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  1. A more practical use for such technology would be creating plants than have real meat as fruit. Possibly a pod the size of a coconut that contains beef, shrimp, or fish or what ever meat you want.
  2. Lets mix humans and horses and make centaurs!
  3. So one rock that was in space for 16 million years is a deal breaker for you? Bacteria in salt formations many millions of years old have been revived, other bacteria live and grow at temps above 200c a rock could very likely take much less than 16 million years to ride out the trip from mars to the Earth or back. i can think of many life forms that could conceivably survive such a trip. spores of bacteria, spores of ferns, moss, lichens, tardigrades can survive very high temps and dessication for very long periods of time. Even Brine shrimp eggs can with stand vacuum and long periods of dessication. I don't think such a transfer can be ignored, it's likely hood is based on lots of variables many of which are in favor of such a transfer.
  4. Did we read the same link? It's very likely to happen, rocks stay cold inside through the entire ordeal both being launched and reentry, and being inside a rock protects the bacteria or spore or maybe even tardigrades. Most of the objections to life trveling from the Earth to say Mars or vice versa was due to UV radiation but inside a rock UV is no problem.
  5. Can you elaborate on this? I see no reason that finding life on mars would interfere with plans to colonize mars (admittedly I don't thin colonizing planets will ever be a big thing due to it being easier to build free artificial colonies) Life on mars would probably make it more likely we would want to put a base there to study it and a permanent base could be the beginning of a colony.
  6. Are you a student or a parent (think of this as child or adult)? Parent Age:54 How long have you been driving?: 38 years Gender:Male Race: Native American TYPE OF CAR YOU DRIVE:Jeep Year: 1991 Model: Cherokee Make: Laredo Do you text while driving (or waiting at the traffic light)?: If so, how often? (all the time, most of the time, sometimes, rarely) Never Do you talk on the phone while driving (or waiting at the traffic light)?: No If so, how often? (all the time, most of the time, sometimes, rarely) Never Do you listen to music while driving (or waiting at the traffic light)?:Yes If so, how often? (all the time, most of the time, sometimes, rarely) Always Do you eat while driving (or waiting at the traffic light)?: If so, how often? (all the time, most of the time, sometimes, rarely) Sometimes Have you been involved in any accidents while you were driving? Yes If so, how many total (in all the years you have been driving)? 1 While you are driving, how often do you talk to the other passenger in the car? (all the time, most of the time, sometimes, rarely) Always
  7. Actually there is reason to think life could be transfered from one planet to anther through impacts, see this link. http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/080916-st-space-life.html
  8. I think it needs to be said that until about 40 to 50 thousand years ago humans didn't excel much beyond simple tool making. During the preceding 150,000 years human made the same tools with very little advancement. 50,000 years ago and quite suddenly humans began to make things better, art, tools became more complex in design. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Behavioral_modernity after this "Great Leap Forward" progress was at a ever faster rate. Until this time progress was much slower. exactly what occurred then is open to debate.
  9. There is fungus that us melanin to convert gamma rays to fuel their metablolism. http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/8564/title/Dark_Power_Pigment_seems_to_put_radiation_to_good_use http://unitedcats.wordpress.com/2007/05/29/major-biological-discoveryinside-the-chernobyl-reactor/
  10. Am impact of the size he is talking about would have been an order of magnitude worse than the impact that contributed to the demise of the Dinosaurs. Such an impact would have devastated the surface of the entire planet, possibly been an extinction event on a scale never before seen.
  11. Black plant life would indicate the plants are using all wave lengths of light, for other colors you can go to marine algae. Red algae use green/blue light, brown algae use blue to violet light. It's really not that straight forward but it does show tendencies. I have grown algae with artificial light and the waves lengths preferred do indeed correspond to some extent on the color of the pigments in the algae.
  12. If I may I would like to say that there is another school of thought, oil, coal and other hydrocarbons found int the earth are not biology reworked by geology but are actually geology reworked by biology. Hydrocarbons were deposited with the earth as it formed from material similar to hydrocarbon rich meteorites called carboniferous chonderites, this hydrocarbon material is reworked by biology into Oil natural gas and coal, The observed phenomenon of oil reservoirs refilling after being emptied is just one part of a large body of evidence for this process. Unfortunately this idea has met considerable problems because some people have hit upon this to try and say that oil is not running out and this blatant lie has given the whole idea of abiotic oil a bad name. Actually the refilling of oil fields is far to slow to be a significant factor in the world wide oil crisis. The Deep Hot Biosphere by Thomas Gold is a recent advocate of this process but the idea stretches back more than a hundred years and was the first explanation for the origin of oil. The Soviets also promoted this and of course western science rejected it out of hand due to this. See these links for more info. http://www.scribd.com/doc/4847873/Dismissal-of-the-Claims-of-a-Biological-Connection-for-Natural-Petroleum-JF-Kenney http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abiogenic_petroleum_origin http://asecondhandconjecture.com/index.php/2008/04/21/abiogenic-oil/ http://www.rense.com/general58/biot.htm sadly this idea is being hijacked by people who think it means oil is in unlimited supply and the people who say oil is limited are very reluctant to even consider the possibility of abiotic oil.
  13. Maximum Possible temperature? 10 to the 32nd power degrees? http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/zero/hot.html
  14. In World War Z interviews of the veterans and other people who fought the zombies said that the older zombies were the more decrepit they became. Although they killed and ate humans and other animals the flesh wasn't digested and simply came out their rectum as rotten meat. If a zombie was disemboweled it wasn't harmed but any meat it ate just fell out through the hole in in it's torso. zombies have a limited life span, they slowly deteriorate over time. Lower temps slow this process, that why zombies on the bottom in deep ocean were a threat, they were preserved at those low temps but still able to slowly make their way to shallow water and land. This means that even though zombies on land die off in a reasonable time frame (very long time frame) those in cold or cool conditions do not. Zombies frozen in cold regions reanimate when thawed out.
  15. Try ground Popeye mullet and pogy. If it doesn't work out you can use frozen chunks as chum to catch sharks!
  16. I know that BB theory is the accepted theory and that BB makes no attempt to say what became before. On the other hand there are some hypothesis that do attempt to give some ideas about what came before. Brane theory does give some ideas about what came before. Colliding Branes contained in a multidimensional Bulk does give us some ideas about the possibilities. While we have no tests that would currently show evidence for this there is no evidence that would contradict this either. Since this is posted in P&S I don't have a problem bringing it up.
  17. I'm not sure if zombies have any effect of plants or not but one way to tell if a group of people have zombie infected among them is to nerve gas them, the regular people die but the people who are developing into zombies do not!
  18. Any animal that tries to eat a zombie dies, the flesh is very poisonous.
  19. They could only be crushed if they had hollow spaces inside their bodies. Solid things do not crush, one of the main clean up problems after World War Z was using small deep water submersibles to kill the zombie hoards hiding in deep ocean waters. Any ship at anchor was vulnerable to zombies climbing the anchor chain at night and gaining access to the ship. fishing trawlers had to be prepared to kill zombies they netted off the bottom of the oceans. Only freezing temps stopped them and then when they thawed out they would start walking around again!
  20. Maybe they will intercept our TV broad casts and think Star Trek is real and want to avoid our hi-tech militaristic space forces? Will they think we can do things that are impossible to them after seing our "history broadcasts" of Star Trek and other scifi TV shows?
  21. Not if the subs cooling water intakes get clogged with zombies. read World War Z , the things walk/crawl across the bottoms of oceans, islands are death traps. The only thing to do is to methodically blow all of their heads off. all 5 billion of them! The safest place to be would be Antarctica, zombies freeze in cold weather.
  22. Finally a thread that actually makes sense!
  23. Basically for the same reason none of the other planets fall into the sun, their orbital velocity.
  24. I would have to vote probably not on that one, but I would be amazed to find out we are wrong. If you postulate a civilization a 1000 years in advance of us or 10,000 or 100,000 or 1,000,000 years in advance of us it would be foolish to try and say what they could and could not do.
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