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  1. I should be working But I am writing Haiku Low production day
  2. I don't support either candidate. What specifically do you mean by "defies the constitution"?
  3. It would be easier if there were standard numbered theorems in plane geometry
  4. But parrots (Umbrella Cockatoo and African Grey Congo) can live from 80-100 years. Pretty amazing as to how they can maintain that rate for so many years.
  5. I am a Civil Libertarian at heart but the party has a snowball's chance in h*ll of winning the presidential election. I don't care for either of the 2 major candidates. Bush, at least, is a known quantity. Kerry is a pathological liar and stands for nothing.
  6. Trees are a renewable resource. The forests should not be clear cut, but certainly need thinning and the underbrush cleared and made into pulp. Proper management is of utmost importance.
  7. pi_of_9


    2cpu.com has a whole list of DC projects on the forum.
  8. Folding@home http://folding.stanford.edu Team 2CPU.com. Team #3074 FOLD FOR THE CAUSE (TREATMENT)!
  9. Here's a great forum, filled with computer geeks who are always willing to help. http://forums.2cpu.com/
  10. Poem by Frederick Winsor....I forgot to give credit where credit was due.
  11. How about this: Flappity, Floppity, Flip! The Mouse on the Mobius Strip The Strip revolved, The Mouse dissolved In a chronodimensional skip
  12. If the Big Bang happens more than once and universal expansion/contraction is cyclical, than perhaps the cycle is infinite and therefore, the tachyons could continue to travel back in time. For us to detect such a (particle?) wouldn't some other source than the Big Bang be responsible for the tachyons as our timeline is the furthest point in the future for every nanosecond that passes. Who knows, perhaps ours is not the only universe and tachyons are not native to ours. A Black Hole does not capture everything. Maybe tachyons exist and are uneffected by events such as the Big Bang. Just some thoughts over my morning cup of java. Thanks for the thread, gave my mind a kickstart this morning.
  13. As I understand, the chemical equation of electrolysis is: 2 H2O -> O2 + 2 H2 and 4 OH- -> O2 + 2 H2O + 4e- at the anode. My question is, are the 4 electrons taken back up by the anode or do they float freely? Is heat created by the reaction?
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