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    I enjoy surf fishing, beach combing, scuba, aquariums, native fish breeding,
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    I live near the ocean, I am a science junkie and just another bundle of ignorance trying learn.
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  1. My "Web Root" anti viral system that came from Best Buy with my computer has suddenly started holding my sound system hostage. It continuously makes a loud beeping noise and flashes a warning telling me the subscription runs out in a few days. Best buy says it cannot be turned off unless i buy a new subscription... Or delete the program, but if i delete i no longer have anti virus protection... choices choices...

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    2. StringJunky


      The box in the bottom left corner on the taskbar that says Search Windows. Anything you want, just start typing in there.

    3. StringJunky


      By the Windows Icon

    4. Moontanman


      Thanks guys, I figured it out with your help. Everytime i change something it takes me forever to learn the new procedures. Getting old and set in my ways I guess!

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