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  1. This is getting a little cluttered, want to go back to the conventional way of posting? Well, it appears I was wrong. The point was really that aluminium can be harmful. But I was wrong.
  2. The actor who took his place certainly did. Not the original guy though. Hmm... Well, I'll believe you, but only because I have no other proof. That isn't what I heard though.The toxicity of aluminium is sort of controversial. New research has been showing that it may be MUCH more toxic than we thought. Like lead. And mercury. And cadmium. And a whole bunch of other metals I could ramble about all day... The "light" metals can be just as toxic as the heavy ones... Take, for example, beryllium. Why do people tend to forget about beryllium so often?
  3. This is completely random, but try putting steel wool in 3% h2o2, and then 30% h2o2. Even in 3%, the reaction is surprisingly vigorous.
  4. Turnings, how I remember. The neighbourhood kids got a lot of mg turnings, ball milled into dust, filled a glass bottle with it, and you can guess what happened next. Naturally I was there to see it... Damn bright it was. The cold pack manufacturers are starting to get smart and cutting the good stuff with ammonium chloride and urea nitrate... Stupid DEA... Watch out for purity, I hear they're making a new type with no AN at all.
  5. I remember the days when I made chromium oxide with ammonium dichromate, I had a lot of the stuff for some reason. It's definitely not annoying to synthesize. Light up some dichromate, soak in water, and there you have it. :raises hand: Btw, your aluminium is probably too course if it is still shiny. The good stuff is always gray. Why is fun so directly proportional to danger? The great question... I'm looking forward to your response about the h2o2.
  6. I still find it hard to believe you can't find spectracide stump. Have you checked Lowes, Home Depot? They have it in so many places, but I get mine from home depot. I used to make it in few gram batches with bat crap and KCl... Then I found spectracide. And nitric acid.
  7. I tried lemon juice once, but I have to say my method works much better. Lemon juice never worked on skin for me... If you live in the uk, do you know if you can still get sodium chlorate as weed killer? Don't try that with the aluminium of course.
  8. Or you could buy it as spectracide stump remover for 3.99 a pound. 97%+ purity, nice and finely powdered. More than good enough for black powder and stuff like that.
  9. Wow, it's been so long since I last made mn, I don't have much use for it... Anyways, I think I got around a 50 gram yield, that was one bright thermite. No pics, sorry. Took a while to make that al from foil, didn't want to waste my good stuff. I still say kmno4 sucks, it's only good for larger amounts, it does a lot of contaminating, and it's just not very reliable. If your reducing agent and it mix, then you essentially have a pile of flash powder, itching to blow up in your face. It's also just about the messiest shit I've ever seen... BTW, mix vinegar 5% and 3% h2o2 in a 1:1 to clean permanganate stains. This works on skin (finally something non-toxic), and pretty much anything else you can think of, saved me from my parents as a kid more than once.
  10. Pippo, could you please just admit you were wrong? Even if your pond has one tiny microbe in it, then there is no way it could be completely saturated. Besides, not all of your pond is in contact. Louis, you were right. But I didn't need to tell you that, did I? Yay! I finally got a -1!To whoever did it: I'll say it again, I think biology is STUPID.
  11. From what I've seen, it is very stable when damp. Use acetone, not water. Why can't you screw around with something less sensitive, like tatp, or plain gunpowder?
  12. Clever... Thanks for the tip, I'll try it. It was mainly organic impurities I was worried about, but I'll try it anyways. I have WAY to much ammonium chloride. You're not worried about wether or not I'm going to make thermite? That's unlike you, John. So you do think this will work, right? Seems kineticly fine enough to me, but I might as well ask the esteemed resident expert, right?
  13. I'm officially out of fe2o3. Would anyone like to share their favorite method of making it?Btw, does anyone know the price per kg or pound for steel wool these days? (not stainless steel, and in us dollars please) Thanks for any help, my "pottery" is really being hindered by this.
  14. I have some really dirty fe2o3, with little bits of grass and everything. To purify it, I thought I might dissolve it in hcl, to get as much iron chloride as I can in solution. Then I'd filter it to remove most of the contaminants. Next I'd add naoh or koh to make their respective chloride in solution, as well as an Fe(OH)3 precipitate. The Fe(OH)3 would be filtered out and rinsed several times to remove residual solubles. Then I'd dry out the stuff, and bake it into Fe2O3. Any suggestions? Improvements? Criticisms? Ramblings and equations about why it would/wouldn't work? I'll take 'em all. Thanks.
  15. Guessing games are fun, although not necessary. What hostility? I've already read that.
  16. The biggest problem with getting into business is getting stamped out by companies spending millions of dollars on equipment. They have the resources to produce chemicals very cost effectively. I would try to start out with something that doesn't need all that capital, such as logging. But you don't have forests in Pakistan, do you? Your countries biggest resource is oil, which has been effectively taken over by billionaires. What does that leave? You just need to answer that question, and you should be on your way to success.
  17. Which two metals do you think it could be? I don't have a periodic table handy, but I believe it is a group v. It was obtained legally, no worries. Wow, I feel SO ignorant right now, I just assumed you all lived in the good old U.S. of A. I had all but forgotten how much of a pain UK laws could be... Sorry.
  18. Maybe I want you to mind your own business, mkay? If I was trying to make crystal meth or something, I would be with those nuts on sciencemadness. Nobel prize? No. I have personally seen oxide hydroxides in suspension, they tend not to be soluble for the trans. metals. Maybe I wanted to make a hydroxide that dehydrates to an oxide hydroxide in air. I really wish someone could provide a simple answer, not cluttered with criticisms or more questions than the poster has brain cells. This is a proof of concept, it is not necessarily supposed to be the best way. It is my opinion that biology is stupid. I find it boring, and less productive than my other pursuits. I enjoy math, and I didn't drop out of high school. LOL, top of the class. If you enjoy biology, great, I'm not going to challenge that. Why do you want to see oxyhydroxides? Not much exciting about them... I would tell you what metal I'm using, but then you would play 20 questions with me; are you going to make meth with it? Where did you get such an exceptionally rare metal? Do you want to make a bomb? Etcetera, etcetera.
  19. A brief soak in certain acids, to remove al and al2o3. A battery charger is probably going to be too much current. I don't use caf2, I just use courser aluminium to prevent boiling. You can melt foil, it is just so high surface area it tends to become useless slag. Foil powder will work fine, as long as it is fine enough. Blowtorches suck at igniting thermite. What I do is use mg ribbon, or kno3 and al. They say the latter doesn't ignite, but it does work. Drop a glowing bit of charcoal on the mix, and it will sizzle and burn blindingly. That's the only way I've been able to ignite it, without in turn lighting IT with mg. If you're close enough to get it with a blowtorch, you're to close to want it to go off. Play safe.
  20. In the time I spent bickering with you guys, the first batch has completed itself, however slowly. Thanks for helping to pass the time.
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