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  1. Manfromzurich

    Gay gene

    I am sure if I would make a video of myself on youtube and you would see me how I look, you woul give me right, that homosexuality is genetic. The SRY gene don't make men to men! Because there are lesbians how look almost like men, but they don't have the SRY gene. Here an exemple of a lesbian who look like a man. Testosteron is not ''directly'' the hormon, which makes a man to a man! Do you understand what I mean? @Dmaiski I will do the full genome seqeuncing in 2015.
  2. Manfromzurich

    Gay gene

    Because a big medical puzzle gets solved after a long time!!!! And it gets proved by science, that the brain is in truth a sexual organ, too. Mister Moontanman I say now to you: On this day, they will be a lot of noise in twitter, facebook or in the medias. This is a big developpement!
  3. Manfromzurich

    Gay gene

    I can say to you: The day when 23andme makes public the GWAS on homosexuality and transexuality is a historical day. This will be the case the next 4 years I guess.
  4. Manfromzurich

    Gay gene

    Look mister Greg H. 23andme wrote they what to know how the biological substrate of sexual orientation is built. Through the GWAS they can see which genes are affected. To know which genes are mutated in homosexuals= to know how sexual orientation runs biological This is in my eyes in big step forwards! Correct I am unhappy. I wished to be heterosexual. I need information, that why I am inrterested in the GWAS, and I am also interested to do a genome sequencing. I don't have anything against women. I don't believe female bodies are digusting or somewhat. IF I am able to have sex with womens? Well the problems is, how I want to have sex with women, when my dick doesn't erects? I do miss the sexual attractivness for women, where is it?? I am missing it.
  5. Manfromzurich

    Gay gene

    I stay at my postion that it is genetic and I still know that I have a mutation. I am speaking of a single base change called SNP! Few weaks ago, you could read in the newspaper, that decode gentics founded out, the children have until 50 new SNP in their DNA, which the parents haven't. So in this way homosexuality is genetic. New mutation in the DNA of the children, which the parents haven't, make a son gay! I am very very sure that I have indeed such a mutation, which is guilty for my homosexuality. I mean when I go to you tube and there are an video, where you can see ''hot women or tits'' and I can read comments like oh I must masturbate now or my dick pull over or I get an erection, then I do feel bad, because my brain isn't able to react on this sexual stimulation. And this is a clearly biological difference!!!!! I stay on my postion that I have a genetic defect, and in a few year I am able to prove this !! For me the GWAS on homosexuality is pretty worthy! I looking forwards to see which genes are affected!
  6. Manfromzurich

    Gay gene

    And why so many people also say I looked like a fag. Yes it's like you say, I have the mutation and I am unhappy. I am very glad that 23andme is doing a GWAS. As soon as this GWAS is made, people like dmasiki will die out. As a affected person I know for sure that it is genetic caused. And I have a lot of trouble because of this. Very oftenm I get insulted as a faggot, or ''I looked like a faggot. So please don't be foolish and say, there isn't a mutation in my DNA. Yes I am very unhappy because of this. That's why I want to become a genetican and neuroscientist! I am intersted in biochemistty, too.
  7. Manfromzurich

    Gay gene

    That's wrong! Brains masculinisation, mostly the masculinisation of the hypothalamus, runs by estradiol, coverted from testosteron by CYP19A1(aromatase)! The estradiol activated the ESR1 and ESR2. These recepors activate COX 2 and COX3. These genes produce PEG2. PEG2 anway make faster the chlorid flow in the nerv cells. Brain masculinisation means MORE detritic spins than a female brain. Trust me I am right and you are wrong! Because was you right, when I see tits I should get a hard dick. Or evenwhen I see a beautiful women, I should get nervous and/or get a hard dick! This is not normal that my brain do not react at this way. That's why I believe there must be a gentic mutation, which changes the biology in my body. BTW: I was nerver sexual abused, I had a normal chidlhood, I grew up by a normal familiy, I never wanted to be gay, I never had bad experience with women, in my freetime I played soccer or ot sport games, I never wanted to be a hairdresser, I will prove you, that I am right, and that I have INDEED a unfuctional gene, because of a mutation! I have founed this: http://www.otogeneti..._seq_010812.htm I wrote them, if it is possible for me to seqeunce all my exomes, so that I am able to research. I am a affected person, I konw what I am speaking of. You are not gayy, so you have no clue. IT is bold of you. Because I don't have it so easy as a heterosexual man. I have enogh suffered under this, and then I must read by that ''there is not genetic determsime for homosexuality''. That is very bold.
  8. Manfromzurich

    Gay gene

    And why I get insulted by other peolple in the public, why said, I looked as a faggot(face). Look these videos and rethink your opinion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ai2pyXPtWdM There a mutations in genes(or nearly these genes) which are needed for the brain masculinisation! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7tXZbvk7hQ
  9. There are genes trust me! This GWAS of sexual orientation will exactly show us, which genes on which chromosoms have mutation in homosexuals! It is also interesting, because we will see, if ineeded there is a affected gene in the xq28 locus(as Dean Hamer said). I means look at boy george or micheal geroge HOW gay they also look(face). trust me there are mutations which cause this! This GWAS will be a the sensation in few years. I am looking forward to this day, when 23andme make pulic their findings! YYYYEEEAAHH!
  10. Manfromzurich

    Gay gene

    @dmaiski We will see when the GWAS of homosexuality will be finished and published! I am very sure, that we will see that there are inddeed affected. And additionally I wil sequence my DNA, so I can analyze my DNA! Dmaiski I will prove you in few years that I am right with my point and you are wrong! Genes are construced to have offsprings. Homosexuals have mutation in genes which is needed for the brain masculinisation!
  11. Why they don't do more Genome wide associations studies on homosexuality to find the affected genes???
  12. Hey I see you havea graduate in genetic!

    I have genotyped my DNa. If you are interest for research:



    luigi92 is the keyword!

  13. Manfromzurich

    Gay gene

    23andme is doing a Genome wide assosiation study for homosexuality(male and female) and trnssexuality! What a luck! What a luck! What a LUCK! Genome wise asociations studies are strong methods to find the genes, which are ''guilty'' for some diseases or traits! So I know that we will know in2,3 or 4 years which genes in homosexuals are mutated. By the way we will find out, how the biological substrate sexual orientation is built! I have this diseases called homosexuality! I am not happy about it! Anyway in 2015 I will do a full genome sequencing, also called a individual genome sequencing by the company Illumina Inc.. THis costs for me a lot of money! The brain is a sexual organ! the masculinisation and sexual dofferentation of the brain is done by genes and hormons. Sexual identification, sexual orientation and sexual behavior are fully genetically and hormonal controlled! This has nothing to do with learning! Now we know that sexual orientation is a biological sustrate which requires CORRECT coded genes. If in male one of this important genes has a mutations, the brain doesn't masculinize correctly! There is a nucleus in the hypothalamus called Inah3 or SND-POA. Few weaks ago a company called Decode genetics founded out, that children have until 50 new mutations(SNPs) in their DNA which the parents don't have! We I have done the individual genome sequenicng, shall I you say where in my DNA the error is?
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