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  1. @Jens



    By the way: How long do you think it will take before the french speaking and italian speaking "Kantone" in Switzerland will fall apart? I have heard there are a lot of arguments and the central Swiss Government is a very bureaucratic organization




    Never! The french-swiss and the ticinesi are insulted if you call them Italians or French people. They define themselfe as Swiss.

  2. There is no exklusive definition for the word ''religion''!



    In countries like France, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands we have more than 20% of the population who are atheistic. Now there is a atheistic person who plays ice-hockey as sport and is very interest in ice-hockey. I has also a lot of Play station games of ice-hockey. this person has a religion which is called ''ice-hockey'', because this kind of sport give sense for his existing.

  3. Will the EU ever go distroyed? The most Europeans aren't fan of the EU. As a Swiss I am mostly not fan about the EU because the EU is very undemocartic and has toooo burocratic(there is a law for the banans). And the EU has a big problem tooo handle with the souverenity of each European state.

  4. No, because the brain is built so that each person has a religion. Even atheist have a religion. Perhaps not God as symbolic figure, but a soccer club, a shopping mall, an idol, a computer game etc.



    Relgions does man that you admire for something that gives a sense in your life!

  5. What does Horsefeathers mean in German?






    It's very provocative. I know that homosexuality is caused by genetic abnormalities and you who are heterosexual are such dumb and mean gays don't have a biological error.



    There are even such a lot of idiotic people who really mean gays have choosen to be homo or there had a different childhood as hetreo guys. Mamma MIA how stupid the people can be!

  6. Lets see when I have sequenced my DNA!



    Ich bin aus der Schweiz übrigens! Wie ich sehe Sie sind Biochemiker. Aber auch in Neuroscience will ich studieren gehen. Genau das will ich auch werden! Ich leide jeher über meine Homosexualität. Ich werde auch öffentlich angegriffen von Zeit zu Zeit. Ich muss mir auch oft anhören ich sähe aus wie eine Schwuchtel. Nun das aber erkenne ich selber wenn ich mich in diesem Vdeo sehe oder auf Fotos!






  7. http://www.ashg.org/.../f120122263.htm


    This results are not from 23andme! It's from a project called gaybros! On the 8 november 2012 they are representing this results .



    But 23andme is going to show so also a GWAS of male homosexuality at the ASHG on the 8 november!



    There is at least a gene in the Xq28 band which cause one subtype of male homosexuality!

  8. You will be surprised then, when the GWAS is showed! You have to wait! This GWAS is TOTALLY overdue I see. o much people haven't unserstand that sexual orientation is a biological substrate.

  9. Without this GWAS I have no evidence. So I have to wait the next couple of months until they show it ! It will be the first GWAS of homosexuality and it will confuse a lot of people so also you!



    And in 2015 I will let sequence my DNA, so I have definitly then the scientific proof and you will say: Oj MAnfromzurich has indeed a mutation which cause homosexuality!

  10. @jp255



    23andme has more than 200'000 costumer! So they have a big mass of genetic datas which they can use for the GWAS!



    Brain = sexual organ. There are specific genes wich masculinize and which sexually differentiate the brain. There is no difference in the different ethnic groups! An asian person who has XY but a defect SRY gene becomes female! this is the same with an european person! No ethnic difference!



    There is no scale between 0 an100. If these genes arew coded correctly, a person who carries XY gets heterossexual! If one of this genes is defect, this person becomes homosexual, because the brain doesn't develope correctly male. In this matter there is no difference in ethnic groups!



    What do you believe with this stupid scale! A man with scale 40 gets faster a hard dick and is more erected when he see tits than a person who is on 80 or what! Please stop witjh this BS!


    Transsexualityy and homosexuality= neurological Intersexuality!! It's a medical/biological problem and not a psychological neither a sociological problem!



    Phew! I'm so glad that the GWAS of homosexuality comes soon! Yeah!



    As long the people don't understand that the brain is a sexual organ adn sexual identification and sexual orientation are biologica l substrates, as so long I am not wondering why so a lot people still believe homosexuals choose to be homosexual!

  11. What is it about your face that allows you to tell you possess a mutation which contributes to homosexuality?


    Don't be foolish!


    I want to understand what EXACTLY goes biological wrong in my body!

  12. @moontanman



    That even why we must wait until the GWAS is finished(a few months). Or do you want to say there isn't an error in my DNA? Look at my face in my video! I think this says everything!

  13. @jp255


    Yes I'm looking forward to the GWAS of homosexuality. Thanks this, the first time the human can see which genes are involved in the brain masculinisation and brain sexual differentiation. What a big step forward!


    I get angy when I must read of researchers who said things like ''its immoral to find the genes which causes homosexuality''

    They were such stupid in earlier times as in the 1950's and 1960's that they thought sexual orientation is a psychological thing.



    Humans are animals. Of course some people are such stupid so they don't what to accpet that humans are in fact animals. All kind of drives are in the hypothalamus. So also the sexual drive! Do you know of any person who had to learn to have hunger or thirst? Do you know what I mean?





    Sexual orientation and sexual identification can't be learned!

  14. @Arete


    23andme is doing a GWAS on homosexuality!




    I want to become genetican and biochemist. I will still do the individual genome sequencing in 2015 ! I am very sure that I can find the error with this service! When I have done it, I will write it here in this forum!


    I want to become genetican and biochemist. I will still do the individual genome sequencing in 2015 ! I am very sure that I can find the error with this service! When I have done it, I will write it here in this forum! I am also interested in neuroscience.



    Oh I see you are genetican?! Can we stay in contact?

  15. What the bullshit you are talking. Of course it was a useful APP. I am able then to analyze my DNA on road! I go between summer 2014 and summer 2015 in the military. I can earn minimun 21'000 Swiss francs(=$). I asked Illumina Inc. per E-mail how much it would cost and they said individual genome sequencing costs at the moment 9000 Swiss francs(=$) I guess in three years the prize will be much lower! Yeah!



    But at this time I am trying to get in contact with otogenetics. They are offering exome sequencing. This is much cheaper. I had the money for buying it!



    If until tomorrrow they don't answer on my mail, I will phone them tomorrow for request!


    IT's a question of a few years and I able to prove that I am right!


    At Greg H.


    I see you are afraid that I will sequence my DNA.


    What's the cause that Inah3(SDN-POA) is grown to small in my head???

  16. Well, we already know that you are homosexual (at least you claim to be). If we assume we did not have that knowledge, you think it is not possible for any us to not call you a fag or a gay upon looking at the video? You seem to be very sure that there is one way in which people can and do perceive your sexual orientation. Please explain why this is.




    Correct man!


    So now the question is, should I do such a video on you tube with the title ''homosexuality is genetic''? Because when you can see how I look, then I aren't able more to say things like ''homosexuality is not caused by a genetic mutation''! Additionally you could see comments done by you tube viewer who write things like '' fag or ''shit looks he gay or such things.



    Please explain why this is? Please explain why this is!!! ARRGGHH! I said there is an error in my DNA I am sure of that!


    What do you believe which genes could be affected in male homosexuals?



    I have the hypothesis that the AR gene has something to do with this. I mean androgen insensitive syndrom only caused by ca 700 base mutation in the exomes of the AR gene. But the AR gene has much more bases of his exomes sequence! And muscle distrophy is caused only by ca 30 base mutation in the exomes of the AR gene! What's about the rest of the exome bases of the AR gene which aren't related yet with any diseases?

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