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  1. Moontanman

    Exoplanets (split from Science videos)

    Dynomite! Is a cultural reference mean to be humorous, check the spelling. But yes, we would have to develop ways of mining in zero gee. Possibly robots could do much of it with just a few humans to supervise the mining and construction of the first habitats. Then more humans could settle in those places and more robots could be used. It's the beginning of my Winnebago theory of galactic colonization...
  2. Moontanman

    The inconvenient truth about genetics

    I look forward to something other than baseless assertions. You must provide something other than your own assertions. I can assert anything in that manner and disproof? You are mistaken, you must provide some support for your assertions other than your assertions. Teapot in orbit around Uranus anyone? I am responding to what is little more than a gish gallop of baseless assertions, he does not really provide anything that can be called evidence and his logic is at best cartoonish, Sherlock Holmes? Really?
  3. Moontanman

    The inconvenient truth about genetics

    Citation please. Citation please. Citation please. Citation please. Citation please. Citation please. Citation please. Citation please. Citation please. Sherlock Holmes was wrong, this is nothing but a argument from ignorance, if you don't know then you don't know no matter how many things you think you've eliminated deciding something is the truth with no supporting evidence is not valid. Would you say there are no white swans because you've never seen one? Until Australia was discovered there were no white swans as far as anyone knew but there they were. The only thing absurd is using an argument from ignorance, I see no reason to think the "plan" in not contained in the genome just because you can't see it..
  4. Moontanman

    The inconvenient truth about genetics

    You are correct, I misread your statement but it comes back to your 10 assertions, can you provide a citation for any of them? They do indeed sound like the ravings of a creationist your claim you are not one is meaningless. We see creationists all the time who try to sneak in their agenda by claiming not to be creationists. You made the assertions, it's not our job to disprove them, it's your job to show they are valid...
  5. Moontanman

    The inconvenient truth about genetics

    Actually you are so far off on all of them your not even close enough for why your wrong to be explained. You make completely off thew wall, and i suspect a dishonest creationist source, assumptions at the beginning of each point that are not close enough to even be wrong. The Earth and it's biosphere is not a closed system..
  6. Moontanman

    UFO evidence and aliens.

    So if Elon Musk hasn't suggested it then it has to be impossible? The whole point of this is that one planet doesn't have to support such an enterprise. In fact that would be close to impossible but there are plenty of resources already in space, asteroids, Jupiter's Trojan asteroids, Kuiper belt objects, and those good old oort cloud objects not to mention such objects in interstellar space.
  7. Why does the computer programmer have to a god? Why couldn't just be our descendants modeling the past to see how things were back in the good old days. As I said god is not an answer to anything... Prove you are real...
  8. Before you embarrass your self again please show some evidence of a god before invoking a god. God is not an answer to anything and is infact a claim that needs evidence...
  9. Moontanman

    UFO evidence and aliens.

    No, this is a misunderstanding often alluded to but it doesn't hold up without assuming that any travels would be direct from star to star by the same individuals. Slow ships traveling from one oort cloud to another and making use of interstellar objects and dust to top up volatiles and to build even more habitats makes much more sense and is doable if they have controlled fusion as an energy source. No needs for planets at all and any visitors to earth would be the equivalent specialized researchers. The entire galaxy could be smattered by these habitats, rotated for gravity, see O'Neil cylinders and Mckendrick cylinders and Stanford Torus. I don't know of a reason why aluminum from an alien spacecraft would necessarily show up differently. But you have a point about what we are looking for. If what we are looking for is something else then we might not even detect it at all. This has been suggested in the search for a shadow biosphere. We look for DNA from the biosphere we know and wouldn't "see" anything different..
  10. As much as I like Neil he is not the last word on this and has no evidence to back that up...
  11. Moontanman

    UFO evidence and aliens.

    It's an interesting concept. I know I've never heard of it being used to detect aliens.
  12. Moontanman

    UFO evidence and aliens.

    You do realise that distance is not necessarily a limiting factor.. right? I am asking what would that evidence be?
  13. Moontanman

    UFO evidence and aliens.

    "off world ejecta"? Are you talking about DNA? I'm not sure how that would work but I am sure it's not being done and will not be done until some other suspicions direct us in that direction. Until someone takes the possibility of aliens visiting us serious no one will even try to do that... this video, if you start it at around 03:40 to get past all the silly intro they put in it is interesting, it's kind of long, but if you get the chance it does give some insight into the whole 2004 Nov. 10th sighting that wasn't told by TV the FLIR stuff starts at around 26:00 and we've seen that on the national news. If you get the chance it is interesting if nothing else due to the possibility it was human tech. Dropping from 28.000 fett to 50 feet at 24,000 mph of course if it's all bs then it's meaningless and that is the key. How do you figure out what is BS and what is real... 500 knots underwater is wild...
  14. Moontanman

    UFO evidence and aliens.

    Depends on how serious you take the report of the two aircraft that encountered the "tic tacs" before the ones who took the FLIR images. The initial report was of objects capable of hypersonic flight extreme altitudes and hovering over the ocean, radar tapes and sonar detections. The FLIR images are not indicative at all and could easily be disinformation but you do make a good point. I would be very surprised if Russia or China were testing super drones just off the coast of the US but it's not out of the bounds of possibility. I think I said this in another thread but these sighting have human tech written all over them but if it is human then a phase change in aerial warfare equal to or exceeding stealth is taking place...