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    Chemistry,Biology- Ecology, Astronautic Engineering,Engineering,Physics, Astronomy,Biology-microbiology, evolution, star trek everything science, New York Yankees,rangers,giants,knicks.
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    science is my life, i love it.
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  1. Thank you, sir. Thanks Yes this is for personal interest, and I'm very interested, thanksfor the advice
  2. I think that god provides the "answer" for people who cant decide on major choices in there life, in other words, whether its Christianity, Judaism, Islam or whatever, It fills a void for people, So in some cases yes, most religious people are broken and they use religion as a glue.
  3. http://periodictable.com/index.html An interesting site, it gives good facts about each element! Thanks for the post!
  4. Hello, I was wondering if there are any good books on general chemistry for students of a high school level. Thank You!
  5. I will be honest, I am new to doing this and I have alot of questions about engineering and physics. I have this question in my head about how engineering involves science. If anyone can explain this to me that will be very helpful. Thank You.
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