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  1. "Stupidity is a luxury that those who are overwhelmingly on the left are those who can afford to be." [sic]

  2. On the bus back to Washington DC. I'm totally frozen and I didn't have time to get something to eat. Meh!

  3. I'm at Gay Pride Parade 2011 (31st Street, 5th Avenue, New York) w/ 63 others [pic]: http://4sq.com/jWwO9U

  4. My Paddlefish are doing well, the three that are left anyway, I am currently looking at building a 450 gallon tank for them.

  5. Why Are Vampires terrified of garlic? http://t.co/w26Rphc via @scisharkweb

  6. He is gone. Bin Laden. Now live with peace.

  7. He is gone. Bin Laden. Now live with peace.

  8. I am super excited to be in a Chinese bad man club. Just sayin'.

  9. So Mariah Carey FINALLY threw her babies out.

  10. The morning sun has vanquished the horrible night.

  11. Singing - " Heavy Metal Or No Metal At All Wimps And Posers Leave The Hall Heavy Metal Or No Metal At All Wimps And Posers Go On Get Out Leave The Hall "

  12. Loo-algebroids have a kind of Tulczyjew triple, in terms of graded manifolds rather than double vector bundles, fascinating...

  13. Dancing with the stars is rigged!

  14. Why doesnt parents realize that keeping long hair is the sign of being genious like newton and einstien

  15. Hello :D i am new here

  16. What if giant metaphysical alien balls took over the fake structure and theme of govermnet?

  17. I fixed my stereo, I be jammin!

  18. I fixed my stereo, I be jammin!

  19. I fixed my stereo, I be jammin!

  20. Sigh... I need to get out of the coffee peddling business... i miss feeding elderly gila monsters lamb-flavored baby food via syringe

  21. The thing about committing algae genocide is that there isn't any screaming to relish...

  22. The politics section here has become a ridiculous waste of bandwidth. Logic and accuracy don't seem to matter among the most active

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