher concentration of congeners, byproducts of fermentation in some alcohols.The greatest amounts of these pesky toxins are found in RED WINE(YOU DRANK THIS) and dark liquors such as bourbon, brandy, whiskey and tequila. White wine and clear liquors such as rum, vodka and gin have fewer congeners and therefore cause less frequent and less severe hangovers.The colorings sometimes used in vodka can also cause severe headaches. BTW,i'm a minor so i never drank liquor before.Futhermore,the carbonation in the beer you have drank causes your digestive system to absorb more alcohol.It is normally a bad idea to drink beer(or other carbonated drinks before drinking liquor). There are several ways to cure hangovers.The first,and one of the best,have already been stated,which is drinking lots of water.Electrolytes-rich drinks,such as fruit juices are recommmended.The fructose -- fruit sugar -- in fruit juice helps to naturally increase your energy, and studies have proven that it also increases the rate at which your body gets rid of toxins such as those left over from alcohol metabolism.You should also eat bananas to combat hangovers since it is rich is potassium.Food rich in cysteine, such as eggs can also work.The cysteine is used by the liver when it processes or metabolizes alcohol; therefore building back up this chemical may help. In contrast,burnt toast also work since it contains high level of carbon,which act as a natural filter and absorber of alcohol. Do not drink more alcohol to help your hangover.(rather obvious) It will lower the pain for a bit but it will soon return with increased intensity.Strong black coffee also does not work.Coffee contains a high amount of caffeine, which is a stimulant and therefore helps combat fatigue; however, when the caffeine wears off you may be even more tired than before. It can help alleviate your pounding head because caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it reduces the size of blood vessels. This counteracts the effect of the alcohol, which makes them swell, making your head hurt in the first place. Unfortunately, caffeine is also a diuretic like alcohol and can make you even more dehydrated than before, thereby increasing the severity of the hangover. Drugs may also work.However,i recommend only using them as a last resort.Certain painkillers are more effective at combating a hangover than others. For instance, Excedrin can be helpful for headache because it combines acetaminophen for the pain and caffeine to reduce the size of the pounding blood vessels; however, prolonged combination of alcohol and acetaminophen has been shown to cause liver damage, and caffeine is a diuretic. Aspirin is a non-caffeinated pain reliever and is also in a class of anti-inflammatory drugs known as prostaglandin inhibitors. High levels of prostaglandin have been associated with increased hangover severity. In one study, participants who took a prostaglandin inhibitor before bed reported less of a headache and less nausea and thirst than those who had drank the same amount of alcohol but did not take the prostaglandin inhibitor before bed. If you have a sensitive stomach, though, beware -- taking aspirin after drinking can make your stomach hurt even worse. Supplements such as Sob'r-K Hangover Stopper, Chaser and Uncle Rummie's Hangover Helper because they make use of the effective filtering qualities of carbon to reduce the number of impurities the body has to process (see "Burnt Toast" above). I hope you find my info helpful.Bye.
  20. IMHO,cobalt and nikel exhibit ferromagnetism(even though they are not iron)instead of paramagnetism.Most compunds and elements are paramagnetic.Strong paramagnetism is exhibited by compounds containing iron, palladium, platinum, and the rare-earth elements.These elements have some inner electron shells that are incomplete, causing their unpaired electrons to spin like tops and orbit like satellites, thus making the atoms a permanent magnet tending to align with and hence strengthen an applied magnetic field.Oxygen and other not -metals also exhibit paramagnetism at extremely low temperatures.You can obseve this effect in a superconductor which exhibit diamagnetism.The extreame cold temperatures will cause the thermal acticity atoms of the liquid nitrogen to decrease,therefore rendering it magnetic.
  21. I'm only 14 years old but what I have read about quatum mechanics state that the observations made are relative to the speed and direction the observer is travelling.If you move at the speed of light(if it is possible),the observations you made constrast tradisional physics(where the observer is inert,or near inert).therefore,it is highly unlikely that you will see the light moving at the same speed as you.
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