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  1. Pangloss, You took what I said about "good vs. evil" out of context. I'm not sure how much you have read of the Straussian teachings or early neocon ideology. The reference of "good vs. evil" is something that is believed in this ideology as necessary in propagating and convincing the masses to support unilateral action in spreading American ideals across the world. It is actually credited to the nazi propaganda machine to convince the masses during the holocaust. In the sentence you quoted "it is not as simple as good vs. evil", I was not meant to affiliate the word evil with anyone or anything. It basically means what it says. But you took it out of context to infer I was labeling something or someone as evil: What I said and how you interpreted the meaning are very different. But it's okay, it happens, and it's kind of irrelevant. But I just wanted to clear up that confusion. Glad to hear it. Wow, I thought you were more objective than this. In my opinion, this is the best investigative reporting I have seen. It is agenda based, to open up peoples eyes. This guy is so on top of everything and so good at investigative reporting he usually exposes something long before the mainstream media acknowledges it, sometimes even years before. This guy is a former LAPD narcotics investigator, he knows how to find answers and knows where to look. I trust him and have found no reason not to, and believe me I have looked for reasons. Perhaps you could explain in more detail why this source is so non-credible, with more ellaboration and examples. Stay safe.
  2. And if it is true, and I really hope it is not, they would be allowed to get away with it simply because of the immediate denial and disbelief of Americans that do not even take the time to view the evidence, on top of a gutless congress and senate who are afraid to ask the important questions or demand a real investigation.
  3. Must have been in another thread, it's not in this one. But, I do not remember ever stating Paul Wolfowitz was evil. Two things are happening here. I think you are misinterpreting my ability to see through bullcrap. I know when something is biased, I know when something is propagated, and I know how to see through that to look at the content. And I think what is happening is you feel that when I post an article that article is conveying my opinions as well, understand it is not. The material I read rarely comes from websites, most all of it comes from books and documentaries, when I try to find articles that support what I am trying to say I usually do a google but do not spend a huge amount of time finding the perfect article to match my opinions. I just find something that touches on what I am trying to say, that does not mean I frequent these websites or I share similar beliefs with the authors. Second thing is I think you are really taking certain things out of context, try not to focus on me and my opinions so much and try to find the bottom line, or the point I am trying to make. It can be tough sometimes, especially when your trying to understand someones demeanor. I think you may have misunderstood me alot in this thread, or others. No that is not what I want. If that happens I think it would come from a misinterpretation of me, my opinions, and what links I post. However I do not feel I post the so called "non-credible" and "biased" articles to the extent of which you may be assuming. There is one particular website that I do frequent, it is http://www.fromthewilderness.com , I have posted a number of links from there. Would you consider that website "non-credible" or "very biased"? (A little biased I will give you, everyone is to an extent) Fanatic, whoa. Huge misinterpretation. A little frustrated and outraged, yes. Fanatical, far from it. Pangloss, I am not an experienced debater. My experience extends to about 6 months on this and a couple other message boards. I am not really big on debating, but it seems in alot of places a debate gets thrown in your face when just trying to express opinions, conversate, and ask questions. I think alot of people have a natural defense mechanism where they get defensive simply when someone expresses an opinion that doesn't match their own. And I think this effects everyone to an extent, and it reflects alot when interpreting someone else who's opinion's differ. Point is, I am more interested in seeking answers, truth, conversation, reason, and more questions to ask that need to be asked. Sometimes those things are difficult to find. I think you are very intelligent, you know alot of things I do not know, and there is some I know that you do not know. Perhaps both of us are a little guilty of not being open-minded, and a little judgemental. Hopefully we can fix that and answer more of each others questions, exchange opinions, and have discussion.
  4. Evil was not a word I used. You said it, not me.
  5. No I am not a psyciatrist, no I cannot prove he is insane, in my opinions he is insane. Does that clear it up for you? Here is a more accurate and not as biased Bio of Paul Wolfowitz: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Wolfowitz His excellent management and accurate assessment skills: Not to mention the conflict of interest:
  6. As Douglas said, neo means new. Most of the neocons have studied the teachings of Leo Strauss, the originator of the (in my opinion) psychotic neocon ideology. Here are some articles about Neo-Conservatism and Leo Strauss teachings http://reason.com/rb/rb101701.shtml http://www.strike-the-root.com/51/johnson/johnson3.html http://hometown.aol.com/sincere33/PNACNSSUSA.html
  7. Pangloss, Interesting article, but as usual it doesn't even touch the real basis of concern. Democrat or Republican, in US journalism it doesn't matter, journalists have become a bunch of lazy cowards who are afraid to ask the real tough questions for fear of getting flamed, and too lazy to do any investigating. I have read through the released parts of the Wolfowitz doctrine, I have read all 90 some pages of the rebuilding of America's defenses written by PNAC, I have studied some aspects of Straussian ideology and teachings, and I understand Paul Wolfowitz'es ideals and mentality, I just think its insane. You cannot have infinite war, America does not always need an enemy, everything is not as simple as good and evil, and America does not need to dominate the world, space and cyberspace. And he believes we do, putting him at the head of the world bank gives him alot of power, and trust me this man could give a rats ass about starving children in a third world country. Does Bush? Or better yet does the candidate have a degree in finance? Even local finance? What are his qualifications? Is Bush an MD or a psychiatrist? When asked what qualifications Wolfowitz had Bush responded, "He has managed a large organization, the pentagon is a large organization, the world bank is a large organization." I guess running a similar size organization is qualification enough, even though those positions are at completely opposite ends of the spectrum. Not to mention he has done a piss poor job running the pentagon, maybe he needs to try something smaller like a used car lot. What a joke.
  8. Haha! I'm serious though. I still can't get over the disbelief that this is happening, it is way past the line of disgusting. And it is past the time for America to pay attention to what is going on, Paul Wolfowitz is an insane man with insane ideologies of American global domination and power. He is not the man to head the world bank.
  9. Keep in mind there is a huge difference between Neo-conservatives and Conservatives. Just as there are between Neo-liberals and Liberals.
  10. Inmate. Wolfowitz wants America to dominate the world with the use of force. This move is just another step towards American empire.
  11. Paul Wolfowitz running the World Bank. Article: Wolfowitz nomination throws harsh spotlight on World Bank Top 10 reasons why Paul Wolfowitz would make a good World Bank president I know I am going to get yelled at for just posting a link again, without my opinion or discussion points. But, my discussion points and similar opinions are contained within the links. Whats your opinion or thoughts?
  12. Thanks Sayo. Dealing with the Iraq issue is something I think is very important especially now when I think some Americans are beggining to wake up (including myself) to what the world has been saying, and you yourself have been saying.
  13. Oh no not at all! Sayo is a great admin. Blunt, and brutally honest with opinions at times, but that makes it more interesting.
  14. Well, here is a different angle on that: http://www.freefromterror.net/other_articles/gov_anthrax.html The act is very useful in some parts, unconstitutional in others. While I do not doubt alot of good has been done with it, alot of bad has also come with it. On a documentary I recently watched it showed how arab-american legal citizens had been detained, held without charges against them, and no family was notified. These were people working, supporting their family, and basically stripped of their rights without reason. Most of their family members filed missing persons reports before finding out they had been detained. I think many were deported for technicalities on their immigration documents, but quite a few were released back to their families. No criminal charges were ever filed. I remember some of them were detained for about 9 months, in what they described worse than prison, with no charges brought on them or no conflicts with their immigration status. I do not know the whole story of what happened as I didn't see the entire documentary, if anyone has more information as to what actually took place please share.
  15. What is the definition of left wing and right wing? In my eyes the site seems to go against both wings and is more of a grassroots, unique, seperate ideology. I don't think its really fair to say because it goes against the Bush administration it is left wing. But I guess its all a matter of perception. I agree, consideration of all opinions and ideas and deciding for yourself what fits with your moral and personal beliefs is the honest thing to do, if for nobody else but yourself. The left wing - right wing division, and mud-slinging without considering the opinions or facts is very troublesome. I did not think much of it as in the astronomy section you will find handfuls of threads saying nothing more than "Hey! Check out these pics (Link)". Or just yesterday there was a thread in the general section "I thought this was funny (Link)." But in the future I will try to take more care to post information and thoughts along with a link, like I said it was late, i was tired but I wanted to get the link out there so people could absorb the information and reply to it, giving me a base to start discussion.
  16. I apologize, it was late. I plan to start discussion about some of the material in the link.
  17. Just curious if you read through the links, blike? Or did you just right it off because you thought it was a left wing site? And sure if you have a facts sheet from somewhere else that contradicts or counters these facts, post it, I would love to read it. I posted this for those who have a hard time keeping up with all that is going on.
  18. For those interested here is a good link: http://democracyrising.us/content/blogcategory/3/71/
  19. The American people must demand a revolution of the way we allow information to be distributed to the people. Media and government should not be intertwined in any way where a conflict of interests will arise.
  20. Thanks! No law suit yet, just finding out information still, but if anyone comes across anything please post it! Mainly looking for information to what farms have been using this product and where the shipments from those dairy farms goes to.
  21. So what is the deal with the US, China and Taiwan? I keep hearing that war word relating to this and I don't know much about what is going on in this situation. Anyone want to give me a briefing on why China wants Taiwan so bad, why Taiwan doesn't want China so bad, and why it is important to the US? And is war with China a possibility?
  22. Thank you for the links Nevermore and Skye. jdurg, thank you for your concern. Tomorrow morning I go under the needle I have to get a series of tests to determine if I may possibly have Diabetes among other things. The doctor seems baffled that my immune system is so unable to fight the infection. Also I have opened some dialog with some lawyers who are helping me look into the possibility of my infection being in anyway related to this product, if I find out anything I will let everyone know.
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