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  1. The simplest answer what is Dark Matter and Dark Energy is that Photon and Neutrino have mass > 0. In such model imagine star with radius r. It's current mass of star. Sphere with radius r + 300,000 km - how massive star was 1 second ago. Sphere with radius r + 3,000,000 km - how massive star was 10 seconds ago. and so on. Nothing annihilated during Bing Bang to massless particles. Part of Universe that annihilated is still influencing whole universe by its mass.
  2. No problem. This thread will quickly die anyway because of lack of interest of anybody- physics and mathematics are based on determinism. Without determinism what is else? Religion... I am just on second side of this - with absolute determinism. Sorry for disruption.
  3. We ARE in speculations section ALREADY.... Unrelated? We are living in THE SAME Universe, are not you? What I said above is not mine "idea" - it's fact what happens in accelerators. I just used words that anybody, even complete noob in physics can understand to describe what happens.
  4. People have too fixed brains by XX century Quantum Mechanics and Standard Model. Instead of searching ultimate answer they prefer intermediate answers: split Proton, then split of particles which are used to construct Proton and so on. After each newly found particle Nobel goes. But in mine theory there is infinite number of particles, so infinite number of Nobels can be given to people.. And at the end they will find just two elementary particles.. If they would get rid of idea of fractional electric charge after finding Up/Down Quarks they would find it century ago, without introducing such silly ideas as QCD, that's completely not needed.. Does Boson Higgs really exist? In mine theory it's just non-stable Neutron-compatible particle. With same number of positive particles as negative particles, thus electric charge is 0. Instead of trying to convince somebody to mine theory, I will better patent devices using mine theory. Yesterday I found a way to search for oil at any height with minimum required investment. I will try to convince Kulczyk to mine idea of scanning ground (I am personally stock share holder of Kulczyk Oil Ventures http://www.kulczykoil.com Soon it'll be listed on London Stock Exchange) Today found a way to make airplanes much safer and less vulnerable to fire on board. After making patents in US and EU, I will be able to tell details.
  5. Molecule of gas is moving in one direction, hitting other molecule, changes direction, and so on with other molecules. The more gas molecules (the higher pressure) the smaller movement distance, because chance to hit other particle increases. It should not be compared to moving straight in one direction without any interaction with environment. It's like "shaking". Slowly mixing one gas with another gas (fluid and solid body do the same, but much slower). If it'll be going too fast, after injection of second color gas, we can try using fast recording let's say 10000 frames per second camera during experiment. I highly doubt that it'll be needed - otherwise properly shaped wing would be rotating like crazy hit by gas molecules trying to go up even without light.
  6. I nearly fall off chair.. Then wind is what? Did not you see experiment with glass of co2 rotated that is slowly starting "flowing out" then filling aquarium there are balloons or "boats", and they're starting flying in nothing/drifting/floating on co2.. ?
  7. Trying to hit one Proton by another Proton (for example), accelerated to speed of light or so, is like trying to hit moving car using bazooka. Once you will hit in wheel, second time in door, and never the same absolute location twice. Destroyed car remain destroyed, and debris fly in the all directions. But Proton like the all other particles is energy and they want to be in stable groups. Attraction between elementary particles is too high, to "debris" fly alone. But newly constructed intermediate particles might be not stable too, and decay instantly to what is appropriate for them (sum of "debris" must be equal to source particles that participated in "destruction"). That's whole idea for mine Ultimate Theory http://www.ultimate-theory.com
  8. f.e. prepare single (f.e. colorless) gas in bottle, with easy way to inject second gas. Then inject second color gas just immediately before experiment. Then use light with small intensity, to not have too fast movement, and see & record by camera how colorful gas is moving in colorless environment. OTOH, if one gas would be ionized, it should be easy to attract it from outside and pack in one "area". Not ionized gas should remain on second half of bottle.Then remove our source of attraction, and run experiment again to see flow of gas in bottle again. Second experiment: instead of using Sun light, try to use laser in complete darkness- and see what will happen when laser is hitting just black blade, and then white blade (when they're not moving).
  9. Yes, I know. But in Crooks radiometer there is gas - and we can observe how it moves by using two or more gas colors. New experiment to test. This would allow definite answer what is causing move of blade in Crooks radiometer.
  10. Interesting article. But I bet author made serious mistake - in Visual Studio Project Properties window Code Generation used Floating Point Model - Precise. In such model the all floating point operations are in math linked library and are called from main code (it's clearly visible while disassembling/watching generated assembly code). After using Code Generation > Floating Point Model Fast, they're not called but inlined. This explain why inline version: double sqrt13(double n) { __asm{ fld n fsqrt } } is 87% faster than regular sqrt( double n )
  11. Imagine - photon from light source is flying- then hitting material (which might means- photon is becoming part of material and when there is too much photons material is emitting them at different wave frequency). One material has white color, so new wave frequency is all frequencies equal in the all directions. Photon from white blade (or directly from light source) is then hitting black material, but it instead of emitting them back at visible frequencies, it's emitting them at non-visible frequencies. And surrounding gas is heated. And flies up. Astronauts should make experiment how Crooks radiometer work without gravitation. Another idea - instead of invisible gas fill it with two different color gases that don't join. And we should see their movement.
  12. 80 bit floating point has precision just 18 digits in decimal (2^63 is the largest value it can have, without loosing precision). I was rather thinking about making class MineOwnFloat { const MineOwnFloat & operator += ( const MineOwnFloat &src ); const MineOwnFloat & operator -= ( const MineOwnFloat &src ); const MineOwnFloat & operator *= ( const MineOwnFloat &src ); const MineOwnFloat & operator /= ( const MineOwnFloat &src ); [etc. etc ] }; And have f.e. 1000 digits precision. Or million digits precision.
  13. Can you find and show such device on YouTube? Mine explanation from post #29 would work in reverse rotation to half-vacuum Crooks radiometer actually. Actually I found video with guy doing exactly the same as Crooks radiometer, using his hand to control piece of metal in regular air, and calling it Telekinesis.. I bet that he would get much better results after pomp out some air..
  14. Compilers don't have precision. Precision is "property" of floating point format. There are two built-in in math co-processors (which are part of processor since Intel 486) IEEE 754 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single_precision_floating-point_format 32 bit floating point format http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_precision_floating-point_format 64 bit floating point format Using any low-level language such as C/C++ it's possible to code any precision custom floating point format. But it's time and money consuming task, every math operation must be recreated and carefully tested. JavaScript is interpreted language (script), so it's your web browser and your computer which is doing the all calculations. It can't execute program which is on server, and running program from local disk would be serious leak in security (imagine somebody calling "dir c:" and he would have all structure of your disk... then do echo <c:\file.txt and have your data) You can see mine calculator pressing ctrl-u to show page source html. To have more precision there would be needed to: - create c/c++ custom floating point format - create c/c++ executable doing the same what does javascript code. - change the way html form tag is handling entered data, and instead of using javascript send your data to web server, which would run PHP, and execute program, then send output to you.
  15. http://www.sprytnezabawki.pl/Produkt/939/solarny_radiometr Just 14 usd. I will buy it. Mine explanation of this device is: photon is hitting mirror side, so reverses its direction, then is hitting black side of other blade, which is maintaining reversed fly direction (or even accelerating it) - if it would be both mirrors, second hit to mirror would cause again change of direction. There is no need to introduce Higgs or heat to explain this experiment. Now imagine that photon is made of two particles. Positive red colored, and negative blue colored paths. They're attracting each other, traveling in space with speed of light. If they hit something, they can immediately find opposite particle even from the same light source. Draw it on paper orthographic top view, making waves like in attached picture with two "walls" with 1 slit and 2 slit. And you have Young's Experiment solved.
  16. This is mine prediction (just prediction) how photon moves. In white color the all waves all frequencies are joined together (but I offset them in 3d application to not have mess). They have same origin and same direction and are all overlapping. Paths are red, green and blue to have nicer image and clearly visible path.
  17. If photon would not have mass, how it would move things in vacuum (experiment confirming photons are particles).. ? Mass less thing, fired at billion times more massive moving windmill in vacuum? Anybody have link to YouTube of this experiment, btw? Imagine star with radius r. It's current mass of star. Sphere with radius r + 300,000 km - how massive it was one second ago. Sphere with radius r + 3,000,000 km - how massive it was 10 seconds ago. and so on. (that's of course simplified because doesn't count photons, neutrinos and particles from surrounding stars that were attracted, nor meteorids and asteroids)
  18. I think mine idea was explained already in the first sentence - there are just two needed elementary particles to create any existing particles. Now there is time to develop such experiments that we will be able to confirm theory. Apparently to you Young's Experiment is not enough proof. In Ultimate Theory it can be childish easy to simulate and explain without uncertainty you were used to for the last century in Physics. Just take piece of paper and draw how photon made of two particles will be bouncing from two walls with 1 and 2 gaps. Przemyslaw is first name, Gruchala is surname. I think I did it - if we will give photon little but little mass, and neutrinos too, then multiple by the all flying around in whole Universe there will be no need to Dark Energy and Dark Matter which were introduced to explain "missing mass" which kept galaxies spinning in one piece. Bottom of website "Conclusions" sections: "The all matter since the beginning of Universe (if it had beginning) still exist. It's everywhere. Including void and space between galaxies."
  19. We should first confirm theory that the all particles are made of smaller equal pieces, before starting such question. To those that didn't see - second thread "Ultimate Theory of the Universe - Deduction Route" has example pion+ decay simulations.. http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/71758-ultimate-theory-of-the-universe-deduction-route/
  20. The all meat eaters are scavengers as long as meat is not yet rotten. Whether they treat meat as rotten depends on their stomach. What is not eatable to one meat eater, still might be eatable to other with better adopted stomach. Crocodiles, hyena, don't might eating something not eatable anymore to f.e. lions. And have more chance to survive (and spread gens).
  21. Imagine vegetable eating animal- its food is everywhere. So it doesn't need intelligence to find and eat it. Imagine meat eating animal that has prays everywhere, such as anteater. It also doesn't need too high intelligence. Ants don't run away.
  22. Testimony without connected lie detector is useless. And even lie detector won't detect if somebody really believes in what he/she saw. But at least get rid of fraudsters. Intelligence is result of lack of food. In environment where is easy to find food, intelligence is not needed, so it won't be created in DNA mutations (organisms that have no/small intelligence will survive too, and they will be downgrading whole population gens). Quick rapid changes in environment is causing extinction of organisms that can't develop new ways to find food.
  23. What for? In mine theory energy and matter is the same thing. In Standard Model energy goes in different additional dimension/property/attribute. f.e. Electron has mass 0.511 MeV, it's colliding with Positron with also mass 0.511 MeV, in Standard Model there are made two gamma photons, mass less, each with 0.511 MeV energy in additional dimension. In mine theory, I don't have additional dimension for energy. So, collision between electron and positron is causing emitting photons in such amount that when they're added together one by one they will sum up to 1.022 MeV. If Electron really is P 5/4 and Positron is P 5/1 it means that there is made 5 photons with const 2 energy/mass in them. Mine the main rules: - have as less as possible (as much as is needed) particle count. - have as less as possible (as much as is needed) dimensions.
  24. It's in theory website- Standard Model Electric Charge is multiplied by 3. So instead of +1/3, there is just +1 etc. Standard Model +1 is Ultimate Theory +3 and so on. There is no single fraction in mine theory. There can be no two or more positives together alone, because they're pushing away, so there must be such combination of positive and negative that opposite is attracting and the rest is surrounding it. To create Electric Charge +1 (SM +1/3), there are needed 2 positive and 1 negative. It's strong force keeping particles together. +1+(+1-1)=+1
  25. Satellites are bombarded by photons and neutrinos all the time, not to mention particles from Sun eruptions. Your example sources of energy are damn expensive to develop. It's million or billions investment to build solar panel array for few thousands of people.
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