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  1. Higher pressure broadens the range that NH3 is liquid


    At 60 atm, for example, which is below the pressures available on Jupiter or Venus, ammonia boils at 98°C instead of -33°C, giving a liquidity range of 175°C. Ammonia-based life need not necessarily be low-temperature life!




    Boron based life might be more conducive to Ammonia as a solvent.



  2. I believe the skin colour solution was of Divine origin.


    God did not want crossbreed humans to look like zebras. Thar would have been bad for the individuals in question. But more than that, it would have fuelled racism all over the globe, with humans of diff races not being capable of having normal children togeter.


    Oooh, this topic is so locked now I mentioned God. It's like a red cloth to some so called open minded people here... :eyebrow:


    Do you have any evidence to support that contention?

  3. I see no reason young people should be restricted from sex, it's unnatural not to have sex. The more you suppress the urge the more you want it, especially when you are young. While I doubt that Birth control pills are exactly being given out like M&Ms condoms should be given out and we need to cut the guilt trip associated with sex. Sex is fun sex is natural, and as long as you take precautions to prevent unwanted pregnancy it's a good thing. It's our own religious and societal guilt trips we need to get past. Humans should stop trying to control others for reasons of simply arbitrary control. If nothing else young people should be taught to masturbate when sexual urges become very strong. Every one should be in control of their own sexual pleasure and desire from the beginning. Get past the goofy guilt trips and give people control of their sexuality! The worst thing about sex is how others guilt you when you get caught! At one time sex outside marriage(for women) was "the fate worse than death" How long will it take us to get the the point that we see no problem with anyone having sex when and with, when ever and with who ever they can talk into consenting to having sex with them. Humans should grow up in control of their own selves not worrying about what others think.

  4. On our planet it is obvious that water came first but to say that all life has to use water is simply conjecture and nothing more. Of course the idea that life could use another solvent is also conjecture, we simply do not know. We do know that other chemicals are better in some ways than water but not in others. I still contend the reason water seems so perfect for life is because on our planet life evolved in water, so life on earth is perfectly adjusted to H2O. Life on say Titan for instance might use a liquid hydrocarbon as a solvent. That life would look at that hydrocarbon as perfect for life and wonder how life could exist using anything else. Water may indeed be the only solvent of life but we have no reason to think so at this juncture.

  5. Since water is all we know and all life we know uses it I would expect life to adapt to all the qualities of water, some extremely well. If for example we lived on a planet where life developed in concentrated sulfuric acid we would no doubt think CSA was the most amazing fluid in the universe and expound on it's magical qualities!

  6. There is nothing we know of that doesn't need water to live. Life on Earth is dissolved in water and only works in water, the apparent perfection of water can be seen a essential for life or that life just happened to use water on the Earth because it was the most available solvent and adapted to it. There are other possibilities but so far they are just speculations.


    yet the magnetosphere of the Earth keeps us alive


    No the Earths atmosphere keeps us alive, the magnetisphere helps keep tghe atmosphere from being sputtered away into space over the long term but not much more than that.


    meaning ?


    You are the one who said it was extreme. You should proviode links or some sort of evidence to support it I did.



    they were protected by the capsule and/or by their suits


    No the capsule and their suits were far to thin to help them avoid radiation in space, as a matter of fact a solar storm almost caught one of the crews, if it had they would have died, slowly, of radiation sickness.



    See these links






    the main and real danger is this




    The atmosphere provides real protection from both solar and cosmic ray particles, the magnetic feild proveds more and is important but the solar with is not capable of burning the surface of the earth as long as we have an atmosphere. It would cause us problems but it wouldn't kill us immediatly in any less than millions of years and most of that would be due to loss of atmosphere.

  8. and do think that this " miles " of air can actually protect us from the onslaught of the plasmic solar energy produced by the sun ?


    Oh yes it does indeed do that.


    think upon this;


    a solar ejection by a sun spot interferes with EM ( electromagnetic instruments ) with the Earths magnetosphere in place


    so what would free solar plasmic energy do with NO magnetoshere in place ?



    The Earth magnetic field is not all that strong, it's quite weak and easy for the solar wind to disrupt but the energy contained in the solar wind is not "extreme" as i said the Apollo astronauts spent several days out side the earths magnetic field and were not harmed.


    You have an exaggerated idea of the energy levels involved. I suggest a few google searches will help clear up this misunderstanding.

  9. Originally Posted by Moontanman

    Actually I doubt even that would happen if was for one second,


    neither do I


    birds do navigate by the earths magnetic field, a one second disruption would be meaningless.



    the suns plasma ejection is continuous and perpetual in that one second


    the energy absorbed by the Earth would be fantastic


    No it wouldn't, the suns plasma ejection isn't that strong, as i said you could be exposed to it directly for one second with no mag field or atmosphere and not even notice and have no ill effects. The sun's plasma output is continuous but it does get much worse during a mass plasma ejection but even that wouldn't kill you in one second. Under normal circumstances it wouldn't bother you at all, Apollo Astronauts were exposed to the suns radiation for the length of their journey but they weren't killed or harmed. Do you have any evidence the Earth would absorb a fantastic amount of energy?





    we are protected by several inches of lead ?


    where is the equivalent of lead in our atmosphere , and what is this " equivalence composed of ?


    The mass of our atmosphere protects us from particle radiation the same way several inches of lead would, its the mass of the atoms in the air. Our atmosphere only allows a narrow window of the suns radiation to penetrate.





    The worst that could happen if the field was down long term would atmosphere erosion, eventually after many millions of year it would get critical, but no there would be no instant or extreme effects.




    you surely do not understand the Earths magnetosphere


    It's a certainty that you don't

  10. They do attract and when they come together they annihilate each other in a flash of gamma rays and other particles. I kilo of anti-matter and one kilo of matter if brought together would cause nearly a 50 megaton explosion.




    The reaction of 1 kg of antimatter with 1 kg of matter would produce 1.8×1017 J (180 petajoules) of energy (by the mass-energy equivalence formula E = mc²), or the rough equivalent of 47 megatons of TNT. For comparison, Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated, reacted an estimated yield of 50 Megatons, which required the use of hundreds of kilograms of fissile material (Uranium/Plutonium).

    Merged post follows:

    Consecutive posts merged

    To be completely honest there is a school of thought that says neutral anti atoms would repel atoms through gravitational repulsion but this isn't exactly what most think but it has never actually been shown one way or the other.

  11. Actually I doubt even that would happen if was for one second, you could be exposed to the vacuum of space out side the earths magnetic field during a extreme plasma ejection for one second with no bad effects, the vacuum would the worst of it. It's not like the suns plasma wind is a blow torch and we are protected by a thick atmosphere that is the equivalent of several inches of lead at least. The worst that could happen if the field was down long term would atmosphere erosion, eventually after many millions of year it would get critical, but no there would be no instant or extreme effects.

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