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  1. Well 2 months so far of intense bone pain, good new is that it isn't cancer but the bad news is that I have to have an antibiotic diffusion every day at the hospital at 07:00 for the next 8 weeks, I had one of these put in yesterday and I have two diffusions behind me... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peripherally_inserted_central_catheter

  2. We almost made it as a species, almost managed to actually be civilized, I'd like to think a few pockets of our species made it to threshold of being civilized beings but it hardly matters now. The downhill slide back to something ever more distant from civilization might be slow but i doubt it, I am probably too old to see the slide pick up too much speed but the curve has begun it's unstoppable downward turn. There were a few rays of hope, the enlightenment being the brightest...

  3. There are no sea horses in Lake Titicaca!

  4. There are no sea horses in Lake Titicaca!

  5. My wife is in the hospital again, I am worried.

  6. My wife is in the hospital again, I am worried.

  7. I am trying to get an internet troll that has been giving me grief here for a fair and impartial conversation, Highly unlikely he'll show up but you never know...

  8. SWAT has the street blocked in front of my house, they are talking though a bullhorn to someone in a house down the street. Guns everywhere oh my...

  9. Someone here gave me a link to a program that allowed you to shrink and edit photos, I lost it, anyone have an idea what it was...?

  10. I think the glasses make the outfit!

  11. My son is a boss.

  12. Alright guys, no more rep points. I'm exactly where I want to be.

  13. Going to do some fish collecting in the foot hills of NC this week end, i am stoked!

  14. OMFG... it's SNOWING!

  15. OMFG... it's SNOWING!

  16. SFN and I share our third anniversary today. :D

  17. Almost two weeks of the flu, today is the first day in quite a few I feel like it's worth thinking about living, I had a flu shot too, must have been one of those lesser flu's. Maybe I'll live...

  18. If anyone is puzzled about what to give me for Christmas here it is...http://www.gizmag.com/top-10-christmas-wishlist-2013/30133/pictures#4

  19. House is infested with FLEAS!!! And in the middle of winter!!! Had to give my cat a bath...

  20. Mary Lee, a 15 foot great white shark continues ro pay a visit to our shores this week. She was tagged last year up around Cape Cod and has been haunting our water this month. She was encountered today in Masonburro Inlet by a small craft. She is impressive and giving some of our local surfers a bit of a thrill...

  21. What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?

  22. I'm always open to new ideas but I don't let them crawl into my skull and take a dump...

  23. Tropical storm conditions last night and today, I love the intense rainfall and my cacti have already sent up new flower buds,,,

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