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    I live near the ocean, I am a science junkie and just another bundle of ignorance trying learn.
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  1. Big bang and evolution is incompatible with The Word of God. Therefore big bang is fake. When the Torah was Written by Moses under Jesus' instruction, The Creation was very carefully worded so as not to allow 'insertion' of extra time. So there was evening and morning dividing each of the six 24 hour days of Creation.

    Ask yourself, "How did The Lord know that in the 20th Century, Satan would trick 'scientists' into believing the big bang and evolution nonsense?".

    The Lord knows all things past and future, and clearly states that anyone who does not accept Jesus as their personal Saviour will have eternal death. So being a very 'clever' big bang secular scientist believer is actually proving they are 'fools'. That's why nothing works out for the cosmologists who merely become tangled in Satan's web of lies. Satan wants you DEAD to Jesus, and as Jesus is the Life, you are therefore 'lost'. So are the scientist clever?? No they are simply 'lost fools'. David  70.98047

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    2. David Hine

      David Hine

      Phi - I'm not interested in your deliberately childish unhelpful reply, so please count me out. If you were a 'proper mature scientist' you would intelligently face the question, or refer this to someone that can. That would gain respect. As you cannot face the question, your only approach is a threat. That is the mark of a true coward who has just spat out his dummy, like most secular scientists do when cornered, so it's no wonder I'm not interested in your big bang lies on this tiny corner of the web.

      I will now leave you with your lies and fake science, but remember, Hubble's Constant is 70.98047 precisely. From that there is no escape, David

    3. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      Litsten, you're deliberately posting this on Moontanman's personal Status Update page, against his wishes. JUST OPEN A THREAD IF YOU WANT TO DISCUSS SOMETHING! This is NOT the way to talk about this. Jeesh!

    4. David Hine

      David Hine

      Ok, I've just started a new thread about calculating Hubble's Constant. I apologise, as I thought is was open discussion for anyone to join, like the radio forums. I hope you will comment there to liven the Hubble calculating debate, David. 

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