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  1. Hypervalentiodine won't stop with her bigotry and false accusations of misogynism, so I've unfriended her. Just thought I'd say. Check the thread "relationship help", and take my side, if you would. Anyone interested in being a "replacement friend?" Help a brother out and give me a PM. But hyper would call me a misogynist for not using a gender-neutral expression, so...

  2. Okay then. This is relevant how? A little more detail would be appreciated.

  3. Now I'm a senior member, but I have been a member for less than ten days... What's up with that?

  4. Clever. Oh to be a baryon...

  5. Hmm... Suddenly my title is "quark". Does anybody know how that works?

  6. Hello world.

    :laughs uncontrollably:

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