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    South Eastern North Carolina
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    I enjoy surf fishing, beach combing, scuba, aquariums, native fish breeding, and writing. Here is a audio book of a short story I wrote.
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    some statistical analysis but no other higher education.
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    Astrobiology, evoluntionary biology, space travel, nuclear power,
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    I live near the ocean, I am a science junkie and just another bundle of ignorance trying learn.
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  1. Is anyone else having problems accessing the blog?


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    2. Moontanman


      Can anyone suggest how I can get past this 502 error when trying to log into the sfn blog? I need access to my stories.

    3. Moontanman


      I fixed it, I have no idea why it did that but I had to reset this lap top completely to get back into the sfn blog. 

    4. Sensei



      "The 502 Bad Gateway error is an HTTP status code that occurs when a server acting as a gateway or proxy receives an invalid or faulty response from another server in the communication chain.[1] This error indicates a problem with the communication between the involved servers and can result in disruption of internet services. The 502 Bad Gateway error is considered one of the most common error codes on the internet and can occur in various scenarios."

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